Chapter 12- A Life for a Life

Orbs entered the Underworld and when they finally vanished, Piper and Paige were standing together armed with a potion in each hand. They each had potion pouches over their shoulders. Paige possessed the power of three blessed potion in her pocket and both sisters stared at the swamp where they believed to be Miasma's current residence.

"I kinda regret leaving Billie back there right now," Paige said. "She could've used her power to move the water out of the swamp to reveal Miasma."

"We don't need her right now. She's doing her job, let's do ours," Piper said pulling put a potion from her potions pouch. "Orb this on top of the swamp, I have another way of pulling her out," Piper handed Paige the potion.

Paige held out her hand with the potion Piper gave her. "Swamp!" Paige said as she directed the potion that was quickly swallowed in orbs on the top of the swamp water.

"Now it's my turn," Piper said as she tucked her original potion in her pocket. She then held out her hands, flicked her wrists and blew up the potion. The potion exploded causing the swamp water to blast into the air and to cause bubbles to rapidly spread around. Piper turned to Paige with a serious expression, "This should draw her out."

Miasma soon jumped out of the swamp, dripping water all around. "How dare you? I was willing to leave you two witches alone! You're pushing me to kill you so you can join your weak sister!" Miasma shouted.

"How dare you?!" Piper shouted back as she released another blast, this time at Miasma and sent Miasma flying onto her back. "Paige, hit her with a potion!"

Paige threw the potion out of her hand and it smacked into Miasma while she was on the ground and began to burn her with intense fires. Paige enjoyed the screams coming out of Miasma and together with Piper they walked towards Miasma.

When they reached a four-foot distance from Miasma, Piper folded her hands and asked her, "Why did you kill our sister?"

Miasma, still burning, ignored the question. "Stop the flames!" she cried.

"Should I extinguish the flames, Paige?" Piper asked her, knowing she had the right to be cocky while in this much control.

"Let her boil and bubble for another minute or two. It's not as if she showed mercy to Phoebe," Paige replied.

After doing as Paige said, Piper and Paige watched Miasma scream and cry from intense fires and Piper pulled out a blue potion and dropped it on Miasma. The intense flames died down as Miasma's body was covered in a thin layer of ice. "Now tell me why you killed my sister or you can go through a hell whole lot of more pain!" Piper demanded.

Miasma gave in, not wanting to experience the pain again. She still had every intention to kill Piper and Paige, but she was going to have to be smart about this. "Fine, I'll talk," Miasma said slowly getting up, hoping they wouldn't blast her back down to the ground. "I didn't only want your sister. I wanted to kill her daughter as well. I figured this was the most perfect opportunity. By killing Phoebe, I end the power of three and by killing her daughter that was soon to be born, I destroy another pack of witches who together would have a powerful bond. So I killed Phoebe and I killed her daughter, all for the price of one," Miasma said watching fury grow on Piper and Paige's face. "My poison infected Phoebe and by infecting her, I infected the little one as well and killed them both. Aren't I good?" Miasma asked with a devilish grin.

"Not that good," Paige said. "Apparently there isn't a daily newspaper in the Underworld. Our beautiful, non-infected niece is still alive. Sorry to break it to you," Paige added.

"What?! She's alive! It can't be!" Miasma screamed.

"It can and it is, but you won't be alive much longer to fret about this," Piper was ready to blast Miasma, until Miasma quickly telekinetically sent Piper and Paige flying different ways. "Come on, witches."

Piper quickly got up and pulled the potion she started off with out of her pocket. Miasma threw a fireball at Piper and Piper quickly dropped the potion at her feet and a blast of smoke shot up from the ground.

When the smoke cleared, Miasma couldn't find Piper and she turned to find Piper aiding Paige and helping her up. Miasma tossed another fireball and Piper blew it up before it could get any closer to them. Piper helped Paige fully onto her feet and noticed that Paige had a small cut on her cheek. "Paige, get the potion ready. For now, orb me to the other side of her. I already used my transport potion, so hurry," Piper said.

"If you say so," Paige held out her hand and gently gave it a wave and muttered, "Piper," and Piper was soon brushed along to the opposite side of Miasma, while covered in orbs.

Miasma didn't know which way to turn or even which witch to attack. "The Power of Two. This is cute," Miasma said to distract Piper and Paige for another attack and tossed fireballs in each of their directions and each sister dodged them by jumping to the floor.

Paige rose up and yelled, "Enough is enough!" She waved her hand and yelled, "Miasma!" and Miasma was then covered in orbs and Paige directed Miasma into a wall. Miasma fell out of the orbs and held onto her back that was bleeding red.

