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Kyuubi Swordsman

Chapter 10

By: dm5elite007

(If you need to know about voice things check other chaps I'm to lazy to put them down again)


Back at Tazuna's house naruto and gang were sitting at the table eating some dinner that the lovely tsunami made.

"So Kakashi-sensei what are we going to do now? I'm pretty sure that Zabuza won't take this loss lightly." Hinata exclaimed weakly.

"Well… I'm sure he will be back. But this time he will bring some help and you two are going to need to help take care of them… so I believe it's time for some tor-I mean training." Kakashi said with an evil glint in his eye.

"Troublesome… what would we train on in the short amount of time that we possible have? We don't have more than a week since Zabuza wasn't really injured badly in the fight…" shikamaru said lazily as he finished up his food.

"Well let's see… I already taught you tree climbing... and a defensive jutsu… so I guess now I will teach you an offensive one." Kakashi exclaimed with an eye smile.

"Uh Kakashi-sensei don't think I need anymore jutsu for the moment I need to practice the ones I'm working on… is that alright?" Naruto ask although already knowing the answer would be yes.

"Sure Naruto… I need to get these 2 caught up anyway. " Kakashi said this as he was digging through his pocket pulling out 2 white cards.

"Ok you 2 already know how this works. I am making you do this again because I want to know if after all this time that u got any new elements from the first time." Kakashi said as he handed them the cards.

Both hinata and shikamaru channeled chakra into the cards. Hinatas became extremely wet then started to burn very slowly. Shikamaru's cut in half and one side crinkled up and a corner of the other sided crumbled into dust.

"Well I have to say I'm impressed… and shocked.. Hinata you have a VERY strong affinity to water and a small one to fire so ill be teaching you a fire jutsu and help you master water walking. Shikamaru you have an affinity for wind, lightning and a very small one for earth so I will be teaching you 2 jutsu's." Kakashi said as he stood up from the table.

"Ok then well let's get a little training in before bed I hope to get you 2 started on water walking and tomorrow we will start on jutsu's." As Kakashi said this he, hinata, and shikamaru headed outside for some training, Shikamaru muttering troublesome all the while.

"Hehehehe… they are going to get run into the ground… well I better get some sleep and replenish the rest of my chakra so I can finish my new technique." Naruto Yawned as he got up and headed for the designated room Tsunami had given the boys of the team.

*1 week later(sorry I don't feel like putting in training its kind of boring and you all want the big fight scene this chap anyway lol)*

*at bridge*

Naruto, Kakashi, Hinata, and Shikamaru were all on the bridge helping finish it when every heard a loud BANG and a Roaring sound. Everyone looked to the left and instantly the entire bridge was covered in an extremely thick mist.

"HAHAHA well well well look what we have here the same brats and teacher that kept me from the bridge builder last time well it won't happen again!!" Zabuza cried in a very bloodthirsty/insane kind of way.

"But don't think that I came alone like last time meet my comrades!" as he said this 2 figures came from the mist, 1 was about 6'7 and the other was about 5'6. "Meet Hoshigaki Kisame 'The Monster of the Mist'! And my personal apprentice Haku." As the was finished being said the 2 figures came into complete view.

The tall one wore a long black cloak with chainmail armor underneath with black cargo pants, with huge Zanbatou slung over his back with a strap. The shorter one wore a very fancy battle kimono with a mist hunter nin mask on(really just think haku's standard attire in the manga or anime)

"Heh this should be fun!! I'll take the brat the beat you Zabuza you take Kakashi, you are a better silent killer then I am." Kisame exclaimed as he drew his huge sword and unwrapped it.

"Grr fine… Haku! Take care of the little girl and the lazy looking one!" Zabuza said angrily as he drew his sword and did hand seals.

"AS you wish." Haku said in a dead tone of voice as he draws a senbon and charges at Hinata and Shikamaru.

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