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When Neo arrived at Mt. Paozu he saw Bulma, and Chichi waiting outside expectantly. Once he landed, they both rushed up to him and each gave him a hug.

"Thank you Neo," said Bulma. "This is great! I can't believe that the world is finally at peace, and you've saved countless other planets too."

Neo scratched the back of his head and gave them both a son grin, which Chichi seemed to recognize. However, they both noticed that Eighteen was missing. "Where's your mom?" asked Chichi. "I'm sure Gohan won't hurt her after all she's done to train you."

Neo's face contorted with sadness. "Glorft killed her…shortly before I used Bulma's time machine to go back in time and train."

"You used the time machine?" asked Bulma in shock. "I thought we'd stop putting our faith in changing history."

"Yes, but I went back to find Vegeta. I needed his help to control my Oozaru transformation. When I was able to control it, I helped him and the other Z-Fighters of the altered timeline defeat Glorft there. Then I came back with my new strength and beat Glorft here."

"Wow Neo," said Chichi. "Why don't we all go inside so you can tell us about it?"

When they were inside, Neo began telling his story of the Cell Games and how head had arrived and altered history, and how Vegeta had refused to train him. Then he went on to Majin Buu and how he and Gohan had defeated him before reviving everyone with the dragonballs. He could clearly see the look of longing in both of them as they listened to his description of the peaceful reality. He also noted their utter shock when he revealed that his mother was married to Krillin in that timeline. When it was all done, he sat back in the couch, giving the two women time to process the information.

"So Neo," asked Chichi. "I've been wondering this for some time. If Eighteen is your mother…then who is your father?"

Neo knew that this question would come, and he also knew that he didn't need to explain anything to Bulma; she already knew whom his father was. After clearing his throat, he said, "I'm your grandson. My father…is Gohan."

He looked from Bulma, who looked apprehensive about Chichi's reaction, to Chichi herself. His grandmother seemed to be taking her time processing the information. However, he lips quickly curved into a smile as he came forward and hugged Neo. "I have a grandson." She was very happy. "It figures that Gohan would be the one to change your mother Neo…I'm not mad. I'm proud of you and proud that you're my grandchild."

"Thank you," replied Neo as he returned the hug.

In the otherworld, Gohan was getting ready to return to Earth for a day. He was happy about being able to see his mother and Bulma again, and was also very excited to meet Neo, the mysterious super saiyan that had beaten Glorft. He was currently putting on a fresh set of clothes after an intense training session with his father.

"Hey Gohan," said Trunks as sat down next to his mentor. "You're so lucky. I wish I could go down with you. I really want to see mom again."

"Don't worry," replied Gohan as he ruffled the boy's hair. "You'll get your turn some time."

"Yeah…I just hope I get to see her before she comes up here to see me."

Gohan chuckled. "Yeah, but I'll tell her you said hi."

"Thanks Gohan…so do you have any idea where Neo came from? I don't see who his father could be, and he's not a pure blooded saiyan."

"I don't know," replied Gohan as he shrugged. "Though its strange…he looks a lot like the androids…sort of. Anyway…I'm also curious about how Android Eighteen got into heaven. I really want to know what's been going on down there."

"Well…be sure to fill me in when you get back, okay. I want to know all the details."

Gohan shrugged. "Fine." He then saw Fortuneteller Baba floating near. "Hey is it time to go yet?" She nodded. "Alright then. Bye Trunks." Gohan disappeared from the otherworld as his body was transported to Mt. Paozu.

Neo's eyes widened as he sensed his father materialize outside. He ran outside, followed by a surprised Chichi and Bulma. When he got there he saw his father's body materialize, with fortuneteller hovering a few feet above him.

"You have one day Gohan," said Baba. "Remember that." Then she disappeared.

Gohan smiled and turned around to the group of three. "Hey guys. It's nice to see all of you; especially you, mom."

"G-Gohan!" Chichi ran over to her son and gave him a big hug. Bulma was soon to follow. Once the hug ended, they all turned to look a Neo.

"Hi, you must be Neo," said Gohan. "I've heard about you in the otherworld. You did a good job defeating Glorft and saving the world. Thank you." Walking forward, Gohan extended his hand, which Neo gladly shook.

"So how about we go inside and have some tea," said Chichi. "We have a lot to talk about."

So they all went inside and started talking about various things. None of them were particularly significant, but were about how everyone was as well as any small event that happened in their lives. Off course, Neo told them the story of how he went to the past before coming back with the ultimate transformation and defeating Glorft, though he omitted any reference to his parents, because he wanted to answer that separately.

With all the small talk out of the way, the group went to visit Kame House. There, Master Roshi greeted them along with Oolong, Puar, and Turtle. They proceeded to talk there and shared a good laugh as Neo showed Gohan what had become of his old sword. It continued like this until it was time to go. With evening approaching, Neo knew that he would need to reveal himself to his father soon, before it was too late. He didn't want to break the news in front of Master Roshi and also didn't want to kill most of his father's day here with that fact, so he was saving it until near dinner time.

