Changes must be made

Author's Personal Note:

I am saying sorry to all my readers.

I have not posted anything for some months.

My Aunt Poppy died in Late-December, my Mom in Mid-April.

Since then I have been busy taking care of the affairs of my mom's estates.

I also had already had planned a trip to BC over two years ago. It was pre-paid and I would have lost my money ($3000) if I had not gone. That was 22 days alone. I also had to camping trips also pre-paid and needed to go to my cabin to handle the Cottage Lake Association and to take care of the property.

Anyway, I have an outline for the next chapters and hope to start posting chapters soon.

Author's Story Note:

At this point the story will start to move very off-canon, I hope you don't find the changes too far-fetched.


Aunt Haruka makes her move.

Keitaro has a confused heart.

Mitsune reaches to expand her life.

And all the other girls must face the changes.

Sunday - March 5, 2000 Morning:

There was a loud knock at the front door, Shinubo rushed to answer it.

There at the front entrance was a very angry woman. You did not need to see her face to be aware of that fact, the large axe over her shoulder said it all.

"Aunt Haruka!", Shinubo exclaimed.