Chapter 14

Out With The Old And In With The New

Kagome and Kitsune stood on either side of Sesshomaru, facing three very stern looking tiger demons.

"Why would we believe, that these girl's are the lost children of lord Kaemon and lady Megumi?" the oldest asked.

"Because noble Matsu, they bear the marks of the east " Sesshomaru explained flexing his hands in frustration at the three demons before him, they seemed to think that they were better than him, and he didn't take kindly to it.

"Yes well those marks could be fake for all we know sesshomaru" the one to the left said.

" I can assure you that those marks are true noble Shino sesshomaru replied. Kitsune looked from one noble to and other and back again before stepping up to the noble that was named Matsu.

"Noble Matsu, you were lord Kaemon's, mentor in his pagan training, were you not?" she asked.

"yes I was, what of it?" he replied narrowing his eyes at the girl in front of him.

"so you passed your pentagram to him?" she pressed on

"yes I did, what is the…" kitsune cut across him

"you would recognise it if you saw it ?"

"of course but that's not… " Kitsune cut across him once more by pulling a pendent out of her kimono.

"Is this that pentagram?" she questioned

"Yes it… Kitsune?" He asked staring at the girl in front of him with awe. She nodded smiling at the man that she had treated like a grandfather when she was just a cub.

"kitsune" Matsu said hugging her. " We thought you had both died, how did you ever survive, you were just cubs?"

"mother told me to seek out her mentor so I did" she said with a shrug.

Matsu looked towards kagome and held his arms out to her. Kagome looked apprehensive but with a little pushed from sesshomaru she made her way to the old demon.

It had been six months since the meeting with the nobles, and kitsune had moved back to the east so that she could take her title as lady of the east, she had mated with the grandson of Matsu who was called Toshi because he promised her that he would care for her pup like it was his own and not think any less of her, so when little Asa was born kitsune couldn't have been happier. Kagome had also gotten used to her demonic abilities and was able to use them in sync with her miko powers just as kitsune could with her pagan powers, kagome's memories had also came back to her and she could remember what her parents looked like and things like that.

Kitsune and kagome were taking a slow walk round the gardens of the eastern castle mostly because kagome was quite big by this time and was ready to give birth at any moment. They were watching little Asa crawl about when they herd the commotion.

Kitsune stopped her eyes, darting the garden before she ran to her cub and scooped him up, grabbing kagome had at the same time.

"Come on we have to get inside, he's coming and it's not safe" kitsune said pulling her hand. Kagome had sensed the danger at the same time as kitsune so she did not need to be told twice that it was unsafe. They had almost made it to the west door when a horrible stench filled their noses. Little Asa began to whimper in fright and clung to his mother.

"Naraku" both the women growled as a dark figure emerged from the doorway.

"hello ladies" he sneered coming into full view. Kitsune hugged her son closer to her.

naraku chuckled at her pathetic attempt to protect the child, before turning his attention to kagome.

" my, my look at you all demon but still no courage" he laughed.

"shut up you miserable half-breed" she spat taking a step for word, kitsune tried to stop her but she shrugged it off.

"this is something I have to do sissy, so go" she said without taking her eyes of the monster in front of her. Kitsune looked at her before turning and going into the maze that was just off to the right. Naraku made no move to stop them, he had no intention of harming his child. Kitsune made a few random turns and hid Asa in a large stone vase, placing a barrier round it she made her way back to her sister.

"Kagome and naraku circled each other, kagome hand engulfed in pink flames, Naraku's in purple smoke.

Kagome lunged to wards him aiming straight for where his heart would be. As soon as her hands touched the cloth it burn as quickly as if it had never been there at all, letting her purifying hands touch his skin that bit quicker, and the instant the flesh touched it began to smoulder burning a hole in naraku's chest when kagome could place her fist trough it she pulled, out a beating heart.

Naraku's eyes widen as he saw the heart he thought he'd gotten rid of being pulled from his body. Kagome smirked and squeezed as hard as she could purify the heart right to the core.

There was a blinding pink light when kitsune exited the maze she had to cover her eyes so not to blinded and when it dimmed she saw kagome standing there holding a full shikon no tama. She ran to her and hugged her.

"Kagome you did it!" kitsune squealed

" yea I… uh oh " kagome said as she felt something wet run down her leg.

"uh oh, what do you mean uh oh ?" kitsune asked starting to panic one more.

"I think my…Argh!" kagome said as pain started to sore through her.

"Kitsune looked to the ground where the evidence of liquid was there.

"Oh dear the babies coming!" Kitsune exclaimed just as Sesshomaru, Toshi and three female maids came striding up to them.

"Is everything ok?" Toshi asked.

"Yes naraku's dead," she said before turning to the maids. "Take her to the birthing room," she told them placing kagome in their care. Kitsune turned to Sesshomaru and Toshi." You to go into the maze and retrieve Asa" she said and began to walk away, Sesshomaru to preoccupied with the fact that his mate was in labour just nodded dumbly, Toshi on the other hand looked at her if she had gone mad.

"In the maze we'll never find him" he exclaimed.

"Are you a demon or not! Use your nose!" she snapped "on and when you have him wait out side the birthing room, DO NOT COME IN! " she yelled and hurried after kagome and the maids.

Sesshomaru was pacing in front of a large oak door that had a carving of a vixen and three cubs on it. He would wince every time he heard kagome cry out.

"What is taking so long!" sesshomaru growled out trough clenched teeth, at the fox demon who was waiting with him, scaring the cub that was in his arms.

"Calm down she's fine, she has four trained Pagan's in there not to mention her sister she's in safe hands ,kitsune would kill anyone who let harm came to kagome" Toshi said.

"What would you know you've never been trough his!" sesshomaru snapped in frustration.

"Right like I didn't have to wait while kitsune was birthing Asa" Toshi said rolling his eyes.

Sesshomaru stopped pacing and blinked at the small boy in Toshi's arms

"Sorry" he mumbled and resumed his pacing. Toshi just shock his head.

12 and half hours later Sesshomaru's head jerked up at the sound of a door opening and kitsune stepped out with a huge grin on her face.

"There are some people who want to say hello" she said stepping to the side to allow Sesshomaru to pass.

Sesshomaru entered the room to the sight of kagome holding to not one but two pups in her arms, he strode over and sat besides her kissing her forehead in the process.

"How do you feel?" he asked

"Tired and sore but other than that extremely happy" she replied smiling at her mate.

"me to, love, me to" he said placing an hand on one of the pups head.

"Would you like to hold one?" she asked

"he nodded so she handed him a child. "That's your daughter" kagome said with a small smile. She had white hair with auburn ears that were tipped with black, flaming orange eyes and the mark on her forehead was a ball of fire with a blue crescent moon in the middle.

" what should we call her ?" Sesshomaru asked

" I was thinking Sesshome, what do you think?" she questioned.

"I like it, hello Sesshome" he said looking down at the sleeping girl in his arms.

"What should we called our son" kagome asked breaking trough his thoughts.

Sesshomaru looked over to kagome's arms and saw a boy with orange and black spiked hair he had white ears, amber eyes and the blue crescent moon on his forehead like his father, symbolizing that he was the heir to the west.

"what about Kagomaru ?" he asked looking.

kagome smiled "yes"

the family stayed huddled next to each other as the full moon hit the centre point in the sky, bringing happiness to two once lonely people, that was the power of the moon.

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