Author's Note: Okay. This is my first Evo fanfic. It's set three years after Ascension. Since Gambit's age was never really mentioned and all the profiles I could find of him put him somewhere in his early 20s, I'm going to guess that he was about 22 or so and go from there.

Ages of original characters:


St. John-24

Scott, Jean, Lance, Piotr, Fred, Pietro, Wanda-23

Todd, Rogue-22

Kitty, Kurt-21

Bobby, Tabitha, Ray, Sam, Amara-20


X-23 (Laura), Jubilee, Rahne-18


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The last two months before Kitty's wedding passed in a blur of fittings and finalizing the details. Jean had given birth two weeks before to a healthy son. They had named him Nathan Christopher Summers, deciding that Dena just didn't fit the little boy. He had blue-green eyes and red-brown hair. Etienne was now three months old and a very happy baby.

It was two nights before the wedding, the night they had decided to have the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Kitty had figured that some of the wedding party, including herself and the groom, would be drinking and she didn't want anyone hung over at the wedding.

"Tabitha, I need to know where we're going so I can dress for it."

"Sorry, Mara. The only person besides me who knows where we're going is Rogue. But I can tell you to wear something you can dance in."

Amara glanced at her roommate, hoping to get a hint from her clothes. Tabby was wearing tight black pants and a black halter top that laced up the back. "Are we going to a club?"

"Maybe." Amara knew she had guessed right by Tabby's answer. She quickly pulled on a very tight maroon tee with a black miniskirt and heels. "You ready? Let's go get everyone else."

Amara followed Tabitha through the mansion, getting all the over 18 girls. None of the under 18 girls or boys were allowed to go to either party. Most of the girls that were going took one look at Tabby and Amara and ended up changing. When they got to Rogue's room, they could hear Wanda and Rogue talking, with Remy chiming in every once in a while and Etienne making the occasional noise. Tabitha knocked and waited for someone to open the door.

"Hello?" Remy opened the door and leaned on the doorframe with Etienne in his arms. "Can I help ya with something?"

Tabitha grinned, but bit back her comment when she thought about Piotr. "Is Rogue here?"

"Yeah." Remy moved to let the girls in. Tabitha took Etienne from him as she walked in. "She's in the bathroom." Remy settled back into his spot on the bed, keeping a close eye on Tabitha and his son. Tabitha sat next to Wanda with the baby in her lap. Amara pulled out the desk chair and sat down.

"Hey, Wanda. Ready to party?"

"Definitely. I haven't been to a good party in a while."

"Hey, Rem, can ya throw me my pants?" Rogue asked when she came out of the bathroom. Remy grinned at her. She was wearing a deep green corset top and a pair of black boy short underwear.

"Why would I wanna do that, chére?"

"Just give me that pants, Swamp Rat." Rogue was laughing as she said this. Amara and Tabby just looked at her. They figured that she would blush or mumble something and disappear into the bathroom, not laugh.

"You okay, Rogue?"

"Yeah, why?" Rogue pulled on the black pants. They were tight and low riding, leaving some of her once again toned stomach exposed. Since getting back in shape, Rogue had gone back to her previous style of dressing - low riding jeans and tight tanks that showed off her body.

"No reason."

"Whatever. Ya gonna change, sugah?" Rogue looked over at Remy, who looked very comfortable in an old tee and track pants.

"Yeah." He went into the bathroom and came back out in a pair of dark jeans. He caught the shirt Rogue threw at him and pulled it on. He flopped back on the bed to wait for Piotr to come get him.

Rogue looked at the younger girls sitting on the bed. "Ya'll go see if Kitty's ready yet." Tabitha handed Etienne to Wanda and followed Amara out of the room.

Wanda could tell that Rogue was wanting to talk to Remy about something. "Hey, Rogue, who's watching Et tonight?"

"Jean volunteered. She's not up to going out yet."

"You want me to take him over to her?"

"That'd be great." Rogue sent her friend a grateful look. Wanda smiled and left the room.

