Orochimaru sat quietly, in shock for the first couple seconds. Kabuto was kissing him…in front of everyone else?! Was the genin really that bold…? Aw, to hell with it, if he did it, so could he…

Orochimaru leaned in closer, wrapping an arm around Kabuto's neck and leaning deeper into the kiss. Kabuto returned the favor, and Orochimaru found their bodies pressed together on the cold ground. It was October now, and it was getting cold, so the heat was welcome. As they pulled apart, Orochimaru felt someone drape a long cloak across his shoulders. Kabuto had swung his arms around, pulling the cloak over Orochimaru.

"You have such soft skin," he whispered, holding on of Orochimaru's hands in his own and tracing the lines on his palms. "It's probably thin…"

Orochimaru shook his head, turning his hand over and lacing his fingers in between Kabuto's. "Not really. It's actually very thick…"

Kabuto smiled. "We'll see about that…later. In the meantime…" He reached down in his pocket, pulling something out. "I'm not sure if you still want this, but it looked nice." In his hand was the white-gold, ruby necklace Sasuke had given him. "It was your birthday the day you defeated him. I'm not sure if you knew, but I'm giving you something as well…"

Orochimaru took the necklace, turning it over in his hands. Should he keep it? It brought back such bitter memories, but good ones as well. And it was very pretty…

Kabuto's hand brushed his neck, stopping on the back of his neck and pulling him closer. "Gold is more your color, anyway." When pulled away, Orochimaru felt a strand of hair pulled back across his neck. He reached up to brush it away-

Only to realize it wasn't hair.

A tiny golden chain was looped around his slender neck, the smallest piece of amber embedded in the gold. Orochimaru smiled.

"What, am I really that girly?"

"No," Kabuto said. "You just look really good with a necklace on. A small one, but still…it brings more attention to your neck and shoulders, both of which are very nice." Kabuto ran his hand down the side of Orochimaru's neck, stopping at his collarbone and resting his hand there. The other hand he slipped behind Orochimaru;s neck and pulled him down, kissing him again. The last fireworks exploded, spelling out what Kabuto voiced:

"Happy Birthday…Orochimaru-sama."

A/N: Very fluffy…I couldn't resist. And I wanted to do something for Orochi-sama's birthday…even though it's still a long way off, it just seemed like a nice thing to do and a nice place to put it. So! Review please, and I hope you liked the story!!