Summary: 17 Yr. old Hilary who controls water runs to the Mutant school.She leads a "normal" life there until Logan comes back.Hil loves him but he loves Jean.When she gets to know him, can this water spirit rust the clawed animal?Maybe they arent meant to be.R&R!

"Get the hell out of my sight you freak!" A loud booming voice repeated for the several time in the small house in the country. The voice belonged to one "Mutie-hater" Mike Black who was the father of teenager Hilary Black. The clock has just stuck the demon witching hour and even the neighbors' miles away could hear his rage through the dense forest.

Hilary was a normal teen, as normal as one can be that is. She had dark blond hair that glimmered like gold in the sunlight, tan skin with a minimal of scars from her childhood adventures, and light golden eyes that could pierce through anyone's soul. Her body had matured at a younger age than other girls, her breast big, and her legs held muscle from exercise, and plump lips that caught every boy's eye. It was odd that she was so skinny with filling features.

Hilary had gotten home late from a party with her friends and craved a warm bath. She was quiet as a tomb when she snuck in but those damn old pipes with their creaking gave her away. Panic had rushed through her bloodstream as she put her hands up, hoping and wanting the water to come out quietly. The odd thing was, it did. As soon as she imagined it, it stopped. Her hand went up to free her trapped hair from the ponytail, but the water copied her move. Right there in front of her was floating water that move everywhere she moved.

That creaking of the pipes was heard long enough to wake the single father up and make him storm into the bathroom, saying, "Hilary you had better have an expla-" His 'calm' sentence stopped dead when he saw his daughter controlling the water. Looking back, Hilary thought, it was quite humorous to see water defy gravity by a simple command.

But on that night of personal discovery, her father was throwing every object in his way, too scared to get near her to punch but still angry enough to try to harm her. She managed to grab a bag of clothes and a few pictures before a lamp struck her. Hilary stumbled forward; falling out the window, silently thanking it was only a ground house. When her body hit the ground with a thud, her father sighed and stomped outside to either bury her body or chase her out.

Hilary coughed and sat up, the taste of blood tainting her taste buds. "Get out you mutant weirdo!" Mike shouted again, a bat in his hands. Fear took over as she grabbed her small backpack and got up to run. There was no doubt in her mind that if her father killed her, he would be a hero. In that small town, mutants weren't welcome and killed sometimes. Hilary had always wanted to leave because the intelligent rate was as low as a worm's belly, plus she thought they were being harshly discrimination.

So she ran; she ran through the forests, through the ditches, through the branches that sliced her delicate skin. She ran and kept running until she reached the outskirts of town, tripping over a rock and slid to the ground. Blood mixed with the tears fallen in the dirt as she sat there in bittersweet thoughts. Water was always her element, she loved to swim, take long showers, and stay at the local lake for days on end. Most people never understood why, they liked to be on the ground than in the cool refreshing liquid.

A small part of her was happy that she was different, that she was out of that small ignorant self centered town. The rest of her was depressed that her father could turn that easily. "I wonder if mother would have allowed that…if she were alive…" Hilary thought as she kicked some dirt in the air, glaring at the fact that it was too heavy with her blood.

Holding her chin high, ignoring the blood seeping through the open skin, Hil got up and started walking, trying to hitch a ride north. A day passed and she couldn't shake off the feeling of paranoia. It felt like she was being watched, being monitored almost. As she rode with a nice couple, almost jealous of how young and in love they were, she looked outside and asked to stop at some gas station.

She walked inside and went straight to the water bottles they had, mentally kicking herself for forgetting to bring money. Sighing, she looked down and wished she could drink something. Suddenly a water bottle flew through the glass and into her hands. "Huh?!" Hilary exclaimed, shocked at how it happened.

The clerk saw what happened and took out a gun, pointing it at her, "Get out of my store, mutant. Only normal people are allowed." Growling, she slowly twisted off the cap and grinned evilly.

