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Aunt Haruka makes her move.

Keitaro has a totally confused heart.

Mitsune reaches to expand her life.

And all the other girls must face the changes.

Sunday - March 5, 2000 Early Morning:

There was a loud knock at the front door, and as always Shinobu rushed to answer it.

There at the front entrance was a very angry woman. You did not need to see her face to be aware of that fact; the large two-headed axe over her shoulder said it all.

"Aunt Haruka!", Shinobu exclaimed.

"Good morning, little one.", Haruka replied, "I am here to have a firm and final discussion with Su.", she proclaimed.

Stepping back in shock and fear, Shinobu found that she was blocked from behind by an unmovable body. Looking up and as she expected she saw it was Motoko, and she also had her clan sword in her hand.

"Don't let her hurt Su-chan.", Shinobu had to beg, "She is my best friend in the whole world. Please protect her Sempai.", she continued to beg Motoko.

Motoko who always looked upon herself as the protector of all the girls of the Hinata-Sou looked towards Aunt Haruka, "What are your plans for Su-chan?", she asked as her hand tighten its grip on her sword.

"I have no plans to harm Su", Haruka stated, "But I plan to remove her ability to ever harm my nephew again.". The axe twirled on her shoulder.

Motoko nodded her head in understanding. Gently she positioned Shinobu to the side so as to not block Haruka entry, and then in turn she followed the older woman to Su's room. A loud knock on the mad inventor's door, and then the two women entered into a whole new world.

A world of greenery, a world of wild jungle growth, a world clearly made for Su's tastes. Motoko stepped into the room first, but to make any progress she found she had to cut some vines and other type of plants to take even two steps forwards.

Slowly the two women made progress to the center of the room, as cutting thru the indoor jungle turned out to be a harder task than expected. There they found Su sitting in her favorite tree where she often slept in a hammock. Her eyes were red and she clearly had not had a good night's sleep.

"Destroy it, destroy it all.", Su said as she pointed to some control panels. Both her expression and voice were gloomy.

Haruka glanced at the offered control complex; she looked back at Su with an expression of dismay and distrust.

"These are easy things to replace. Where is all the real stuff it controls? And where are the parts you used to build your destructive toys.", Haruka demanded as she noted there was not a tool or parts stock in sight.

Su dropped to the floor, and reaching down to find a hidden latch and then she lifted up a door that neither woman would have noticed otherwise. What she revealed was another of the hinata's many secret passages.

"Follow me.", she said, and then dropped into the hidden passage-way. The two women followed her into the darkness below.

It took some time but at last they entered a series of workshops and stockrooms deep underground.

"Where did this all come from? ", Motoko had to ask.

Aunt Haruka too was stunned, she knew that Su had to have lots of parts, tools and equipment available to her just from the number and size of the toys she developed. But never in her imagination did she dream that there was this much. There was no way that she could put a significant dent in all this material with just her axe.

"Well, not only do I get a good allowance, Molmol is worried about some nearby countries. They have been upgrading the military and I get all the old army surplus for free.", Su explained, "Plus as a member of the royal family I have contacts with a number of arms dealers around the world. And they deliver for free on large orders.", Su cheerfully said while having no idea why both women were staring at her with eyes wide-opened.

"How are we going to get rid of all this stuff?", Motoko asked as she surveyed how much materials there was.

"What would happen to the hinata and all the girls inside if something went wrong and this all blew up?", Haruka was thinking aloud, "They all could get killed because this thoughtless child just does not care about what harm she could cause."

Motoko was mortified, all the time she had listened to Naru about what a danger Keitaro was to the girls. And here she could see that long before he ever even joined the hinata the biggest danger had always been this warmonger of a child. Worse, the clues had always been in front of her; the number of war toys she had, the explosive power of said toys and add in the increase in size of the explosions after Keitaro did join the hinata. All clues to how much hardware and chemicals the Su must have had access to all this time, and she had never clued in.

