The Kyuubi Swordsman

Summery: What if when kyuubi was sealed into naruto it sealed his bloodline limits? What if the 4th was also sealed into him?

"Arashi!! What do you think your doing?!" yelled Sarutobi. "I have to seal the Kyuubi into a kid… It's the only way that we can defeat him…" said Arashi in a sad voice." I'm going to have to seal him into my kid…" but arashi what about your and your wives Bloodline limits? Won't they be sealed as well?" asked sarutobi. "I have to do this… I can't ask someone else to bear this burden… I have to do this… for my village… Even though my son will probly have a very difficult life… but I want him to be happy… please sarutobi make sure he is at least happy… I would like him to take my place someday." Said arashi in a sad tone of voice "I will try my best…" Just then a chunin races into the room sweating up a storm. "Hokage-sama!!! The Kyuubi is attacking!!!" yelled the frightened chunin. "Well I guess that's my queue… Sarutobi please help naruto live a good life…" with that he ran out of his office and headed towards the battlefield to seal the kyuubi. 'I just hope he can learn the kazama sword style from just the scrolls…' arashi thought as he was beginning to do hand seals for the Shiki fuujin.

"Damn Human… Sealing me into a newborn child to keep me from getting out… well if I'm going to be sealed into him so are you!" screamed the kyuubi as it grabbed arashi and pulled him into the child with him. "HUH!?!? What are u doing Kyuubi?!" yelled arashi frightened. "heh heh heh… im taking you with me into the child. Well be roommates. It will be fun…hehehehe" said kyuubi with a devious voice. "SHIT!!! NNOOOO!!!!" screamed arashi scared out of his wits as he tried to get away but it was all in vain as he went into the the child with the kyuubi. 'well there is one upside…I might be able to help naruto learn the sword style… and it beats dieing…' thought arashi as he and the fox were completely sealed into the boy. "Well there is an upside to being seal arashi" said the fox. "Oh? And what is that?" said arashi even though he had already thought of some upsides to this. "Well u might be unsealed some day… then u and your kid can spend time with each other and all that crap that you humans do… and u won't age when you're in here." "… well this might actually be so bad after all…" mumbled arashi.

After the battle sarutobi and the remaining shinobi were cleaning up the battlefield of the dead bodies and trying to find some of the wounded and see if they could save them. But sarutobi had other motives for being here; he was looking for the kyuubi container. He then heard some crying and turned around to see a baby in a blanket with golden blond hair, beautiful sky blue eyes, and 3 whisker marks on each cheek. "You are going to have an extremely hard life." Said sarutobi sadly. "But I bet you would make one hell of a shinobi one day… if you can last that long…" said sarutobi as he looked down to look at the boy. " I will try to help you to the best of my abilities naruto… I promise."

(A/N) hey im taking a poll for pairings and im not ver imaginative so i might need help with some of the story and jutsus he will use and his bloodline i have an idea but i want more lol. so please give me ideas on how u would like to story to go who he should be intamite with and i need some list of jutsus he should learn. oh and i need some help with his sword style and moves because i dont want to copy enyone it wouldnt be fair to them... so i will read all reveiws! next chap will be up when i get some sugestions. peace!