Dear Readers,

I'm sorry I have been missing for a while, but RL got me caught up. Bowling has kept me occupied and while I wanted to eventually write a sequel to "The New Start" I was unable to.

Mathias Stormcrow 22 volunteered to write the sequel called "Heart of the Keeper"

You can find it from the authors page, or at this site:

http:/ www . fanfiction . net / s / 6905688 / 1 / Heart _ of _ the _ Keeper

*without spaces

This summer I plan on weeding out stories I want to keep, and writing more of my own. Until then, enjoy "Heart of the Keeper" like I plan on doing.

I encourage everyone to review, because if you review there will be faster updates but if you don't you'll have to wait longer.

Thanks for the support !