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Lois sighed as she pattered her way down the main street of Los Angeles, her feet throbbing, and her head aching from the exorbant amount of alcohol she had been challenged into drinking. Her stomach rolled with a fervor that she had not felt in many years, since she had initally given up binge drinking. She nearly fell, off balance, as a pair of small, strong arms wrapped around her torso.

She turned, her eyes widening as she took in the youthful looks of her supposed rescuer, her erstwhile drinking buddy, Darla. The woman had an air of arrogance about her that Lois simply had to beat out of the woman, and so, in a fit of arrogance, had taken the blonde's challenge.

Darla, it seemed, was made of stronger stuff than even Lois could give her credit for, and one-upping her at every turn. Where Lois would drink two shots of tequilla, Darla would drink three, and an added Vodka to up the stakes. Having drank much more than Lois herself, Darla, for all the alcohol in her system, wasn't in the slightest bit Dariusnk.

"Well," the blonde said, "I'd heard the daughter of General Sam Lane was quite the drinker, I'm glad the rumors held true. I haven't had that much fun since Angelus and I rampaged Europe in 1893. Come now, little girl, it's time to meet my children."

Darla dragged a struggling Lois into the nearest alleyway, where she said, "you see, Lois, we need someone that can get inside to see the General, someone that isn't afraid of the repercussions that come with attacking the man.

In essence, we need you, Lois. Darius, be a doll."

Darius, who was new to the brood, smirked, his face twisting, as his features turned demonic. Lois nearly screamed before a hand covered her mouth and said, "no, no dear girl. We can't have Angel coming to ruin the party."

Lois' eyes widened as she heard the name of her newest assignment, a Vampire named Angel that ran "Angel Investigations", a newly formed detective service that specialized in protection services. She struggled again as a pair of fangs pressed into her neck, drawing a small amount of blood.

She shivered lightly, the hands around her waist moving up to cup her breasts. She growled under her breath, kicking her assailant in the kneecap, smiling at the sound of the Vampire's bones breaking.

A second later, she was on the ground, a gash in her cheek running diagonally to the left.

A fire lit in Lois' eyes as she stood, her body moving into a familiar standing position that her father had insisted she learn. As Darius, who apparently was made of tougher stuff than she realized, stood back up, Lois again proceeded to break his knee. She kicked at Darla, who jumped back, and spun, ending in a crescent kick on top of the brunette Vampire's head, the slightly psychotic look on her face scaring Lois the tinest bit.

Lois rolled forward, ending with her arms crossing her face, as a fist came at her. She swept her leg out, catching Darla, who fell to the ground. Lois smirked, and ran up the stairs. As she did, though, the door opened and a bleach blonde Vampire smirked at her, the cigarette in his hand flickering in the dark of the night.

"Spike," the woman said, "get her. Don't let her get away."

Spike nodded, grabbing Lois at the wrist, and dragging her back downstairs, his strength a lot more powerful than the newly risen. He walked over to the brunette, placed a large, raunchy kiss on her, and said, "hey Pet."

The woman smiled, humming a soft song in her head.

Lois suddenly found herself encircled by the Vampire's, cursing each and every one of them for her inebrated state. She shook the cobwebs from her mind, focusing as she had taught herself so long ago, and eying each of them with a look of unbridled fury.

As Darla attacked, the woman said, "the stars shine brightly tonight, the one is coming."

This paused the Master Vampire in her tracks, as she said, "the one? Who's the one?"

Drusilla shuddered, and shook her head, before turning. "Hurry we must, the one is coming."

Darla smirked and nodded, the four Vampire's turning their visage demonic, before they all plunged towards the jugular veins.

Time slowed as the four Vampire's moved toward the girl, as a force threw them toward and into the walls, a tall, black haired teenager standing behind his unconscious, best friend. Drusilla whimpered, before backing up softly, as Spike ran forward and pulled out a knife. He plunged the knife forward, and into the abdomen of his potential meal, the blade shattering upon impact.

The teen grabbed his wrist, throwing him up and over his head, the Vampire's head cracking as he hit the wall. Darla was next, her teeth plunging down onto the boy's neck, and shattering as they hit the rock hard defense of his skin. Darius, who had until this time, remained knocked out, ran toward Lois and picked her up, his teeth falling to drain her of her life-force.

An intense red light connected with his chest before his teeth made their mark, a fire spreading from his center and outward, as his body splattered into dust. Darla backed up, and ran for the exit, leaving Drusilla whimpering in the corner and Spike unconscious. She opened the door, a steady stream of sunlight hitting her full force, and burning her from the outside in.

The teen bent down and said, "tell your friends that if any of them go after Lois Lane, they deal with me."

Drusilla nodded, her hand crossing her unbeating heart. End