Rogue's gaze turned back to Remy. She crawled into the bed next to him and curled up with her head on his chest. She looked up into his face. "Are ya okay, sugah?"

"I'm fine, Rogue." She looked deep into those black and red eyes she loved so much.

"Yah lyin. Somethin's botherin ya. Come on, Rem. What is it?" She pulled back and sat up to look at him.

"I have to put up with that new kid tonight."

Rogue gave him a puzzled look. "That's what's botherin ya?"


"Rem, he's just a kid. Ya deal with kids everyday."

"Not like him."

"What d'ya mean, sugah?"

Remy sighed and looked her in the eye. "Rogue, have ya not noticed how he's always hangin round ya?"

"Now that ya mention it, he is around a lot."

"Ya ain't kiddin. That boy keeps shootin me dirty looks when I'm around ya. I keep catchin him eyeing ya like he ain't ate in months and ya a piece of meat."

"He isn't that bad, is he?"

"Yeah. Bobby and Kurt have noticed it too."

"How d'ya know that?"

"They talked to me bout it."

Rogue leaned toward Remy, looking him dead in the eye. "Rem, ya know that ya the only one for me."

"I know, chére."

"He's just a kid, Rem."

Remy smiled at her. "That kid's only three years younger than ya."

"Ah lahke older men." Rogue grinned back and kissed her husband. The kiss turned into a make out session pretty quickly. Rogue had pulled Remy's shirt off when there was a knock at the door. Remy was working on the zipper on the back of her corset. Rogue growled and climbed off of Remy.

She pulled open the door, not even paying attention to who was standing there. "Ya mind? We're kinda in the middle of something here."

"Sorry, Rogue." Jake looked down at the floor. "I was wondering if you could help me with something."

"Can it wait?" Rogue glanced back at the bed and the man laying on it.

"Not really. Please?" Jake gave her a pleading look.

"Fine." She looked back into the room. "Ah'll be back in a minute, sugah." Remy frowned and nodded. Rogue shut the door and followed Jake down the hall.

Remy laid on the bed for a minute before pulling on his shirt and following them. He couldn't help but feel that something was wrong. He quietly followed them outside to the garage.

"What are we doin out here?"

"I was wondering if you could help me with my bike? I can't get it to start and I was planning on going out tonight."

"Ya dragged me out here to look at yah bike. Couldn't ya drive something else."

"No. I only got this date because the girl liked my bike."

"Fine." Rogue bent over the bike and flipped the key. When she hit the ignition, the bike roared to life. "Sounds fine to me." She felt someone grab her butt and turned around. Her palm connected with Jake's cheek with a loud smack. "What the hell was that?!"

"Rogue, quit playin hard to get."

"Ah ain't playin anything." She noticed that Jake's eyes never left hers. Then she realized what he was doing.

"Quit trying to fight it." He reached out and cupped her cheek in his hand.

"Fight what?" Before he could react, Rogue had his arm twisted behind his back and his face pressed against the concrete floor. "Just for future reference, empathy don't work on me."

"You bitch." Jake managed to twist out of her hold and grab both of her wrists in one hand. He pinned her against the wall. "Fight all you want, Rogue. Everyone else is in the house getting ready for a party." Jake looked into Rogue's eyes to see a look of hope come over them. He turned just in time for a fist to connect with his face. He fell to the floor and looked up to see Rogue wrapped in Remy's arms, crying.

"You damn Cajun bastard! Stay the hell out of this. It has nothing to do with you."

Remy eyes glittered dangerously. "It has everythin to do with me when ya mess with my chére."

Jake opened his mouth to respond when Logan ran into the garage. He looked at Rogue crying against Remy's chest, then at the boy with the hand print on his cheek and one eye beginning to swell where Remy had punched him. "Get your ass to Xavier's office." The boy looked at him defiantly and Logan extended his claws. "Now." Jake nodded and picked himself off the floor. He threw one last dirty look at Remy before leaving the garage.

"You okay, Stripes?" He hated to see her cry.

She looked at him with tear stained cheeks and nodded. "Thanks to Remy." She looked up her husband, a look of gratitude and love in her eyes.