"Yup," She thought as the water rushed into his throat, choking him, "I'm still in the ol' prejudice south." As soon as the guy passed out, she grabbed a few packets of food and water and ran. The night snuck up on her as she traveled on foot. There wasn't a car for miles on the stretch of road she was on, but there sure as hell were animals.

Just as she felt like collapsing, a car pulled up next to her, making her glance into the window. A guy in his twenties wearing red shades was driving while a bald man was in the back. "Must be hard to see…" Hilary noted silently, nearly jumping out of her skin when she heard a voice reply, "He's use to it."

"You must be Hilary." The same voice said aloud, making her take a step back. "I'm Charles Xavier. I'm a mutant like you, and I run a school for us."

With a suspicious look, Hilary took another step back, "Really? What's your point? Surely you ain't asking me to join your little school. I mean…" She couldn't help but try to lighten her own mood, "Mama told me never to get in a car with a stranger, no matter how charming and… "Gifted" he is." Xavier laughed at that and smiled.

"I can promise you I mean no harm; I'm only trying to help. What do you have to lose? You can sleep with the wolves or come with me. It's your choice."

Thinking for a brief moment, Hilary nodded and got in the car, exhaustion finally catching up with her. "I'll join your little school if you promise to stop doing that….thing. Or at least give me a warning of when you talk in my mind…" Hilary muttered tiredly and bitter. The man only smiled and nodded, "The drive will take a while, and you can sleep if you wish." She didn't need to be told twice for she leaned her head against the window and closed her eyes.

Slowly, the golden girl's eyes fluttered open and searched her surroundings. From what she could conclude, she was in an infirmary, perhaps a mutant testing facility. Her body went rigid at the thought so she stood up and snuck out the door, thinking it was pretty loose security. All the cuts from the wonderful branches were healed or covered with bandages, making her feel a little safer.

"Hilary…" The voice was familiar as the recent events flashed in her mind. Turning, she saw the man in the wheel chair again. Frowning, she placed a hand on her hip in a mock fashion, "I told you to stop doing that. Where are we?" Charles smiled and apologized, "We're in the basement of my school, one of the many underground levels. You're safe, I promise." Hil nodded and was taken on a tour.

An hour later, after arranging her classes, Hilary went to the room she was suppose to live in. When she walked in and tossed her small bag on the soft bed, she noticed another girl was living there. The girl was talking to what seemed to be her boyfriend, making Hilary blush a bright pink. Taking a moment to study her roommate, she saw the girl had beautiful hazel hair with sheet white highlights in the front. Rogue, was her name from what Xavier had told her.

"Oh, I'm sorry…" Rogue looked up and stood, blushing as the choir looking boy left. "Ah, Xavier paired me up with a southern girl just like me." Hilary thought before speaking aloud, "Hi. You must be Marie. I'm Hilary." She held out her hand which was shook by a glove covered one. She assumed it was because of her power, whatever that was.

The teens talked while putting what small items up she owned and went down to dinner. They spoke of the school, how they got there, who they liked, and the code names. "What about…Water Princess?" Rogue noticed how stupid the words sounded as soon as they left her mouth.

Laughing, Hilary shook her head, "Uh, I'm no princess. I may look like one but appearances can be deceiving. What about…Hmm…Waterfall?" Both started laughing and leaned against the stairs railing to stop from falling.

When they sat down at the table to eat, Xavier watched them and felt relieved that they were getting along so well. "Waterfall it is!" Hilary declared, sipping her drink. After dinner, they went to walk around the grounds, talking about who to watch out for.

"Magneto? Never heard of him. Then again, I never heard of anything like this back in my old town." Hilary stated with curiosity dripping off her voice. Rogue explained what had happened over the past few months, grimacing at her own past as well.

While they got ready to sleep, Hilary looked out the window and sighed, too distracted to notice a guy riding a motorcycle coming closer. The moonlight shined on her skin, making it seem pale with sadness just like her eyes. Sighing, she closed the curtains and attempted to sleep. Somehow she knew the next day contained nothing but surprises.