Author's Note: Okay. This is my first Evo fanfic. It's set three years after Ascension. Since Gambit's age was never really mentioned and all the profiles I could find of him put him somewhere in his early 20s, I'm going to guess that he was about 22 or so and go from there.

Ages of original characters:


St. John-23

Scott, Jean, Lance, Fred, Pietro, Wanda, Piotr-22

Rogue, Todd-21

Kitty, Kurt-20

Tabitha, Bobby, Ray, Sam, Amara-19


Jubilee, X-23, Rahne-17


All of my OC's will have their age mentioned when they are introduced in the story. Oh, and they do belong to me. Yay, I own something.

Disclaimer: I don't own Evo. Any of it.

"Good night, baby," Pietro whispered against his girlfriend's lips. He pulled away and got out of the car. "I'll call you tomorrow."

"Okay," was his girlfriend's reply. He walked into the Brotherhood house as she pulled away, heading back to the mansion that she lived in on the other side of town. She pulled up to the gates and rolled down the window.

A voice came through the intercom. "Name please."

"It's me, Mr. Logan."

"Name please."

She sighed and gave in. "It's Magma."

"Amara, you're supposed to give me your name, not your codename." Wolverine growled, but opened the gate anyway. Amara pulled through and parked her car in the garage. Just as she opened the door to get out, she heard a phone ring. Automatically, she checked hers, but it wasn't ringing.

I bet Pietro left his phone in here again she thought, digging around to find it. She finally located it, but it had already stopped ringing. She checked the recent calls and was surprised to see that it was Rogue. Figuring that the older girl was worried about her, she hit the redial button to call her back.

It rang twice before anyone answered. "Hey, Pietro."


"Amara? Why are ya calling meh off Pietro's phone?"

"He left it in my car after our date. I saw that you had called and I figured that I would call you back."

"Yeah, thanks for that, but I needed to talk to Pietro."

"I'm already here. Actually, I just came in the front door so I'll se you in a minute, okay?"

"Yeah, okay. Bye" Rogue hung up before Amara could respond. She quickly flipped her cell back open and called the Brotherhood house.

"Hello," a voice answered.

"Wanda, is your brother there?"

"Yeah. He just got back from somewhere."

"Can Ah talk to him?"

"Sure." Rogue heard some yelling and threats to hex someone before Pietro's voice came over the line.

"Hello?" Rogue put the phone on speakerphone so she could finish her work without having to hold the phone.

"Hey, Pietro."

"Oh, hey, Rogue. Look, now's not the best time."

"Why? Ya got some girl there again?"

"What? Rogue.."

"That'd be a yes. Look, Ah don't want to see ya hurt Amara."


"That's not why Ah called."

"Okay. Look can you get to the point. I'm kind of busy."

"Okay. Ya just crossed the line. Ya told her that ya and Amara were done, didn't ya?"

"We are. I'm sick of spending time with a girl that isn't challenging."

"Really, then why does she have your phone?" Rogue was going to continue when she heard a cry from behind her and she realized that she had left the door open and someone had heard most of the conversation. She whirled around and saw Amara standing in the doorway.

"Shit. I knew I forgot something." A look of anger came over Amara's face at the sound of his voice.

"Yeah, you did. You forgot that Rogue is my friend. You forgot that you were on speakerphone and you also forgot that we could hear your other slut in the background."


"It's over."

"Baby, let me explain."

"Explain what? Explain how you lied about me to get a chance with her? Explain why you've been canceling dates and why Lance saw you having sex with Taryn on the couch? Forget it, Pietro. Even you can't get yourself out of this." Amara hung up on him before she remembered that it was Rogue's phone and not hers.

"Mara, I'm sorry. He's a dick."

"It's not your fault, Rogue. It's his." Amara walked out of their room, slamming the door behind her.

Amara ended up on the roof. It was where she did her best thinking and where people rarely came. Why didn't I listen to Lance? He tried to tell me. Amara dropped her head in her hands. I can't believe that I didn't believe him.

Amara jumped when she heard a voice behind her.

"You okay?" When Amara didn't answer, Bobby sat own next to her. "It's not your fault."

"How do you know?"

"Oh, so you are blaming yourself for something?" Amara just stared into the sky and ignored him.

"Look, Mara, this will be a lot easier if you'd just tell me what's bothering you."

"It's Pietro." Bobby's only response was to raise a brow. "He was.. is.. cheating on me."

"How'd you find this out?"

"He left his phone in my car. Rogue called it. When I got to my room, she was on the phone with him and he was telling her that we had broken up so that some other girl would sleep with him."

