Chapter one

Men don't know what's good for them

Kagome stormed out of the classroom with her three best friends Yuka, Eri and Ayumi trailing after her.

"Kagome Wait, He didn't mean to be rude!" Eri shouted after her fiend as she stormed off replaying her most currant conversation with Hojo in her mind.


"Kagome can I speak with you please" Hojo asked coming towards her desk.

"sure Hojo What can I help you with?" she asked looking up from her backpack.

"err well I just wanted to say that I no longer want to go out with you because of all your illnesses and your grandfather said that you due to a operation you now have none of your sexual organs and I don't wish to go out with someone how can't pleasure me when I need it, I mean a guy has needs" he said

Kagome's arms snapped to her side and her fits curved into balls.

"HOW DARE YOU!" she bellowed " NEVER INALL MY LIFE HAVE I HERD SOMONE SO SELF CENTERED AND PERVERTED!" she screamed taking one step closer to Hojo with every new word causing Hojo to back away. "YOU HENTAI !" She shouted raising her right hand and brining it down till it made contact with his left cheek filling the room with a loud smack. She turned round and walked out of the classroom grabing her bag on the way out. Her friends flowing after her.


kagome stomped up the steps of the shrine steeps and into her house grabbing her large yellow rucksack and went to the well.

" at least in feudal Japan men now how to respect you, well most do anyway" she thought as she dove into the well surrounding her self in the now similar blue light.

Climbing out the other side of the well she fell head onto the grond and landed on something soft and warm.

" hey if I new you wanted to get that close to me I would have came to your house so we could get some privacy" inuyasha smirked looking at the girl that was now lying on top of him. Be brought his hand up and placed it on kagome's well-rounded backside making sure that his hand was under her skirt.

Kagome's eye's went wide when she felt inuyasha's hand on her rear the her eye began glowing fire and for the second time that day her hand made contact with a male left cheek.

"HENTAI!!!" she bellowed standing up and storming away in the direction that led out of inuyasha's forest.

Walking through the forest helped calm kagome down she just love to be close to nature it was one of her favourite places.

A gust of ind made her lose her balance making her fall head first into a mudding pudding in which she had been in the process of avoiding.

"KAGOME!" shouted a familiar voice as her face made contact with the brown slimy mud.

"GRRR not the other one if he makes one perverted comment or says I'm his woman the I'll purify his ass so hard he won't no what's hit him" pushing her self of the groundshe turned to face the possessive wolf also known as koga.

"You ok?" he asked with a genuine look of concern on his face.

"I'm fine koga thank you" she sighed now she was going to have to go back and get her back because her cloths were filthy witch meant facing inuyasha.

"Good, I wouldn't want my woman to get hurt now would I" koga said

A fierce growl came from kagome before her hand yet again left a red mark on a males face. She spun round and made her way back to the well to change and collect the rest for her stuff.

Upon walking into the clearing she saw shippo sitting on the lip of the well peering into the well. Apparently inuyasha had told her friends that she had not retuned yet and as her bag was still at the bottom of the well they were none the wise. Oh she was going to sit him all they way to hell so he could be with his parishes kikyo the next time she seen him witch wouldn't be too soon because seeing the look on shippo's face she made the decision to look for the shards on her own with shippo if he wanted to come with her.

"hey shippo why the long face "she said coming out of the shadow's shippo turned round and ran to kagome leaping into her arms not caring that she was cover head to toe in mud.

"kagome! I missed you, inuyasha said that you were never coming back, is that true? " he asked his eyes full of sadness and worry.

"no baby that's not true I'll always come back for my little man" she said tickling his stomach. Over the last year shippo had started to view kagome as his mother and kagome thought of him as her son. She anly wished the well would let him through because it pained her when he was left with the other's and now that she and him were going to be on there own it would make her even more worried to go back to her own time.

Then a thought hit her if she was no longer travailing with inuyasha it would mean the shippo would no longer be safe in this time when she was away so the well might just let him trough.

"shippo I'd like to try something if that's ok with you" she said turning to the small kit.

"ok want would you like to try?" he asked

"I want to see if the well will let you come with me " she stated

"you think it will work!" he said getting excited

"yes I do" she smiled holding her arms out for the kit to come to her.

Them the both jumped into the well the blue glow surrounding them both till they landed with a bump at the bottom of the well.

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