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Note: This story takes place in and altered version after the Future Trunks timeline. The character called Neo is 18 years old.


The city was demolished. Buildings crumbling onto each other with shattered glass and the stench of blood everywhere. On a cliff near the city stood a lone figure. He peered at the ruins through his ice blue eyes; rage building up inside of him. Not again, I can't take much more of this! He ran his fingers through his long, spiky black hair that fell down to his chin. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as his hair spiked and turned gold. His eyes became teal and a golden flame surrounded his figure. With a mighty roar a shot off into the sky…

"Neo where have you been?" The blond women was his mother, her eyes matched his. She stood there with her hands on her hips looking at with an expression mixed with worry and sadness. "I told you to stay near the house."

Neo looked down, "I'm sorry mother…I just couldn't take it. I'm tired of running and hiding. I want to fight."

The cyborg put her hands on her hips. "Neo, you know you're no match for him. Your father and uncle both fought and died against him, and you're all I have left. I can't loose you." She started to cry when she thought of her brother and lover.

Neo hugged her tightly. "Sorry for worrying you. I won't do this again." They decided to have a short spar before going to bed. Neo flew at his mother who stood waiting for him. He was about to land a punch she blocked with the side of her arm. Neo brought his leg up and kicked her back. She rebounded off a rock and head butted Neo in the gut. Neo stepped back and caught his balance. This continued for a few more minutes…

"I think its time for bed now." As she walked inside the cyborg was yanked into the sky by a long tentacle. The being that had her in its grasp had an evil smirk on its face. It had a left arm and a long tentacle. Its head had two bull-like horns on top. Its body could be any color and be stretched or compressed to any length.

"You!" Neo clenched his fist and powered up. "Give! Her! Baaaaack!" His hair turned gold as lightning appeared around him. His eyebrows disappeared and his hair grew to waist length.

"Oh please. You don't actually expect to beat me do you?" The being turned his back on Neo. "I'll make this easy for you."

Neo's rage built up as he clenched his fists and charged at full speed. He launched a barrage of punches and kicks and scored direct hits. When he stopped he was shocked to see that his attacks had done nothing.

"Boy let me show you how it's done." Neo was flung back by a burst of energy. He hit the ground and reverted back to his normal form. "Awe…do you want you mommy?" The being held his mother out in front of him as a taunt.

"Raaaaaaaah!" Neo resumed his powered up state and crossed his hands above his forehead. "Masenko! Ahh!" As the blast approached the being it dropped his mother and blocked the attack with its hand.

"Is that the best you can do?" The being started laughing.

"You're really asking for it!" Neo created an energy ball and sent it into the sky. He stared at it and started to transform. He grew larger, and hairier. His teeth became fangs and his jaws extended. When the transformation was complete his fur changed from black to gold.

This should be fun. The being grinned as Neo charged at him in his ape form. He was clearly not in control of his power. The being dodged and hit Neo in the back with an energy blast, sending him into the ground. "It'll take more than those jungle tactics to beat me." Neo roared as he turned around to launch a blast from his mouth. The being made a hole in his body to allow the blast to pass through and destroy the mountain behind him. After blocking several hits from the ape, the being grew bored. "Time to end this." He dodged Neo's punch and grabbed him by the tail. He threw him and then grabbed him by stretching out his tentacle. He threw Neo into the ground, creating a big crater. He then stretched his tentacle out and drove it through the energy ball to destroy it. "Come find me when you have more control." The being left neo unconscious…

Neo opened his eyes. He immediately thought of his mother and searched frantically for her. He found her lying on the ground in front of their house; she showed no vital signs. "Mom!" He shook her violently. "I'm sorry mom, I promise I'll become stronger and defeat him!" He couldn't control the tears running down his face. He picked her up and walked inside. He put her on her bed and went into his room to think. His thoughts raced about how he would train to control his tail. Then an idea came to mind, Vegeta. He remembered his mother telling him stories about all the Z-fighters. If Vegeta could control his tail he could teach me how to do it too, then I might have a fighting chance. The idea quickly went away when he remembered that Vegeta was dead. Then another idea came to him. He set out for west city…

Neo landed at the now demolished Capsule Corp. building. The ground was nearly level. He saw a hatch and opened it. The hatch led to an underground lab. He found the light switch and saw a large vehicle when the lights came on. There it is, the machine that Bulma built to save Goku from the heart virus. He found the instruction manual nearby and read it quickly. He capsulized the time machine and a large tank of spare fuel and flew home…

Neo packed his things. He wore a green sleeveless shirt and blue pants with a belt and black boots. The clothes were specifically designed for him. They could stretch when he became an ape and had a hole in the back on the pants for his black tail. He then noticed a sword that his mother had given him when he was ten years old. My father's sword, it could be of use to me. After he was ready to leave he said goodbye to his unconscious mother and punched in the coordinates. Neo's surroundings were replaced by the river of time. He blacked out after a few seconds…