A Delicate Bud


He'd sat next to her at meals in the Great Hall for five weeks. With each day, it grew more difficult to find anything to say. She probably thought him rude, surly, or simply dull. Filius sighed. Conversation usually came easily for him, but Pomona exuded such abundantly bewitching femininity, she rendered him incapable of speech. Quite ridiculous at his age. Filius sighed again; on his right, Kettleburn began discussing the difficulties of feeding the new Thestral foals. Pomona turned to them. "Thestral foals love timothy mixed with blood meal. We three could walk down later and try it."


He was decorating the Great Hall for May Day. Hogwarts hadn't celebrated it in years, but Albus recently became Headmaster and remembered it from his own schooldays. He would need greenery. Filius smiled. "Greenery" meant only one thing to him. A short time later, he was approaching the greenhouses. And there was the witch of his dreams, whistling as she used her wand to repot rosemary.

"Good-morning, Filius! What brings you here?"

"Good-morning, Pomona. May I decorate you with flowers in the Great Hall?" He blushed, realising his error.

She beamed. "You may decorate me anywhere you like, Filius. . . ."


Filius fiddled with his quill. He hadn't courted a witch in so long, he'd forgotten how. Perhaps that was just as well. But to know whether his attentions would be welcome was as much a conundrum now as it had been when he was young. He could just ask her to dinner . . . her response would say it all. A knock interrupted his reverie. A flick of his wand opened the door.

"Good-evening, Filius. Would you like to go into Hogsmeade for a drink?"

"Just the two of us?"

Pomona nodded, smiling. "If that's all right . . ."

"That would be delightful!"

A/N: There will be a couple more installments of these Pomona/Filius drabbles. I hope you enjoy them!

This set of drabbles is not set in the "Resolving a Misunderstanding universe," though it's very much like the RaMverse. If you enjoy these, you might enjoy the RaMverse Filius and Pomona one-shot "Now is Perfect," or the non-RaMverse one-shot "Falling for Pomona," which is just a little humorous fic.