As Bulma, Chichi, Neo, and Gohan arrived back at Mt. Paozu Neo got their attention with a throat clearing, before turning to Gohan with a serious expression. "I think it's time I tell you who I really am."

Gohan blinked, before turning to Bulma and Chichi who didn't look concerned, but were smiling expectantly. Turning back to Neo, he shrugged, and said "ok. Go ahead. I've been wondering who you are anyway."

"I'm Eighteen's son," He saw his father become apprehensive as he waited for the second piece of news. "You're my father."

Gohan gasped as he began to take a closer look at Neo's facial features. Once he tuned out the eyes and the hair, which obviously came from the mother's side, he could clearly see his own facial feature staring back at him. In fact, he wondered why he hadn't thought of that sooner. There was only one possibility who his father could be since Trunks was too young to father a child.

His thoughts began racing as he turned away from Neo and the other two. So…Eighteen and I…how's that possible? I would never…No! But…he's here, and he saved the world…is that why Eighteen got into heaven, for raising him? Is should've known…mom and Bulma don't look too surprised…he must've told them.

Neo started walking towards him with a worried expression. "Father?"

"…" Gohan felt trapped and needed time to think. This was all too much for him. He took off and went far away, hoping that he wouldn't be followed.

Neo looked at the ground, and forced back his tears. I should've known he'd be like this. He's still angry with mom for what she did. I can't blame him, but I… Then he felt a hand on his shoulder, it was his grandmother.

"Don't worry Neo," said Chichi with a concerned smile. "Your father's just shocked. He's not angry with you. He just has a lot on his mind. You just need to give him time to cool off. You'll see; I'm sure he's actually proud to have a son like you."

"Are you sure…I mean after what mom and uncle did to this world…"

"It's all in the past now Neo. I'm sure your mom's gone to heaven, and he's going to have to accept that. Who knows, maybe they'll even end up together by the time you make your way up there."

Neo smiled and nodded. "Thank you grandmother."

"So how about we go inside and wait awhile. If he's not back in an hour, you can go look for him."

An hour passed, and Gohan didn't return, so Neo set out to find him. He felt his ki signature at the remains of Capsule Corp. and found him there, standing amongst the rubble and watching the sunset.

"Hey father," said Neo solemnly.

"Hello," replied Gohan in his usual, gruff tone.

"Father…do you think I'm a freak?" Neo cringed as he awaited his answer, but was shocked when his felt his father, pull him into a hug.

"Off course you're not a freak," replied Gohan as tears streamed down his cheek. "I was just shocked. I-I'm really proud to have you as a son. And I'll have to thank your mother for bringing you into this world."

"Are you still angry at her?"

"I am…and I'm not going to pretend that I don't still look at her as the one who destroyed my future…but I can now forgive and forget. I know that she's different now. It'll take time, but I'm sure I can make peace with her…I mean…we do have you in common."

After a few more minutes of silence, father and son returned to Mt. Paozu where both enjoyed the rest of the day. Several hours after dinner, it was time for Gohan to leave, and once he returned to heaven, he immediately went looking for Eighteen, and found her reclining over a hill.

"Hey," said Gohan as he approached her. "Mind if I sit here?"

"Why not," replied Eighteen. Apparently, she was still cold to him. When she had first come here, he had yelled at her about how she didn't deserve to be here.

"I know about Neo," said Gohan as he lay down next to her. "I'm proud of him."

She smiled. "I should take that as a compliment since I did raise him. So did you enjoy your day back on Earth?"


"I see…so how's…our son?"

"He beat Glorft, but I'm sure you know that already. He seems fine. I just hope the world gets back to normal soon so he can enjoy a normal life."

"I'm sorry," said Eighteen. "Sorry about raping you."

"Hardly even noticed," replied Gohan with a chuckle. "Besides, I should be thanking you for doing that."

She turned to him with a frown. "Why would you do that?"

"Because doing so brought Neo into the world, and ultimately saved it from Glorft. And also…it made you good, so you're in heaven now."

"So why do you care about that?"

"Well…it just means that there's one less soul in hell, and now that you're good, I can have another friend."

She raised a eyebrow at him and his unusually friendly smile. "You want to be friends…with me?"

"Sure, why not. I mean, if we have a son, we might as well try to at least get along."

She laughed. "You're right. I'm sure Neo wouldn't want to worry about his parents killing each other in otherworld."

They shared a laugh before going silent. Soon after that, Gohan got up and went to tell the others about his visit to Earth. He was proud of his son, and glad that he could at least get to know the mother of his child. The Earth was now under Neo's care and now safer than it had been before. It wasn't long before the hidden world government came to the surface and reestablished order on Earth. The cities were rebuilt and within a few years and Earth looked as good as it used to, albeit with a severely trimmed human population.

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