"I should kill him," Bobby muttered. "Mara, he obviously isn't good enough for you. You should forget all about him. Move on to someone who's worth it."

"Thanks, Bobby." Amara gave him a hug and stood up to leave.

"Hey, Amara," she turned to look at him, "Here." Bobby made a small ice figure and handed it to her.

"Thanks, Bobby."

Downstairs, Rogue was going through her own kind of torment. She was laying on her bed trying to remember why she had even gotten into this situation. Oh, yeah, it was because of that damn pyromaniac that lived here. They had made a bet. If Rogue won, Pyro had to dance a can can, complete with dress and garter. If Pyro won, Rogue had to hang out with the guys from the Brotherhood. Pyro won. Damn drinking games.

Rogue shook her head. She was getting off track. She was distracted even further by a knock on the door. "Come in."

The door opened to reveal a certain red eyed mutant. "What do yah want, Swamp Rat? It's late."

"What's wrong, chére?"

"Nothing. Why would ya think that somethin is wrong?"

"It's almost one in the mornin."

"Ah'm fahne. Just not ready to go to sleep yet." Remy gave her a questioning look before coming into the room and sitting backward in her desk chair. From his spot, he had a good view of her. He could hear Kitty outside the door.

"There's somethin wrong, chére."

"Look, Gambit, I'm fine," Rogue said with more venom in her voice than she had intended. Gambit didn't draw back like anyone else would have. Instead he leaned forward against the back of the chair.

He was going to continue the argument, but decided against it. "Look, Rogue, I know that you don't completely trust me."

"And why would Ah? Ya left to go home for some assignment for yah father and were gone for a year. Then ah find out that yah have an ex-fiance that ya never told me about."

Remy groaned and gave her a pleading look. "Rogue, we've been through this before. I never loved Belle. It was a marriage arranged by our fathers shortly after we were born. She was just as against it as I was. As for working for Jean-Luc, I had to. My brother's family was at stake."

"Remy, ah don't care. Just leave me alone."


"Just go."

"Alright, chére." Remy stood and walked toward her bed. He leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Don't forget, you and me have trainin in the morning. Good night."

"Cajun, just cause Ah can touch doesn't mean that Ah want yah lips on me. Sides' teachers shouldn't be kissin their students," she added with a smirk.

Remy rolled his eyes and walked out the door. Kitty walked in and went into the bathroom. Rogue got out of bed to change into her pajamas. By the time that Kitty came out of the bathroom, she was out.

The next morning, Rogue rolled over when her alarm went off. Five o'clock. She turned it off and grabbed her exercise clothes. She would shower after her training session. Rogue quietly left the room, not wanting to interrupt Kitty, who wouldn't get up for another half hour.

Rogue silently went down to the kitchen. She loved the quiet mornings before anyone else was up. In just an hour or two, everyone would be up and rushing around. She grabbed a water bottle and headed outside to start her morning run. Even though she participated in danger room training daily and had hand to hand combat sessions twice a week, Rogue refused to give up her early morning runs. The result was her near perfect figure and ability to outlast many of the other X-Men in training exercises.

Rogue jogged for half an hour before returning to the mansion. She managed to avoid most of the early morning chaos by going to her room. Since the Institute had nearly doubled in size in the last four years, it took a lot more effort than avoiding the new recruits used to take. Rogue made sure that Kitty was up before reaching for her uniform. The Professor's voice interrupted her.

Rogue, can you please come to my office?

Ah'll be there in a minute.

Rogue quickly changed, curious about Professor Xavier's reason for wanting to see her. She was about to knock on the door when she heard Xavier's voice.

Rogue, come in.

Rogue opened the door and was surprised to see that the professor wasn't alone. Remy leaned against the wall off to the side. He smirked at her and let his eyes roam over her spandex-clad body.

"Good morning, Rogue."

"Mornin, Prof. Ya wanted to see meh?"
"Yes. I normally would not bother you this early in the morning, but I have something to ask you. I was wondering if you would consider taking a position among my staff?"

"Ya want me to work for ya?"

"Yes, Rogue. I have realized that, with the number of new recruits that we have, I will need to add more staff. The six I have now are having a very tough time keeping tabs on everyone and keeping everyone out of trouble."

"What exactly would ah be doing?"

"Right now, we are in need of someone to assist Mr. LeBeau with training the less experienced students with hand to hand combat. But you would also act as a guardian of sorts and assist Logan with training. And you have the option of your own room."

"Ah'll do it Professor. But why me?"

"You are the most advanced student in the program. You have control over your powers. You are hard-working and dedicated. You also are in the best physical shape and have taken your training very seriously since you arrived here. You have much to teach the young recruits and have gone through the greatest amount of difficulty to get the control that you have."