"I have been such a fool.", she muttered to herself. Haruka was thinking the same thing as she too realized the full potential danger.

"I could just sell it all.", Su offered helpfully.

"We would prefer that it was all destroyed. ", Aunt Haruka explained, "Correction, we need it to be destroyed. We do not want this stuff used to hurt other people, ANY PEOPLE.", she tried to make it very clear to Su how they felt about her weapons.

"Oh.", Su said. For a moment it looked like she was going to disagree then, "I guess I really hurt Keitaro-san the last time with my robot. Sarah will not talk to me either or play any games. Is this why?", Su had to ask as she once more became somber.

Both women nodded their heads in reply.

"Well, I know someone can pick this all up and have it all dumped at sea.", Su offered. Not realizing that the more she showed the type of contacts she had the more the two older women worried about the upbringing she had.

Aunt Haruka was conflicted, dumping at sea was almost certainly a crime, but neither did she want to see this stuff in the hands of the wrong people and for sure she did not want this stuff left under the dorm. Finally she came to a decision.

"If he can get it done soon, call him.", Aunt Haruka stated.

"I'll call him right away, he will have all of this gone by night-fall,", Su promised. Su was feeling better as she was sure that Sarah and the manager would also be happier once they found out what she had done.

All three females headed back to the entrance to Su's room, once in Su's room Aunt Haruka looked again at the control panels as Su made a call to someone who only wanted to be called 'The Garbage Collector'.

"Just to be safe you are not tempted to use something before it is gone.", Aunt Haruka forewarned – then the axe started to swing – it did not take long. In no time there was nothing left except for a sparking/smoking pile of junk where hi-tech used to exist.

"Let's not mention anything of this stock-pile to the other girls until everything is gone.", Aunt Haruka requested of Motoko.

Motoko nodded her head in agreement. Meanwhile, Su sat in her tree looking at the ruined control panels, but she was smiling. She was now sure everything would work out. And she could always rebuild if necessary.

Still Early Morning at the breakfast table:

Before breakfast started, Mitsune announced that she had at last finalized making some travel plans for research purposes. Yesterday she thought she might have to cancelled them, but Keitaro's slow and steady (which is still very fast when compared to normal people) improvement had put her mind at ease. She would be leaving on a quick tour of Japan's major points of wine/sake consumption for said research purposes and would like their opinions her plans and the clothing she planned to wear.

As Shinobu preparations for breakfast reached the final stages, the girls and Keitaro spent the time to give Mitsune what they thought would be useful advice in her dealings with the businessmen of northern Japan. Off on the side Tomoya and Tsuruko listened with bemused expressions on their faces as they got to see fully the chaos that was the Hinata-Sou.

Once things had settled down, and all around the table were being served Mitsune observed her fellow breakfast mates.

Motoko not only sat beside Tomoya, she seemed to already take on some of the duties of a wife as she directed Tomoya on what food to take. In-fact Motoko's thoughts were more on helping him get some food before Su and Sarah stripped the table bare as she knew that as a guest at the Hinata-Sou he would not be aware that battle field tactics were an important feature of eating in presence these two hungry mouths.

Naru and Keitaro also sat side by side; Naru kept taking nervous glances at Keitaro and unlike his usual self Keitaro seemed to be ignoring her presence. Despite them not talking or looking at each, both seemed to be at their best behavior.

Mitsune sighed to herself, it did not look like Keitaro and Naru would be acting like their normal selves any time soon. Still in her mind that could be a good thing.

Su and Sarah full attention was as normal fully on the food in-front of them.

Tsuruko's focus also appeared to be fully on the food she was eating, Mitsune was not fooled. She was sure that there was not a single movement by Motoko or Tomoya that escaped her attention.

Mutsumi was not present, Mitsune assumed (correctly) that yesterday's events were too much for her and she was staying in at the tea house to rest and recover her strength.

