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Chapter 1- Infecting the Witch

A pregnant, Phoebe Halliwell walked out of her bedroom and into her living room of her luxurious loft, to find her favorite man in the world and her two treasured daughters. They took notice of her entrance and their faces lit up.

"Mommy," one of the two daughters, Peyton, called out to her. Peyton was Phoebe's first daughter and it was one of Phoebe's happiest and cherished moments. Peyton was a daughter, long time foreseen and promised. Peyton had long brown hair and a beautiful smile.

"Good morning, my little ladybug." Phoebe embraced Peyton into her arms and soon released as she saw her second daughter awaiting love as well. "How are you doing today, Penny?"

Penny had very light eyes and long brown hair that both her and her sister inherited from their mother. Penny jumped onto Phoebe and squeezed her tightly. "Good morning, Mommy!"

Phoebe kissed her on the forehead and ran her fingers through Penny's hair. "Honey, your squeezing a little hard and you don't want to go hurting the baby now."

Penny jumped off and put her hands over her mouth and then gently slapped her forehead. "I forgot, Mommy, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, baby, just look at my huge belly or do you think Mommy is always fat?"

"No, Mommy," Penny laughed and then was given a signal from Peyton to follow her and they both ran to another part of the living room and began to play.

Phoebe then focused on the love of her life; a man who reminded her of what love truly was and that was mainly because he was Mr. Love himself…or at least an agent. She sat down beside Coop, the cupid, and without having to say anything, he took her into his arms and she rested her back on his chest.

"So how are you doing this morning, my love?" her husband asked.

"Fine. I'm ready to give birth to this little Charmed One already. Then again, I'm not truly ready since I haven't convinced you that we'll use your chosen name for the baby," Phoebe commented.

"Phoebe, I have no problem using the name, Patty. You named the girls and they absolutely love their names as it is and if you named two, why not name three? It would just seem uneven to me in the end and that way, the girls will all be named and honored by their beautiful mother."

"Your sucking up, that's for sure and I don't need to be an empath to tell you that. I just don't feel as if it is fair. I was a fan of Peyton's name because of that love story I was reading while in labor at the hospital and we named her that. Then I thought it would be honorable to name Penny after the woman who did a great deal for my sisters and I and so Penny was blessed with my Grams' name. Your name is different and new to the Halliwell line and I don't have a problem naming her what you wish. It's only fair."

Coop smiled and caressed his wife's arm and sensed how fast her heart was pacing. "Look Phoebe, I love you and as long as this girl comes out healthy as Peyton and Penny, I'll be happy."

Phoebe rearranged herself so she could look into her husband's eyes. "I love you too. I love you even more because you allowed me to carry on this crazy P tradition. Piper kinda broke the tradition and I kinda wanted to keep it going."

"Why would you say it's a crazy tradition?" Coop asked.

"Um, how many 'P' names can you come up with? If our kids keep this going, somebody is going to end up 'Potter' named or 'Poe'," Phoebe snickered.

"I sure hope not. I'm kinda thirsty, would you like anything?" Coop asked as he began to slide out from under his wife's body.

"No, I'm fine, thank you," she replied.

As Coop began to make his way to the kitchen, a demoness appeared. She had pure black eyes with pale white skin that revealed black veins within and she was wearing a violet vest with a black dress. The demoness, Miasma, waved her hand and sent Coop telekinetically catapulting across the room.

"Hey!" Phoebe got up as quick as she could for a woman in her ninth month of pregnancy and looked at her daughters who were scared. "Girls, go to your room. Place the crystal in front of your door!"

Peyton and Penny held hands as they charged towards their bedroom door.

Phoebe quickly channeled Peyton's power of telekinesis and struck Miasma to the floor with it. Phoebe had been hoping for a better impact with the power, but supposed that it was the best she could expect for a girl of her age.

"A Charmed One. I'm honored to finally have this opportunity. Not exactly the power display I was expecting."

"Who the hell are you?" Phoebe hated interrogating demons, but she knew she was in no position to fight. "What is it that you want?"

Miasma got up from the floor and glared at Phoebe. "I'm here to infect you, witch."

"Like I'll even give you a chance." Phoebe thought about channeling Miasma's powers, but figured it was risky since she was a demon. She focused hard and looked at a table that held two yellow liquids in vials on a bureau. At that moment, she empathically reached Peyton and tapped again into Peyton's power and telekinetically launched the potions at Miasma and Miasma blew up.

Coop began to get up and rubbed his forehead in pain. He looked up to see Phoebe jogging over to him and she began to help him up. "I'm okay. It's just another toss across the room. How are the girls?"

"In their room, safe. I vanquished the demon, but she spoke of infecting me and I tapped into Peyton's power just in time to send a potion at her."

Suddenly a whistling sound made Phoebe and Coop sharply look around and they then saw a green cloud of smoke appear and when the smoke dissipated, they saw Miasma back in one piece.

"You got to love this power. Now where were we?" She saw Coop and nodded her head; "I seem to remember you on the floor." Miasma waved her hand and Coop flipped across the room away from Phoebe and slammed into a wall.

Phoebe put up a fighting stance, still unsure of fighting, but knew she had to defend herself. As Miasma came at her, Phoebe lifted her leg as high as possible into the air and managed to hit Miasma with a low kick. Phoebe struck her with a punch and Miasma blocked her next punch and grabbed Phoebe's face with her open palms. Phoebe's eyes began to turn as black as Miasma's and her veins began to bulge and turn black.

Miasma snickered as she released Phoebe from her grip and backed away. "The job is done. Start parting ways while you can." Miasma then shimmered away.

Phoebe looked into a mirror where she saw her black eyes and veins occasionally shift back and forth. "What's wrong with me?"