"Okay. When do Ah start?"

"How does this morning sound? I know that you and Gambit had a training session planned. I have taken the liberty of expanding that session to include a few of the newer mutants."

"Alright. Thank ya, Prof."

"You're welcome, Rogue."

Rogue turned and walked out, aware of Gambit following her.

"Surprised, chére?"

"It's not quite what ah was expectin this mornin."

"Ya deserve it. Sides, it'll make de fights more interestin" Remy added with a smirk.

"Back off, Cajun. We've got a class to teach."

"But, chére, it's a class where I get to have my hands all over ya, and ya can't say anything bout it." Rogue frowned but continued to walk down the hall. Remy grinned to himself and followed her.

"Look, Cajun, if we're gonna be teachin together, ya gotta knock that off. Sides, Ah ain't yah chére."

They went down to the kitchen and each grabbed a cup of coffee before heading down to the danger room where their class was being held. A few minutes later, the kids began trickling in, most rubbing their sleep filled eyes. Some of the older recruits seemed surprised to see Rogue standing next to Gambit. When the last student had come in, the door shut and class began.

"Mornin. For any of ya that've never been in a session of mine, I'm Remy LeBeau. Codename Gambit. An this is our newest staff member, Rogue. Since I've never seen some of ya before, let's start by saying your name, age, codename and power. Rogue, ya wanna start?"

"Sure, sugah. My name's Rogue. Ah'm 21. Ah can absorb anybody through skin to skin contact."

"I'm Remy aka Gambit. I'm 25. I can kinetically charge objects and make them explode."

"Bobby Drake. Also known as Iceman. I just turned 19. I can freeze stuff."

"Tabitha Smith or Boom Boom. 19. I can create bombs."

"Ally Smithson. My codename is Cyclone. I'm 16. I can alter the weather."

"Dustin Knocke, codename Xerox. 15. I can copy anyone around me and make multiples of myself in that form."

"Cecile Masten. My codename is Riptide. I'm 17. I can control water, like current and direction and stuff."

"Daniel Zere. You can call me Shade. I'm 16. I can disappear into shadows."

"Okay then. Iceman, you're with Xerox. Boom Boom, you go with Cyclone. Me and Shade will pair up and Rogue and Riptide pair up. This is a no powers session. We just wanna see what ya got."

The session started with a demonstration from Rogue and Gambit. While they fought, Bobby and Tabitha explained what was going on and the moves that they were using. They pretended not to hear the outbursts from Rogue and Gambit as they fought.

"Dammit, Cajun! I told ya not to grab my ass again!" Rogue yelled, pinning him down face first on the mat. She was sitting on him with his arm twisted behind his back. She held him there for a minute, watching him wince when she accidentally pulled on his arm. Then she let him go and got up, offering a hand to him.

"Okay. For today, we're just going to practice punches and kicks. Don't want to work ya too hard." Half an hour later, a tired group of recruits left the danger room. They were followed by Bobby, Tabitha, Remy, and Rogue who were used to the training and were unfazed by the exercise. Bobby headed toward the kitchen and Tabitha headed for her bedroom in the sublevels of the mansion. Professor X figured that it would be harder for her to blow something up if she was below ground.

Rogue wiped some sweat off her forehead while she waited for the elevator.

"Good fight, chére."

"You too, Remy. But ya grab my ass once more while we're fighting and I won't just pin ya down."

"Would I do that to you, chére? I was tryin to get ya mad. Ya always fight better mad."

Rogue chose to ignore his comment. She headed to her room then to the shower. Rogue relaxed as the hot water pounded on her skin. After washing, she got out. She needed to talk to Kitty.

Rogue went back to her room and dug around for something to wear. She was clad only in her black bra and thong when the door opened. Rogue looked up to see a very tired looking Kitty flop facedown on her bed. She mumbled something unintelligible and groaned. Rogue found a pair of tight jeans and pulled then on. She dug around for another minute before finding her black halter top and pulling it on. While she had grown out of her gothic ways a little bit, she still wore black on a regular basis.

"Bad session with Logan?" Rogue asked, digging around on her desk for her eyeliner.

"Hmph." was Kitty's reply.

"Ah'm glad that ya back. We gotta talk." At this, Kitty raised her head and looked at Rogue.

"Okay. What do you want to talk about?"

"The professor offered me a job that Ah took."

"Congrats. What is it?"

"Ah'm helping Logan and Remy with the training."

"Sounds like a good job for you."

"Yeah. Well the professor gave me a choice. Either Ah can stay in here with you or Ah get my own room. Ah figured that Ah'd talk to ya bout it since ya are my roommate."