"How'd you get out here when ya did, mon ami?"

"I was walking past the security monitors when I saw the kid pin Rogue against the wall. I saw your eyes glowing in the shadows and figured I'd better get out here before ya killed him."


Rogue had quit crying, but was still leaning against Remy. "What do you think the Prof will do to him?"

"Kick him out, no doubt. Maybe more. I don't really know. I just know that he won't have some kid living here that attacked you."

Rogue nodded and looked at Remy. "Shouldn't we get back and finish getting ready for the parties?"

"Fuck em."

"Remy, it's for Kitty. Besides, I want to get out and do something."

"Ya sure?" Rogue nodded.

"Fine. Let's go." Logan followed them back to the mansion. He was worried about Rogue going out. Usually her 'forgetting' about something meant lots of alcohol. Not a good mix when they had a kid to take care of when they got home.

Wanda was waiting for them when they got back to their room. She looked at Rogue's face and immediately knew something was wrong. "Rogue?"

"He came after me, Wanda."

"Jake?" she asked softly. She knew that something had been up with him and had even asked Remy about it once or twice.

"Yeah. He had me pinned against the garage wall when Remy knocked him flat. I don't even want to think about what he was gonna do."

"You still feel up to going out? Tabitha and Amara came by here about five minutes ago to tell you that Kitty was ready to go."

"Yeah. Just let me fix my makeup and Ah'll be ready." Rogue went into the bathroom.

Remy looked at Wanda. "Watch her. I'm worried bout her."

"I'll watch her like a hawk." Remy smiled. A knock sounded at the door. Remy opened it to see Jake standing there with Logan.

"What do you want?"

"Tell Rogue I'm sorry and that I'm leaving tonight. I'll be gone before she gets back." Remy nodded stiffly and closed the door.

"Rems? Who was that?"

"Someone with a message for you. He's sorry and he'll be gone before you get back tonight."

"Thank gawd." Rogue came out of the bathroom. She had reapplied her mascara and black eyeliner lightly ringed both eyes. She put on some lip-gloss and smiled at him. "Ah'm gonna say goodnight to Etienne." She stepped up to Remy and gave him a deep kiss. "Thank ya, sugah," she whispered.

"Ya welcome, chére," he whispered back and pulled her into another kiss. Once again, someone knocked on the door.

"What is it with people and that damn door tonight?" Rogue pulled the door open to reveal Piotr.

"I have come to get Remy."

"I'm comin, mon ami." Remy grabbed his trench. "See ya later, chére." Remy dropped a quick kiss on her lips. "Piotr, come on. I'm gonna say goodnight to mon fils." Piotr followed Remy across the hall to Jean and Scott's room.

Rogue checked her hair and makeup one last time before looking at Wanda. "Ready?" Wanda nodded and they went to say goodnight to Etienne. Rogue kissed the baby on the forehead. "Ah fed him less than an hour ago, so he should be good. Thanks for watchin him, Jean."

"No problem. Have fun."

"We will." Rogue and Wanda met the other girls in the hallway. "Ya'll ready to go?"

"Yeah." They all went outside and piled into cars to go back to the club the had visited when Rogue and Remy's secret got out. The bouncer smiled at Wanda, Rogue, and Kitty and didn't bother to card them. They had been coming in there for years and he knew that they were over 21. The other girls got carded, leaving them unable to touch a drop of alcohol.

Tabitha led upstairs them to room that she had reserved for Kitty's party. There was a decent sized dance floor, a small bar with a bartender to prevent the younger girls from drinking, and a few very comfortable looking seats.

Kitty looked around with wide eyes. There was a balcony separating them from the younger teens dancing on the floor below. A wall separated their room from the open dance floor beyond. "I was wondering why they let everyone come upstairs. Whose idea was this?"

"Tabby's." Rogue was lounging on a sofa, foot tapping with the beat of the music. The girls all looked at each other and started dancing.

