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Sasuke loved it. Apparently, Orochimaru did more than train him. Because Sasuke came back different from before. Not just because he was ready to kill someone - anyone - who got in his way, but because he was such a sexual beast it was unbelievable. Not to mention, to most girls' huge disappointment and a few guys' utter bliss, he was about as straight as a ramen noodle.

And we convinced him to come back - which was poor judgement on my account, because he came after me day after day, trying to lure me into one of Orochimaru's twisted fantasies. He tried Sai first, because, according to him, the guy seemed harder to break, and would therefore be much more fun to torture. But eventually, after suffering a few severe wounds, the teme finally got it into his head that someone else would be more suitable for him.

So he moved on to the next closest boy. Me. Damn, it still scares the shit out of me, which I guess is a bit of a bonus for him, because he's a sadist. He loves to see me scared. I'm sure I look terrified every time I come home to see him in my room, half-dressed and obviously waiting for me, and I can't run away because of those god damn eyes.

I love those eyes. Glazed and half-lidded, lashes fluttering every time my nails dig in and he moans, that creepy red disappearing and the black I remember returning, so full of hate and revenge before but lately the only thing I've seen in them is lust. He isn't just a sadist, no. He revels in his own pain. I'm sure Orochimaru would like to know that.

Trust me on this, fucking a guy like Sasuke isn't something to be taken lightly - as much as you'll probably never experience anything so amazing in your entire life - because he gets off on just the slightest of scared glances. The look in my eyes the first time he ever slammed me against a wall and fucked me must have taken him to cloud nine, a non-stop flight.

You've probably gathered he isn't the most gentle of lovers, so it won't come as a surprise when I say that he doesn't go for the niceties that usually go along with that sort of thing. He doesn't kiss, and he doesn't snuggle. I learned that the hard way. All he ever does is bite me so hard I bleed, dig ruts in my back with his nails, and bruise some places that mean I have a limp and can't sit down for a week.

I get more injuries every day from Sasuke's obsession than I do from a month's missions bundled together.

But just to see him so weak at that one point, to hear him scream out my name in pure ecstasy, to feel his breath on my neck spelling out the whispered words, 'I love you'-

It makes up for the pain.


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