A Gaara/Naruto story, all right!! We seriously need more of these. That's why I decided to make one. Yeah I know I should be working on "Interrupted Again" but the plot bunnies, they won't stop! They keep putting ideas in my head! And I probably will take a long time updating this story because I'll be working on my other story. But please bear with me; once I'm done with "Interrupted Again" I will put all my attention on this story. Now on with the story!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto because if I did Gaara would have ravished Naruto by now and he'll go all night long since he doesn't sleep anyways…hee hee. .

Naruto: Why do you always have to put me with guys that want to bang me into the mattress?

Me: Hello, yaoi fangirl here, which should be explanation enough…besides you make a cute uke!

Naruto: -pouts-

Me: See, there you go again! The cuteness from you just overflows, doesn't it? You're lucky Gaara wasn't here to see that.

Naruto: Oh yeah what's he gonna do to me?

Gaara: This. –slams him against a wall and kisses him passionately-

Me: -gets out camera and starts recording- Here's chapter one! Enjoy!

Chapter One

There were four figures having a secret meeting in a darkened room somewhere in the outskirts of Suna. They were discussing something that could change the future of Suna forever. A matter so sensitive, if handled the wrong way could result in war or a really pissed off blonde.

"Wait, hold on the council approves of this?" asked Temari incredulously.

"Amazingly, yes" answered Baki, their former sensei.

"And their reason…?" asked Kankuro expecting for some catch.

"Well, they figure since they both have demons inside them, that their offspring will have the powers of both demons," said Baki shaking his head at how simple minded the council can be.

"Figures" said Temari in disdain.

"Wait, child? What child? They can't have children…can they?" asked Kankuro in confusion.

"They can, well he can, at least. Not many people know this but Kyuubi is actually female and this somehow affects his anatomy, allowing him to carry children," explained Baki.

"So that means…" said Kankuro slowly, realizing why the council said yes.

"Exactly. See that's the catch" said Baki. "The council expects them to have a child within a year and the child has to stay in Suna."

"Surely, he won't agree to this," said Temari with worry.

"Oh he'll agree to this," said the fourth figure coming out of the darkness, his green eyes glinting, sand swirling around him excitedly. "I'll make sure he agrees…soon he'll be mine. My Naruto."


"Ew, that's gross" said Sakura in disgust as Naruto wiped off the snot and ramen from his face.

"Tch, idiot" muttered Sai under his breath.

"Heehee, someone must be thinking about you, Naruto," said Kakashi chuckling.

"Brr…I have a feeling something bad is going to happen," said Naruto as he felt a shiver run through his body.

Me: Chapter one is done. Heh heh, I know it sucks ass. But it will get better, I promise. I posted this to satisfy the plot bunnies that have been gnawing at me to write it. So yeah, I hope I don't get roasted alive by all the flamers. –laughs uneasily-

Gaara: About time you made a story with Naruto and me. In your other story I wasn't even included.

Me: Oh don't worry you'll appear soon enough but not to bang Naruto like the others, though.

Gaara: -growls-

Me: But hey at least you'll have your own story where you can do whatever you want to Naruto.

Gaara: Hehehe. Good enough. Now where are you, my little kitsune?

Naruto: Oh noes!! –hides behind me-