The guys were across town at Bayville's only strip club. Scott had protested Pietro's idea of a 'proper' bachelor party, but had lost once the other boys had their say. Remy could really care less. He wasn't interested in watching the strippers. It was more entertaining to watch the younger boy's reactions.

Lance seemed to have the same attitude. He was leaned back in his chair with a beer, not really paying attention to the girl on stage shaking her boobs. He was too busy watching Roberto, Sam, Ray, Bobby, and Kurt stare wide eyed at the blonde that was grinding the pole. He caught Remy's eye and nodded toward Scott, who, for all the protesting he had done, was watching the girls in fascination. Remy rolled his eyes and took another sip of his beer. Then he looked around for his Russian friend that had seemed to disappear.

The next morning, Remy and Rogue were woken up early by Etienne. Neither of them had drank much, so there was no hang over to deal with. They were just dealing with a lack of sleep since neither party had ended before three that morning.

Everyone spent the day setting up for the wedding that would take place the next day. Kitty's parents flew in from Northbrook on the morning and had been recruited to help keep Kitty and Lance calm. Both had woken up with bad hangovers - Lance's from drinking one too many beers while watching the younger boys make idiots of themselves, Kitty's from drinking one too many cocktails at the club.

The morning of the wedding, Kitty woke up a nervous wreck. Rogue spent most of the morning trying to calm her down. The rehearsal had went off without a hitch, but that did nothing to calm Kitty's nerves.

"Kit, you'll be fine. Ya love Lance."

"I'm just so nervous, Rogue."

"Not to sound unfeeling, Kit, but yah weddin ain't til five. If yah act lahke this all day, Ah may have to kill ya to save my own sanity." Kitty laughed like Rogue thought she would.

"Thanks, Rogue. I needed that."

"Yeah, ya did. Now come one. Yah got a hair appointment in half an hour."

At the Brotherhood, Lance wasn't much better.

"Lance, so help me, if you don't stand still and quit walking in front of me, I will hex your ass to the ceiling."

"Did you say something, Wanda?"

Kitty's hair and makeup appointments seemed to calm her. She had quit fidgeting and even ate something. Rogue left Tabitha with her and went to check on Remy and Etienne.

"How ya doin, sugah?" Remy looked up from where he was lying on the floor with Etienne. Etienne looked toward Rogue and gave her a smile before rolling over onto his stomach and pushing himself up on his arms. Rogue smiled at the baby and sat down next to Remy.

"Hey, chére." Remy smiled at her and pulled her down into a kiss. Their attention was drawn to Etienne he started making baby noises. Remy jumped up when his phone rang.



"Jean Luc?"

"Oui. How y' doin?"


"And Rogue and Etienne?"

"Perfect. Ya need something?"

"Non. Jus' callin t' tell y' that we in New York."


"Henri, Mercy an' me."

"What're ya doin here?"

"I had some business wit' someone t' take care of."

"I don't want no part of it."

"I didn' call t' get y' help. I was wonderin' if it b' a bad time t' meet my grandson."

"We're getting ready for a weddin here today, but I don't guess it's hurt for ya to stop by. Where ya at anyway?"

"We jus' passed a sign that said 'Welcome t' Bayville'."

"So you're in town already."

"Yeah. How we get there?" Remy gave him directions to the Institute.

"See ya soon."

"Was that who Ah think it was?"

"Jean Luc."

"He's in town?"

"Oui. So are Henri and Mercy. They're coming to visit."

The visit went well. Mercy was in awe of the baby that her brother-in-law swore he'd never have. Jean Luc looked the part of a proud grandparent and Henri was watching his nephew proudly while talking to his brother and Rogue.

As soon as they left, Rogue went to see how Kitty was holding up. With less than two hours until the wedding, she was doing better than when she had woken up that morning. Rogue stayed with her for an hour before leaving to put on her dress. Kitty had decided that the pink didn't look right on Rogue and had found a brown dress in a similar style for her matron of honor.

Rogue quickly did her makeup and pulled her hair back into a clip, the mass of auburn curls spilling down her shoulders while the white bangs framed her face. He strapless gown was tight, but not unbearably so. Rogue rushed back to help Kitty get dressed.

