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Title: Change of Heart

Summary: Special-verse. Post-Cerise, what happens to Lance before he meets Silver? What caused that change of heart?
Pairing: Championshipping (Lance x Red)

Rating: PG-13 to R

Dedication: The Incarnation Pokemon
Warnings: Shonen-ai, Shota (Underage sex), Dark, Insanity, Pokemon Eaten, Rape, and Torture. This was supposed to be able to fit in the canon Pokemon Special/Adventures universe, and it technically can!

Timeline: Post-Book 7 of the manga

Chapter 1

What was it like to fall back down to Earth after having caught a glimpse of paradise? Lance wasn't completely sure, but he was relatively certain that it hurt. He was vaguely aware of Kairyuu nearby, and Hakuryuu and Gyarados hovering within a short distance, but the pain screaming through every nerve cell of his body was worse.

There was no way he could possibly control that mysterious pokemon in this condition…

And his pokémon… darling Ptera was gasping in pain, and Kairyuu looked ready to collapse. He reached inside for Viridian's Power, began to focus. Kairyuu's breathing suddenly stilled, and Lance stared at his Dragonite, stricken.

It could not be!

Kairyuu wasn't dead! He couldn't be dead!

He pressed his hand more firmly against warm, strong skin, and tried to force more of Viridian's Power into the dragon pokemon, but Viridian's Power was difficult to wield even in peak condition, and with his injuries and mental abstraction, the effort was too much and he slipped.

Ptera's eyes widened for a second, before his eyes drooped closed and he followed his Master.

Hakuryuu looked at her brother worriedly. Is he… dead? She whispered.

I don't know. Tempest told Storm, his sister. I hope not!

I will check. Gyarados coiled his body closer to his Master's, laying his head against his chest. He sighed. He is not dead yet, but almost…

Indeed. A new voice cut in. the three pokemon still conscious turned, to face a woman-spirit, dressed in pale white and bearing a scythe in her hands. His time is up. I shall take them both with me to the fields now.

G-Great lady! Storm gasped.

Tempest shivered. And are you taking all of them?

No. The woman held her hands above Dragonite's body and crooned a song without words, drawing out the spirit of the pokemon easily. Then she turned to Lance.

Your Master was foolish, and he has paid the price. But I do not think the judges shall condemn him too harshly. He has had a hard life.

Gyarados bared sharp teeth, blocking her path. Wait.

What is it, child?

Do not take him. He is still young…

It is his time. She replied calmly.

Is it? I know your type, Reaper. You shall take a certain quota. The lines of fate are not set in stone, and the tapestry of life can be spun with many different threads.

And what are you saying, Gyarados?

Take me instead.

No! Storm cried, Tempest echoing her. We cannot lose you!

Would you rather lose our Master? Our Savior? Gyarados retorted. Storm went very, very still, and Tempest shivered, coiling around his sister's body protectively.

And as long as Master Lance lives, he can still heal us… if he left now, Ptera would die too…

You are serious. The reaper said.

Gyarados nodded.

You are a very loyal pokemon, but does your Master… does Lance deserve such… worship? You are strong pokemon, almost legendary…

Perhaps. Perhaps not. The water serpent shrugged. But I am willing, and you cannot deny me.

No, I cannot. She smiled. You are an interesting one, and I am sure your master shall be quite changed when he wakes. Still, I have my job to do.

She held her hands above Gyarados's body, and sang a slightly different tune for him, and then his spirit joined her in the air.

Will Master Lance be all right? Dragonite asked hesitantly.

The Reaper frowned. I cannot heal him, but I will not take him unto death. His healing shall be in the hands of those that remain.

We will take good care of Lance! Storm promised, as if she would do anything else.

And we will take care of Aerodactyl too. Tempest added.

The Reaper glanced at the two Dragonair with a thoughtful expression, but said nothing more before she vanished, taking the other two spirits with her.

Tears glittered in Storm's eyes, but there would be time to mourn later. For now, they had to help Master Lance and Ptera…

Tempest eyed one of the carved supports, before he breathed out a Dragon Rage attack, shattering stone. A small cavern was formed, and they carefully carried their fallen companions inside.

It will take time for them to heal, sister. Tempest frowned. We will need to hunt for them.

I know. Storm nodded. But it is dangerous…

No. There is another way…

What are you saying? Storm asked, as she glanced towards the dead Dragonite and Gyarados.

Surely he could not be thinking…

They cannot hurt now, and it will give us time to tend them. Master Lance and Ptera will need much care now, and meat is good for them.

But brother! If Master Lance was awake, he would never…

Well, perhaps, but we must feed them. The Dragonair said practically. He frowned. We can fish for ourselves, if you're squeamish.


After a few moments, Storm relented. If this were the best way then, they would do it. They would take care of Master Lance until he and Ptera were whole again, and dragon's blood was very strong…

An Ice Beam attack froze most of the corpses solid, though they decided to start with Gyarados. After all, without Ptera's wing-blades, nothing would tear through thick, armor-plated skin, and if they used their attacks, it wouldn't be edible anymore.

They chewed the meat until it was soft, and they drizzled the juices into the mouths of their comrades, and waited for them to swallow, so they wouldn't starve.

And time passed.

End Chapter

Completed 11/26/06

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Yeah. Pokemon are eaten. I know that's going to squick a lot of readers… for purposes of clarification, since there is more than one Aerodactyl in this fic, Lance's will usually be referred to as Ptera and Red's as Aeroy.

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