Piper ran over to Paige and told her, "Nice work. My plan to hit her with Billie's freezing potion from behind failed, but you handled well," Piper congratulated her sister.

"Thanks. Let's end this now. Conversing with demons isn't my forte," Paige mentioned as she and her sister walked towards Miasma, still on the ground.

"Let me tell you something now. You aimed to kill two people in my family and you were successful in killing the one that meant the most to me. This ends here, your rampage ends here," Piper said as she pulled out a yellow potion.

"What are you going to do to assure that?" Miasma asked. "No witch has ever been able to kill me and the power of two Charmed Ones still may be great power, but not great enough." Miasma got up and Piper tossed a potion at her that began to electrocute Miasma greatly. Miasma continued to feel high voltage bolts of electricity and listened to Piper as she fell to the ground and squirmed.

"Like I said, it ends here. An eye for an eye, a life for a life," Piper told Miasma with a smirk on her face. "Throw the potion, Paige."

Piper and Paige took steps back as Paige reached into her pocket and tossed the potion at Miasma.

Miasma began to now feel the pains of the potion that were tearing her skin apart along with the shocks of electricity.

Paige unfolded a paper from out of her back pocket and joined together with Piper and chanted the vanquishing spell.

Demon, you took a life with your toxin,

Now we unleash a power within,

The Power of Three still resides,

As our sister remains spiritually by our side,

So we cast our spell and place on thee,

A vanquish in which you die violently

Paige and Piper began to move backwards as they watched Miasma's body tear apart and the fire and lightning attack her.

"Piper, should I orb us out of here?" Paige asked knowing that the blast from Miasma's vanquish could hurt them for sure.

"No, we have to make sure she dies once and for all," Piper replied.

Paige and Piper joined hands and stood tall as Miasma continued to be tortured and yelled, "How?"

"How else?" Piper said cockily. "The Power of Three."

"You'd think demons would know that by now," Paige said.

Miasma shook her head as she let out one final scream and a blast shot out of her. The blast was black and created several rings of destruction and a wave of fire that flew towards Piper and Paige. The black blast shot both Paige and Piper back into the Underworld wall and the fire never reached them, but began to destroy the cavern. Rocks began to fall off and Piper and Paige, in great pain looked up to witness the destruction of the cavern. Piper nodded off to Paige and Paige orbed them out of the Underworld.


In the attic, Billie was pacing back and forth as Paige and Piper fell out of orbs and rolled across the attic floor. Billie saw dirt marks all over Piper and Paige, but knew they were alive. "Oh, my God! Did you do it?" Billie asked anxiously.

Paige and Piper turned to each other and grins lit up their face. They sat up and hugged each other, cheering in their great victory and avenging their sister's death.


Three days following the vanquish, Piper, Paige, Henry, Leo and Coop with Priscilla in his arms were at the dining room table, enjoying Piper's breakfast.

"It was a great ceremony you guys," Henry said speaking about the funeral. "I really liked what you said, Piper."

"Thank you, Henry. I hope Phoebe liked it just as much," Piper replied, taking a sip of her tea.

"So, are we going to do this Wiccaning or what?" Paige asked. The family had been discussing a Wiccaning ever since Miasma's vanquish and Paige figured now was the perfect moment.

"Right now?" Leo replied.

"Why not? We have the entire family here. Grams is expecting our call sometime this week, but who knows if another demon tries to kill one of us, so let's do this now," Paige said, hoping for everyone to chime in with agreement.

"I agree with Paige," Piper.

"What are we waiting for then?" Coop asked, getting up and smiling at his youngest daughter in his arms.

Minutes later, everyone was in the attic. Piper and Leo stood with Wyatt, Chris and Melinda. Henry had his arm wrapped around Paige who had her hands on Holly and Hilary's shoulders with Henry Jr. in the middle. Coop stood with Priscilla in his arms who was wrapped in a ceremonial white dress that only revealed her face. Peyton and Penny stood beside with holding hands.

Piper looked at the lit candles and looked up, "Grams. Can you come down here now? We're ready to do the Wiccaning," Piper said.

Glistening lights appeared and formed Grams' spirit and she stepped out of the candles to become corporeal. "Hello, darlings," she greeted. She walked towards Coop and he handed her Priscilla. "She's beautiful, just like every child blessed into our family. Her beauty shall be admired later, as I'll begin the Calling of the Ancestors now," Grams said and began the chant to summon the ancestors and friends from the Warren line.

