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It had all hit him like a ton of bricks, she was really gone…for good. It had taken him so long to finally notice that she wasn't coming back, and now that her casket was being buried, all he wanted to do was go down into the grave with her. He just stared at the black casket as everyone grieved for the loss, his eyes filling with gradual tears that he couldn't hold back anymore.

The day the doctor first announced that she was dying was still fresh in his mind. Every detail was still drilled into his brain, a little too much detail for an event that happened a few days ago. He tried so hard not to remember the scene, but it kept playing in his head.

"Mimi's in critical condition, Taichi," the doctor explained with a frown and gloomy eyes. Taichi slowly looked up from his hands and stared at the doctor with red, puffy eyes. He hadn't said a word since he entered her office. She sighed.

"Mimi doesn't have that much time left, we can't do anything about the internal bleeding," she paused again and looked at Tai. He still hadn't said a word, his face had no expression. The doctor, worried about him, placed a hand on his shoulder.

"She knew this would happen when we told her, weeks ago, that there might be major complications when she gives birth, remember? When Mimi was giving birth today, she had a choice… and she chose the baby's life over her own."

Taichi turned to look at her straight in the eyes, completely shocked. He started shaking his head, not able to take in the information. The doctor tried to console him, but he just wouldn't let her.

"She knew that this baby was important to you, as well."

Taichi's mother, Yuuko Yagami, slowly walked into Mimi's room finding her holding her new born daughter in her arms. The hospital bed was propped up since Mimi couldn't keep herself upright, too weak and frail from the birth and what was happening to her body at the moment. Yuuko couldn't stand the thought of losing her daughter.

Not daughter-in-law, but daughter. How Mimi treated her and acted around her made Yuuko feel as if she had a second daughter, next to Kari. Seeing Mimi handle and softly talk to her new grand-daughter made tears spill from Yuuko's eyes. Mimi turned her head and weakly smiled. Her eyes were tired and bloodshot. She motioned for her to sit in the empty chair near her bed.

"She's beautiful, isn't she? She looks exactly like her father," Mimi spoke with a slight smile on her face as she kissed her beloved new-born on her small forehead. Yuuko's face twisted and she started to cry, trying not to make too much noise. Mimi also had tears fill her eyes as she tried to calm her mother.

"Mimi, darling, I know you can fight this. You have to live for Taichi and the baby. Taichi needs you so much, and I don't want to lose you, either," Mrs. Kamiya looked into Mimi's eyes as a few more tears fell from her own sore eyes. Mimi weakly smiled and took a deep breath, changing the subject because there was nothing more she could do.

"I don't want my child do be in the dark. I know, when's she's old enough, she'll want to know who her mom was, and what happened to her," Mimi paused and reached to the table next to her bed and picked up an envelope with her free hand. She handed the envelope to Yuuko who took it, but was completely confused when she examined it.

"I've written this letter to tell her everything that I want her to know…everything. On her eighth birthday, give it to her as a present from me," Mimi instructed with salty tears flowing down her face. Mimi looked down at her daughter again and kissed her everywhere on her tiny face as she sobbed. She held her daughter a while longer, letting a few tears fall from her attractive visage, and handed Mrs. Kamiya her beautiful daughter.

Yuuko shakily took the baby girl, and got up to hug Mimi. Mimi wept into her shoulder, and Yuuko promised to give her granddaughter the letter on her eighth birthday, and to take care of her. Now even Mrs. Kamiya was losing hope, but mentally hit herself for doing so.

Taichi looked up and saw his mother leave Mimi's room with his daughter in her hands. He stared at her with red, but hopeful, eyes. She walked over to him, and knelt down in front of him, his baby still in her arms.

Taichi shut his eyes, knowing that if Mimi gave his mother their child that it was probably bad news and what the doctor had said might be true. He felt a warm hand touch his cheek and he opened his eyes to find his mother's worried eyes staring at him. Taichi felt tears well up in his eyes again and he fought the urge to let them drop.

"Go, Taichi. She needs you right now, and she wants to speak with you," Taichi looked at his feet then back at his mother. He took a deep breath and got up from his seat Yuuko following his actions.

Before Taichi went into to the room, he looked at his daughter and touched her little fingers. She slowly moved her tiny fingers so that she was grabbing onto his. This made even more tears soak Taichi's eyes as he took his hand away from his daughter, and slowly made his way towards Mimi's room.