"Either way is fine. I'm sure that I'll get a new roommate before long, since this place always has new people coming in. I say go for your own room while you can."

"Thanks, Kitty. Ya wouldn't mind?"

"Well, it'll be weird for a while, but until a new recruit takes your spot, I'll have my own room, too. Now, I believe that I'm going to take a shower and try to forget about Logan's insistence on no powers during our morning training."

"Wait. Ya just called him Logan."

"Yeah. So?"

"Ya never call him Logan. It's always Mr. Logan."

"Yeah, well, he told me to quit calling him Mr. Logan."

"Bout time." Kitty stuck her tongue out and went into the bathroom for her shower. Rogue decided to tell Professor X her decision. She had just walked out her room and turned the corner when she ran into a solid object. She looked up to see red on black eyes staring back.

"Sorry." Rogue said, already starting to walk away. Remy was too entranced by her exposed lower stomach to notice that she had even said anything.

"Wait. Where ya goin in such a hurry?"

"I'm going to talk to the Prof."

"I'll go wit ya."

"Ah can go by myself, ya know."

"Yeah, but I know how much you enjoy my company, chére." Remy smirked at her and she found herself drawn to him and wanting to slap him at the same time. She chose to ignore these urges and kept walking.

"What are we going to see the professor for?"

"To tell him that Ah've decided on the room thing."

"Really? And what did you decide?"

"You'll find out in a minute, Cajun." They had reached Professor Xavier's office by this time. Rogue lightly knocked. Her knock was immediately greeted by the Professor telling them to come in.

"Hello, Rogue. Hello, Remy. To what do I owe this visit?"

"Well, professor, Ah talked to Kitty about it and Ah decided to take you up on the offer of my own room."

"I thought that you might. You have a choice of the empty rooms. There is one between Ororo's room and Jean and Scott's room and one between Logan and Remy. You would have a private bathroom and a balcony either way."

"No offense to Scott and Jean, but Ah'd prefer the one between Logan and Remy."

"Very well. Once again, welcome to my staff. We can get some of the people around here to help you move your things. How did your first day of instructing go?"

"Fahne," she answered, throwing a look at Remy.

"Well, Mr. LeBeau, while Rogue does have Logan's advanced healing, you do not. Since you are a needed staff member, we would prefer you to remain in one piece. I have to ask you to refrain from groping Rogue in classes."


The Professor smiled. "We will get your things moved as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that may have to be after dinner tonight. I have a lecture to teach about control and Beast, Wolverine, and Cyclops are busy for most of the day."

"That's fahne. I'm not in any big hurry." Rogue started to leave when the professor's voice interrupted her.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Rogue, I'm going to put you back on recruiting duty."

"Ya sure?"

"Of course."

"Ya do remember what happened last tahme, right?"

"Yes. But it was not your fault. And I believe that the progress that you have made with your powers will prevent any more incidents like that."

"If ya say so, Professor." Rogue said, starting to leave again.

"Rogue. One more thing. Please watch your language, especially in training sessions. I'm sure that you remember how many times you got in trouble for that when you were younger. Now it is your responsibility to correct the students when you hear them use bad language."

"Is Kitty included in that?"

"No, I believe that, as long as she is not around the younger students, it is her decision. Kurt also falls into this category."

"Ah'm going to guess that the old Acolytes fall under these rules?"

"Yes. As long as they are not using bad language in front of the students, they fall under this rule."

"Okay. Ah'll be more careful."

"Thank you, Rogue."

Rogue left the office with Remy on her heels again. He was appreciating Rogue's figure when she turned on him.

"Cajun, what are ya doin"

"Appreciatin the view."

"Don't start that again. I don't want to have to go talk to Professor again for my language."

"Alright, chére. Just answer one question."


"How much do ya weigh?"


"How much do ya weigh?"


"I wanna know how much weight was pinning me down."


"Non. I let ya win, chére."

"Why the hell would ya do that?"

"Ya didn't think that 120 pounds would actually pin me down do ya?" Remy asked, already walking away.

She tried to hold it in, but since there were no students around, Rogue let it go. "Dammit!" she yelled, only to hear Xavier's voice in her head a minute later.

Rogue! We just discussed this.

Ah'm sorry, Professor, but blame it on that Cajun that lives here.

Professor Xavier chuckled before responding. I'm sure that it was. He really seems quite happy to aggravate you since his return last year.

You don't know the half of it was the thought running through Rogue's head.

Okay. I'm not really doing much of an accent for Gambit, because he doesn't have as much of an accent in Evo as he does in X-Men TAS or the comics. Also, sorry for any typos. Let me know what ya think.