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Chapter One

There were two new kids at Domino High. Serenity Wheeler was a Junior and her brother Joey was in the Senior class. Both of them were exceptional students.

Their father, Frank was going to be working for Kaiba Corp. He was a research Scientist and he was working on a cure for Cancer.

Katie Wheeler, worked in the Office of Maximillian Pegasus. He had the biggest Lawyer Firm in Domino. She worked for a Lawyer who handled cases of Domestic Violence. Most of the clients were women. Katie had a way of talking with women and they often opened up to her where they wouldn't with a man.

One afternoon while the class was having lunch, Serenity was sitting with her brother.

"How do you like it so far?" She asked him.

"I guess it is alright. One thing I don't like is a guy by the name of Kaiba." Joey said.

"Isn't he the CEO of Kaiba Corp.?" Serenity inquired.

"Yes, and he is also a jerk. He thinks that he is above everyone else. In Math class, when Mrs. Lewis asked him to do a simple equation, he acted like she had asked him to solve an unsolvable problem. He got all upset and stormed out of the room." Joey told his sister.

"Do you think that he just might have trouble with Math?" Serenity said.

"I never thought about that." he said.

"Well, I've got to go. See you after school" she said.

Joey entered the History Class and right there beside him was Kaiba. They were having a pop quiz and Joey had his done before anyone else.

Kaiba shot him a glance that was like he wanted to kill him. After the test they were told what chapters to read and study for a test on Monday.

As he was leaving class, Kaiba bumped into him and nearly knocked him down. "Why don't you watch where you're going." Kaiba said to Joey.

"What ever" Joey said and kept walking. He wasn't going to let someone like Kaiba get him in trouble because he is a jerk.

He walked to his locker and opened it. He was putting his books into the locker, when the door slammed and it nearly got his hand. That did it. "Hey, you jerk. What is your problem?" Joey yelled at Seto.

Everyone around stopped and held their breath. No one ever had talked to Kaiba like that and got away with it.

"Are you talking to me?" Kaiba wanted to know.

"You are the only jerk I see around" Joey said.

"That kind of talk could get you into all kinds of trouble." Seto said.

"Oh am I suppose to be afraid of you? Well I'm not. Now leave me alone" Joey said as he slammed his locker shut and walked off leaving a very shocked and angry Kaiba looking at him.

Kaiba started to like this kid. He wasn't going to take shit off anyone even him. Maybe he has met his match. He would have to look into the background of one Joey Wheeler.

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