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"Damn it! I'm late!" Twenty year old Taichi Yagami quickly got dressed into his tight red sports shirt, and black slacks. Cursing a little more before leaving his dorm room, which he shares with his friends Koushiro Izumi and a few others, he ran out the door and jogged down the stairs with his back pack strapped on his right shoulder.

Once Taichi made it outside, he checked his watch to find that it was 8:02am. With another curse, Taichi ran down towards the soccer field as fast as his legs would take him.

A group of girls that were sitting on the cool grass, called to get his attention, and being the sucker that he is, Taichi quickly stopped and jogged toward the girls.

"Hey Taichi!" the blonde one squealed. He gave his signature grin and greeted her back. All the girls continued to flirt with him, and Taichi totally forgot about the soccer field.

"So, Taichi, are you going to be at the basketball game today?" the blonde one asked.

"I don't think so, I'm more of a soccer man," he answered while running his fingers through his big, messy hair. The blond girl got up and moved closer to him, while the other girls gave the blond girl strange looks.

"You know, I'm going to be there. I'm a cheerleader so it's mandatory," she said with a deep voice as she ran her hands down his chest. Taichi wrapped his hands around her waist and brought her closer, and right when he was going to say something, he remembered about getting to the soccer field. The blond girl had other intentions and leaned forward to kiss him, but Taichi brought his hand up to look at his watch and accidentally hit her in the head. The girl screamed while her friends started to giggle.

"Sorry, I got to go!" he exclaimed as he ran towards the soccer field again. The blonde girl frowned and went back to sit with her friends.

Taichi continued to curse the whole way to the soccer field and stopped when he saw his auburn-haired friend kicking a soccer ball around. She was wearing a tight, white tee-shirt with red stripes going down the sides, and red sweat pants. Her hair was down to her shoulders while her side bangs slightly covered her right eye. He took in a deep breath, and instead of running, he walked nonchalantly towards the girl, trying to look cool.

When the girl noticed that there was someone behind her, she turned around and saw the bushy-haired boy walking towards her. She smirked and held the ball with her right hand as the boy dropped his backpack on the floor.

"You're late," the twenty year old girl said with bored expression. It was obviously nothing new.

"Taichi Yagami is never late, you're just too early," he said smugly, as he walked straight up to her- only a foot away. The girl smirked, again and walked a little closer.

"Yeah right, you're late because you're scared that you'll lose to me…again." She stated with a slight smile. Taichi circled around her and she followed him while staying where she was.

"I won't lose today," Taichi said while putting his arms behind his head and sticking out his chest. Sora smirked yet again.

"You say that everyday," Taichi twisted his face and snatched the ball out of her hand. Sora just raised her eyebrow.

"We'll see," Taichi said as he spun the soccer ball around on his finger. Sora walked closer and kicked him in the shin. Taichi glared.

"We will see," she said while taking the ball away from him and walking to the center of the soccer field with Taichi following close behind, still walking nonchalantly. When they got to the center of the field, they faced each other, and Sora dropped the ball in between them.

As soon as the ball hit the ground, Sora snagged the ball with her feet and ran to kick it into Taichi's goal and score her point. Taichi tried to snatch the ball away, but Sora was quicker than he was. He stuck his foot out to get the ball, but Sora dodged him and Taichi tripped and fell onto the grass. He screamed into the ground, and grunted as he watched Sora score a goal.

"Yes!" Sora exclaimed, while mocking Taichi and boasting about her goal. Taichi got annoyed and scowled.

"Shut up!" He was starting to get angry, but Sora just laughed in his face. This time, Tai started out with the ball, and began by showing off.

"Yeah, see the ball? Yeah, come and get it," Tai beamed as he slid the ball past Sora. Sora rolled her eyes and mocked him while making a face. She ran up to him quickly before he could score a goal, and stole the ball from him. Tai, still thinking he had the ball because he was showing off, ran towards Sora's goal until he heard Sora whistling at him to get his attention. He looked at his feet and didn't see the soccer ball.

"Oh man!" He looked towards Sora who had her left foot on the ball and was bobbing her eyebrows while smirking. He ran towards her, but she was already quite ahead of him, and she scored another goal.

"Hah! That's two points for me, and no points for you," She bragged as she ran up to him and ruffled his hair. Taichi got irritated with that. Messing with his hair was the last straw. Sora started with the ball and Taichi still tried to steal it from her. When she slipped away from him again, Taichi got annoyed and ran up to her.

Sora was about to score another goal, when she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist. She blushed, stopped, and suddenly fell to the ground. He had pushed her. Sora got angry and got up to see Taichi kicking the ball towards the goal and scoring a point. Tai was grinning like an idiot and wiped the sweat from his face. He stumbled a little when he saw Sora next to him, glowering.

"You cheater, I know you can't play soccer, but the least you can do is not cheat!" Sora screamed at him. Taichi just made a face and moved closer to her.

"Hey, don't call me a cheater," Taichi yelled back.

"That's what you are a cheater, cheater, cheater," Sora said while flicking his face from one side to the other. Tai made another face, grabbed her arm, and twisted it around to her back, playfully. Sora teasingly screamed, but was still enraged with anger. Taichi let go of her so he could cover his ears.

