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*italics* - Thinking/Past

Chapter One:

The bitter taste of copper filled the back of her throat and she grimaced. Her body was giving in, knees bending to the will of gravity. When she fell, her hands kept her torso from hitting the dirt for what would be the trillionth time. One eye was open as she stared at her bodies support, the index finger and thumb on her left hand were sporting a nice set of compound fractures.

She choked back a sob, something that sounded foreign and barbaric all at once. Blood poured thickly from her lips and bleached her teeth. The crimson liquid dripped onto the ground from all sections of her body, pooling around her like a death-like aura.

She remembered the words he left her with; those eternal few seconds played forever in her head and twisted her. Sakura Haruno knew she would be forever changed, that she was already. He had left her there, alone and dying. Not one note of sentimental words like he had left with long ago.

"You're just as annoying..." The crimson of his eyes bore into her; he smirked in a bittersweet fashion, full of putrid irony.


The words she had embodied to express in the back of her throat didn't emerge, fore his fingers had stopped them, lifting her up, putting a crushing force upon her windpipe.

"Do not tell me of your unreturned love for me, it's a nuisance. I need no such bond with you. In fact these bonds, with Naruto, Kakashi, Konoha...and you, even you...they will perish today. I will sever them."

She gazed into his disturbing stare unable to resist, unable to turn from him as he had her. Warm liquid steadily made its way from her gaping vision.

Mangekyou Sharigan

"Sa..." His fingers were still crushing, and suddenly, they were gone.

She was standing alone, in her mangled uniform, in darkness.

Now, unlike before, she was so much more afraid.

"Sasuke...?" She looked around, no one, nothing existed here.

"For the next thirty-six hours, you will experience a pain that you could never possibly imagine. For the next thirty-six hours I will bring you close to death only to revive you and repeat the process."

She snapped around, her vision catching a snag of something fleeting, "Sasuke?"

His arms went around her waist and she froze, feeling his hand wander up her side past her ribs, past her breasts, only to trace on her collarbone, as if a loving gesture only to have him tear into it, severing the nerves, her body was on fire. She screamed.


She tried to remember, where, where had she heard that voice. She attempted to look up, but blood had matted her eyes closed and her neck had a long gash around the spinal column.


She feathered an attempt to think, but the evil poison of death seemed to want to captivate her at the moment, taking away her sanity of mind, she answered him long ago, but not on her carful speculation.

"A little cruel, for such a flower..."

She knew that voice, it was, so similar to his.

And suddenly, she knew, her brain clicked, going a million miles a minute...Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame, both S-class criminals working for the Akatsuki.

"Kuso..." The curse fell from her lips almost silently.

Darkness was consuming her, enveloping her in a security blanket of protection, and suddenly she had plummeted to the land of distorted and mindless dreams.

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