And Shinobu clearly was insuring that Keitaro got the best of her cooking, she also would look towards him from the kitchen with some worry on her face. Mitsune did not think she needed to worry so much; the manager seems to be physically recovering just fine.

Soon after breakfast Mitsune put on a little fashion show as she modeled what she planned to wear on her trip. Already her formal business clothes gave her a distinctly different appearance from what they knew of her. Even her casual wear was different from what they were used to seeing compare to her old style. Before it seemed her clothes push the party animal/sexily image she always seemed to want to project. But now the modest designs displayed showed Mitsune in a whole new light.

All the girls and Keitaro were very impressed with what they saw. This was a person who was really doing what was needed in order to make their name as a writer.

Following Mitsune's little fashion show Keitaro broke away from the rest of the girls who had now flocked around the young business-woman-in-making. Keitaro found all the noise was bringing back his headache, after grabbing some aspirin he headed off to somewhere quiet to think. Leaving the giggling girls behind he headed to the rooftop to give thought about his life. Once there he again reviewed the events of the last few days, and once again it was not a pretty picture that developed in his mind.

His goal of getting into Tokyo University still was foremost on his mind, but the dream of his 'promise girl' was fading fast. He had thought Mutsumi was that girl, and Naru also had seemed a likely candidate, but now he had his doubts.

"Would it be so bad to get in without knowing who I am to meet? Even if I ever will meet someone? ", he wondered but not thinking of his test scores at present, "Just about everybody else does it like that. Maybe I will find the girl of my dreams there after-all.", he mumbled without not much hope in his voice.

Again he reviewed how things had gone with the different girls of the hinata on their various dates with him.

These both raised and lowered his hopes at the same time. Somehow he had done the right thing with most of the girls, but time after time the one person he wanted impress the most was the person he did the worse with.

"Is this going to be my life from now on?", Keitaro wondered seeing a future of continuing disappointment. He started feeling more down in the dumps than before.

"What if I tried to find someone else to go out with?", he considered then, "Don't be silly, who would want to go with a three time loser ronin like me.", he lamented quietly.

Carefully he kept thinking about his situation. He finally came to a conclusion that he would try and live with and hopefully at-least reach one of his goals.

"Just study, forget about any girls. All they have really given me is pain and injury.", he sobbed to himself, tears poured down his face as he said the words he never could before, "I will only study, study, study. I give up on my promise girl, I give up on all girls!", Keitaro was crying now, "I JUST GIVE UP!".

It was a long time before he returned inside the Hinata-Sou.

Sunday-March 5, 2000, 4:30 P.M:

That afternoon she gave her good-byes and left to catch the taxi waiting for her at the bottom of the Hinata-Sou's stairs.

With cries of 'Fair-well' and 'Good-bye' still ringing in her ears Mitsune headed directly off to catch a flight to northern Japan.

However, to Mitsune this was not just a business trip. She was looking forward to the time away from the Hinata-Sou so that she could think carefully about her future plans. Plans that more and more she had started considering should include Keitaro.

Naru seemed to be repeatedly destroying her relationship with him. True she seems to be in love with him at this moment, but already Mitsune had decided that this was a 'make it or break it' situation. If Naru ruined this relationship like she had all the others before Mitsune saw no reason that she should hold back on making a play for the manager too.

Shinobu was way too young to worry about.

Motoko was now spoken for by Tomoya and the plans set into motion by her elder sister and her related clan elders made Mitsune comfortable that she did not have to worry about her. (Mitsune was unaware how flexible Tsuruko's plans were or how confused Motoko's feelings were towards both young men.)

Mutsumi ... "Mutsumi-sempai, now there is one to catch Keitaro's interests, and she has made her intentions to him very clear. Not even Keitaro-san could miss the clues she has thrown into his face.", Mitsune mused as in her mind's eye she developed an image of Mutsumi walking around with a melon under her dress. "Really, if I want to have any hope of getting a chance with him I must make my plans soon.", she acknowledged to herself.