"Would you stop screaming that? I thought you told me that you hated girls that screamed like that," Tai yelled over her shrieks. Sora stopped, scowled and turned around to face him; her face proved that she was annoyed.

"Well at least I'm better than all the girls you go chasing after, you perverted player!"

"Hey, I resent that! I don't go chasing after girls, they come chasing after me!" Taichi said while sticking up for himself. Sora rolled her eyes and than started to bat her eyelashes while smiling at him.

"Oh, Taichi's so cute, he's so sweet!" Sora mocked with a squeaky voice.

"Yeah, right? It's all true!" Taichi boasted. Sora snorted and turned her back on him.

"Well I admit you are more handsome than I am. Your mustache is way bigger than mine," Taichi stated with a slight snicker. Sora turned to face him again while glaring.

"Was that a joke?" Sora growled. Tai smirked and moved his face closer to hers.

"What if it was?" he asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"I don't like jokes, Yagami," Sora said angrily moving her head closer.

"Well I don't like you," Taichi said, getting ticked off with her attitude.



With that, they both turned and walked in opposite directions. Suddenly, they both stopped, turned around, and ran back to each other angrily.

"Shut up!" they yelled at each other for no reason, but just to get their anger out. Then they both huffed and turned in opposite directions again.

Sora went to the bleachers near the field and picked up her duffel bag. She threw it angrily on the floor, un-zipped the bag with speed, grabbed her water bottle, chugged down half of it, threw it back into the bag, zipped it in the opposite direction to close it, and picked it up with frustration.

"Jerk," she muttered to herself while stomping away towards the part of the campus where she could find someone to vent on. She walked into a building, and stomped down the halls, obviously steamed. Tokyo University was big, but Sora knew her way around, after being in the school for a year now. She walked into the technology wing and opened one of the doors to find a red-headed boy sitting in front of one of the computers, typing away. When he heard someone open the door, he looked up to see Sora and smiled at her.

"Hi Sora, what brings you here?" Nineteen-year-old Koushiro asked with a smile on his face.

"Ugh, that dope-head Taichi, that's what," Sora said as she threw her bag on the floor and sat next to Koushiro on one of the chairs.

"He's not here. I think the last time I saw him was when I was leaving our dorm room," Koushiro stated. Sora glowered at the table and then turned to face him. Koushiro could see that she was aggravated and knew that they had gotten into another fight.

"He's such a jerk! First he cheats, and then he has the nerve to call me a man! He's sore loser!" Sora screamed while banging her fists onto the computer table. Koushiro laughed nervously and tried to calm her down.

"Sora, you two always get into these kinds of arguments so it's nothing you guys can't fix," he stated. Sora stubbornly turned her head to the other side and crossed her hands at her chest. Koushiro sighed and turned to look at her again.

"He's your best friend, and no matter how many times you guys fight, you always seem to work it out so it'll be alright," he said while trying to nudge her to go talk to Taichi. Sora looked at him and pouted her lip a little.

"Yeah I guess you're right…even if he is a jerk, he's my jerk," Sora stated with a sigh. She got up and thanked Koushiro, "But I'm not apologizing first."

When Sora left the room, Koushiro just sighed and turned his attention back to the computer. Sora was almost exactly like Taichi: stubborn. Koushiro knew that even though both of them say they won't apologize till the other does, they both end up apologizing at the same time. Always at the same time, and this fight won't be any different.

All of Taichi's lessons went by fast for him. Maybe it was because he was still angry, or maybe it was because he slept in almost every one of his lessons. College classes were nothing more than a bore to him, and that's why he needed so much tutoring, but all the tutoring came from Sora.

Taichi got even more pissed off when he noticed that he needed Sora more than he thought. Come to think of it, she was just in his last class, but she hadn't said a thing to him. She wasn't even sitting next to him like she always does. How could he not notice? Well, maybe it was because he was too tired. Taichi groaned and continually banged his head onto one of the nearby lockers.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit!" Tai yelled with every bang. This was the only way he could think of punishing himself.

"If you're planning on getting stupider than you already are, then I suggest keep doing that," a voice said from behind Taichi. He froze and turned to face Sora who was leaning against the other locker, smirking. Taichi glared at her and was about to say something until he stopped himself. Sora was surprised when he didn't say anything and so she didn't say anything either. Both just stood there, looking at their shoes, until they both blurted out a loud 'sorry!' at the same time. They both stared at each other and suddenly started to laugh.

When both of them calmed down, Sora walked up to Taichi with a big grin on her face and punched him on the shoulder.

"You're an idiot, Tai, a real idiot," Sora said with the big grin still plastered onto her face. Taichi chuckled and put his hands behind his head.

"Yeah, well, the ladies seem to like it so I'm alright," Taichi said with his lop-sided grin. Both of them gave each other a sloppy hug with Sora laughing and hanging from his side a little, and Taichi holding her up so she wouldn't fall. They pulled apart and Sora stretched her arms, her palms facing up, waiting to do their handshake. Taichi smiled and clapped his hands on hers, then both of them switched places and clapped again, and ending with a flick on the other's nose.

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