I call forth from space and time,

Matriarchs from the Halliwell line,

Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends,

Our family spirit without end,

To gather now in this place,

To help us bring this child to grace

Beams of light came down and formed Halliwell Matriarchs, family and friends. They all smiled, enjoying being summoned another time to help bless a new witch added to the line. Priscilla was definitely a witch to bless; she was already a survivor thanks to her mother.

Piper looked around at the crowd as she had always done, always expecting to see a new face. The only time there were new faces was when Paige held two Wiccanings for her children and her adopted parents showed up. When Phoebe was alive, Piper always searched for Prue and never sighted her. This time she was looking for both Prue and Phoebe. She hadn't seen any of them and only paid attention to Grams who was starting the next part of the Wiccaning.

Grams smiled at Priscilla and looked at the summoned guests. "As you all know, we perform this ceremony to bless this child in a blanket of goodness and light, allowing them to find their way back to Good, if they ever fall down the path of Evil. As some of you may know, this beautiful baby girl's mother was robbed of her life and that means this daughter was robbed from her mother. It isn't right and that is why I call Phoebe to come out of the crowd to help bless her child," Grams said with a smile.

All the living members of the family smiled as a ghostly Phoebe made her way through the crowd and stepped away from the guests. She turned corporeal and ran and hugged Coop and kissed him. Phoebe soon bent down to hug her daughters, whom were ecstatic to see her. She looked up to see Piper and Paige crying as they stood by their families. Phoebe kissed her daughters and moved onto Piper and gave her a huge hug. Piper gently sobbed in her arms and watched Phoebe run off to Paige and everyone else. Piper couldn't believe how much love they felt from Phoebe without her having to say one word.

Grams cleared her throat to get everyone's attention and Phoebe ran back over to Coop who placed his arm around her. Phoebe couldn't stop staring at her daughter and awaited the opportunity when she would get to hold her.

Grams continued:

The next generation has been born into our family, our legacy.

We pledge to be with this child always

Apart, but never separate

Free, but never alone

She is one of us and because of that,

We will bless her with all the goodness that we are

Welcome to the family, Priscilla Halliwell

Blessed be!

Grams then made her way to Phoebe and gave Priscilla one more glance as she handed the new Halliwell to her mother. Phoebe began to tear and kissed Priscilla's forehead. Everyone around Phoebe, Coop and Priscilla said, "Blessed be," and Phoebe kissed her daughter's forehead again and said with Coop, "Blessed be."

The family was temporarily reunited for the moment and Grams told Phoebe, "Honey, we have to go. You were only meant to be here to meet your daughter, help bless her and leave. It's unfortunate it has to be that way, but take comfort in having that."

"It's okay. I understand. You, Mom and Prue have helped me understand," Phoebe said rocking her daughter.

Piper wanted to ask about Prue, but avoided the chance of being denied information about her sister, even after all of these years. She had another question though, "Phoebes, how do you feel about this huge sacrifice you made?" Piper asked her sister.

Phoebe turned to Piper and said, "I was given the option to either live or to let my daughter live. I spent a great deal of my life helping Innocents and I spent another great deal of my life being selfish so I can have children...a family. When I was asked who to let live, I decided to let my baby girl live. I definitely couldn't live knowing that I killed my child, only to let myself live. I've made some selfish decisions in the past, but that's unbearable. My choice was right and I'm sure that you could understand that a child's life comes before their parent's."

"Phoebe, who gave you this option?" Coop asked. "Maybe that's why I couldn't go back in time to save you."

"Some things are better left unanswered. I unfortunately have to go now. As much as I just want to cheat the system, screw the Grand Design and the Great Divide over, I have to honor the decision I made to let this little one live. Just know that I'll always be in your presence in some form," Phoebe handed Priscilla back to Coop and gave everyone one last hug as she stepped into the crowd of deceased guests and turning into a transparent spirit once again. Grams stepped back with her and together, they said, "Blessed be," and in one huge glow they all vanished, leaving the family to rejoice together and celebrate Priscilla's Wiccaning, Miasma's vanquish and Phoebe's return.

Piper walked over to Coop and told him, "Look, Coop, I never got to apologize for my behavior the other night and I just wanted to say-"

Coop then cut her off and nodded, "You were upset. We all were, but we're all in a good mood now. Just bask in it and let love bring us back together."

"Must you be always be a cupid?" Piper asked sharing a smile with Coop, as they shifted their eyes to gaze at the new Halliwell child.


The End.

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