She now turned attention to the flight ahead of her as the taxi entered the tunnel that was the final approach to the airport and her plane heading north.

Later that night:

As she climbed into her favorite tree Su was feeling a lot better. She did not know what Motoko had said to Shinobu before breakfast, but there was a small banana cream pie served with breakfast this morning. Keitaro-sempai not had said much, but he had not talked to anyone else either. Su was sure it would all work out in the end. She had a simple goal; to just have fun.

As she once again prayed to her ancestors in front of her shrine Motoko reviewed the day. Just before she had gone to her room, both she and Aunt Haruka had once more gone to Su's secret labs. Everything had been cleared out like promised; even the wrecked control panels were gone. With that worry out of the way Motoko's thoughts turned to Tomoya and Keitaro.

"What do I really think about those two?", Motoko asked herself as she once again remembered how her dream had ended.

"Tomoya-san has all the qualities that the elders would want in a co-ruler but Keitaro-sempai is more fun to be with.", Motoko had to admit to herself, and also surprising herself at the warm feelings she felt when she thought of the manager.

"But I don't want to get married to anyone!", Motoko also admitted to herself, "More than anything I just want to run the dojo.", Motoko also stated to herself her true heart's desire. Motoko at-least had one firm goal in mind, but she went to bed not knowing how to reach it.

As Haruka prepared to go to sleep she rubbed her forehead. All day the headache never blossomed, but it never went away either and that headache had a name 'Su-chan'. Aunt Haruka now knew that to ensure the girls of the hinata were forever safe that she needed to find a way to control Su wilder behavior. To the best of her knowledge that could only be done thru her family members.

"I need to contact them and ask them for advice on what to do.", Haruka thought as she settled into bed. At-least she had the first mile-post in sight for the long trip to reach her goal.

As she settled down to sleep Shinobu's thoughts were on what she had been told by Motoko. "I guess I could become friends again if she really did all that Motoko-sempai said she did. I know that would have been a great sacrifice for her to do.", Shinobu thought with a forgiving state of mind.

"But, what about sempai? Will he really be alright? He does seem better.", Shinobu thoughts were very scattered at the moment. "Tomorrow I will make him the best meals he ever had ever.", she vowed. While it was only short term one, Shinobu also now had a goal to strive for.

As Sarah pulled the covers up to her chin her thoughts were on both her father and Keitaro. She still missed her dad and wish he was there. Additionally, perhaps for the first time since being sent to the hinata; she cared about what would happen to Keitaro.

"I must take extra care tomorrow, I will try to be nice to him for once.", she promised herself. Sarah's goal was set.

As Mutsumi drifted in and out of sleep, "We need to get into Tokyo U together; I need to get closer to Kei-kun; He needs to get away from that violent girl.", were the thoughts that drifted across her brain.

Normally Mutsumi was a very forgiving person, but lately she found herself desiring more and more to be with the clumsy manager. Naru's latest attack had scared Mutsumi to the core, and for the first time in her life Mutsumi thought of actively acting against another person's desire. "Kei-kun and I could be so happy together.", Mutsumi smiled and drifted off to the sleep with dreams of the two of them living happily ever after. Yes, Mutsumi had a clear goal in mind, not a clear plan, but a clear goal.

As Naru prepared for bed she was very troubled. No-one in the entire dorm seemed to like her now, there was no-one supporting her, not even to talk to and give her side of the story. Worse, Keitaro had not said anything all day to her.

Usually no matter how hard she hit him he would bounce back in minutes (well sometimes it took an hour or two) and would be begging her for forgiveness, but not this time. A spike of fear ran up Naru's spine at the thought that he might not ask for such.

"I must try to get him to talk to me tomorrow, I just must get him talking.", Naru swore to herself, not knowing she had set up a very hard goal for herself.

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