When Taichi entered the room, he found Mimi sleeping, her face twisted in pain. He knew she was still alive thanks to the machines in the room that gave a reassuring 'beep' to indicate a steady heart-rate. Taichi made his way to her bed and sat on the edge, near her waist. He stared at his suffering wife, and the tears that had been threatening to fall finally did. A tear fell onto Mimi's hand and she opened her eyes.

Mimi's hazel eyes met Taichi's worried, tired, puffy chocolate eyes and she gazed at him with concern. Taichi stared back for a while, also, until he turned away and started at his feet.

"You're terrible, you know that? Scaring me like this…it's terrible," Taichi said as he watched his feet and breathed in heavily, trying not to break down and cry. Mimi slightly smiled and slowly brought herself upright, ignoring the pain shooting up her body, so she was at Taichi's level.

"Taichi…" Mimi said in her sweet voice while shaking his shoulder, trying to get his attention. Taichi still looked at his feet, breathing even harder, letting tears fall from his face at a faster pace. Mimi just continued on with what she was going to say.

"Do you want to be my friend?" Mimi whispered while placed a finger under his chin and made him look at her. All the memories of when they first met flowed through his head with that one single question. Taichi attempted to smile but failed as he shook his head, no, to answer her question. Mimi laughed and than that laugh turned into choked sobs.

"Well then, will you stop crying?" Mimi asked as she wiped his tears away. Taichi shook his head to signal 'no' again. Taichi couldn't talk, his mind wouldn't let him. Mimi smiled once again, trying to lighten the mood, but was obviously failing. She loved how Tai was so stubborn and how he wouldn't allow reality to be true. It made her feel even worse to leave him so helpless, so lost in his mind, not knowing what was going on around him. He didn't want to face the facts, but she knew that he had to.

"Fine, but you look awfully bad when you cry," Mimi said as she ran her fingers through his hair. He finally smiled a little but still wept while doing so. Taichi couldn't lose her, he wouldn't lose her.

"Taichi, will you promise me something?" Mimi questioned. Taichi shook his head and turned away again. Mimi started to cry as she placed her hand on his cheek and rotated his face so he was facing her once again.

"Please? Promise me that you'll name our daughter Sora." Taichi looked at her with surprise as Mimi placed a kiss on his lips, tasting his salty tears.

"I promise," Taichi murmured as he kissed her back and breaking away to embrace her. Mimi hugged him back as he cried on her. She hugged him tighter and cried into his chest, both supporting one another before it was too late.

"I'm so sorry, Tai. I'm so, so sorry," Mimi sobbed as she pulled him back so that they both were lying on her bed. Taichi couldn't lose her, but Mimi was giving up, she was letting go, her grip becoming looser and looser. Taichi held on to her even more tightly, he wasn't going to lose her, he couldn't.

"Mimi! Don't go! P-please don't leave me, I love you. I need you," Taichi screamed as he held her on the bed as the machines in her room started to beep loudly. Taichi cried even harder as her body weakened.

"I-I love you t-too…" Mimi whispered as her grip fell from around his waist. The machines were blaring and Taichi lifted himself off of Mimi's body, shaking her softly, trying to wake her up, but her eyes slowly closed and he froze.

The doctors came rushing into the room, and pulled Taichi off the bed. He struggled and fought as they took him off of Mimi. Taichi stayed in the room, completely frozen he watched the doctors try to save her, but after a few moments, the loud beeping from the machines stopped, and the room fell silent.

Over the years, Taichi became a great father, and had a loving daughter. Sadness still filled his eyes, and his daughter knew that he missed Mimi so much. As young Sora grew, she received letters from her grandfather, on her mother's side, which her mother had given him to give to Sora when she was old enough. The letters explained what her mother looked like, gave pictures of her dad and her when they were young, and some of her mother's favorite things to do. Sora loved reading the letters over and over again.

Taichi found out about the letter that Mimi gave his mother and tried to look it, but his mother had hidden it so well that he never found it. After a while, he gave up, knowing that it must only be for his daughter's eyes if Mimi didn't want anyone to read it but her. Taichi had also become somewhat normal again, but Yuuko knew that he was still grieving the loss.

The day that Mimi died still haunts Taichi, no matter how much he tries to forget it. He knows in his heart, though, that he will never forget it, and that it will always come back and scare him when he least expects it. The words that still gave him nightmares were five words that started their relationship many years ago…

"Will you be my friend?"

What was even more upsetting to him was the fact that Mimi wanted to name their daughter Sora…Sora.