Kitty had gotten the dress that she had loved. It took two people to get her into it and get it laced up. She admired herself in the full length mirror. "I can't believe that I'm getting married."

Ororo stuck her head in the door. "Kitty, you look beautiful. I just came to tell you that it's almost time. Lance is already out at the gazebo.

"Thank you." Kitty turned to her friends. "I guess we had better get out there." Kitty's father met them at the door and took his daughter's arm.

"You look gorgeous, Sweetie."

"Thanks, Dad." Kitty stayed out of sight while the wedding march started. The flower girl and ring bearer were the two youngest mutants at the Institute, since Kitty didn't have any young cousins or know anyone with kids. The bridesmaids were in pink dresses identical to Rogue's in every way but color. They looked great with the tuxes the groomsmen wore. Rogue made her way down the aisle and all too soon, the music changed.

Kitty began her walk down the aisle, not hearing the whispers of the friends she had there. All she saw was Lance standing at the end of the aisle. Her father lifted her veil and kissed her cheek. The rabbi she had chosen stepped forward to begin the ceremony.

Kitty couldn't tell anyone what the man said the whole ceremony. She was so focused on Lance that she almost missed the part where she was supposed to repeat her vows. They had chosen the traditional vows, but modified them slightly. She listened as Lance repeated the same words. Pietro handed them the rings.

"I love you," Kitty mouthed as Lance slipped his ring on her finger. Lance mouthed it back when her turn came. Minutes later, they were married.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." Lance wrapped his arm around Kitty's waist, dipping her and pressing his lips to hers in a hard kiss. The crowd cheered and Kitty blushed, pulling Lance in for another kiss. "May I be the first present Mr. and Mrs. Lance Alvers." Lance and Kitty smiled and ran down the aisle with the wedding party close behind.

Rogue was the first to hug Kitty. Her friend looked happier than she had ever seen her. She gave Lance a hug and turned around to find Remy and Etienne behind her. She kissed Etienne on the forehead before crushing her lips against Remy's. "Ah love ya, Rems."

"Love you too, Rogue."

After everyone had gone through the receiving line and the wedding pictures had been taken, they headed out back for the reception. Kitty had hired the best catering company in Bayville and Lance had arranged a live band. The tables in one tent were piled high with food, with the five tier cake taking its place of honor, and there was a large dance floor set up under one of the three large tents. The last tent had an open bar for the legal students and guardians.

The wedding party was allowed to sit wherever they pleased, with an empty spot for Lance and Kitty at a table with Rogue and Remy. Everyone cheered as the bride and groom made their way into the room. Kitty looked around at the family and friends that had gathered under the tent.

"We want to thank you all for coming. Now, eat all you want and have a great time." More cheers rang out at Kitty's statement. Her and Lance got their food and sat down, with Rogue, Remy, and Etienne not far behind them.

When everyone had eaten their fill, Kitty and Lance danced their first dance, then cu the cake. When everyone had been served their piece, Pietro stood up.

"I know as best man it's my job to give a speech. Lance, Kitty, I've know you all for a long time. Maybe too long. But I also know that, while we used to tease Lance for dating the valley girl and Kitty for dating a hood, you two were obviously meant to be." He lifted his champagne glass to the couple. "May you have many happy years ahead of you. May your fights be short and your making up be long. You two deserve the best."

Okay. That's it. It makes me want to cry. My 1st finished story. Oh well, it had a happy ending. I'm going to start working on the sequel soon, I'm trying to get my ideas together first. Anyway, Pietro's speech is just osomething that came to me while I was sitting at my computer. It's short, but to the point. And I dind't put much as far as the wedding went, because I have never been to a Jewish wedding, so I really have no idea what goes on at them. So sorry if that part is screwed up to some extent. And soory to anyone who was wanting a return trip to New Orleans. Maybe that'll come in the sequel. You know the drill by now R&R. Thanks to anyone who reviewed throughout the course of this fic. It helped me to keep going and finish this fic in under a month.