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Chapter Sixteen

Seto and Joey were released from the hospital three days later. They both were so glad to be alive. When the limo stopped, it was outside the Manor and neither Seto nor Joey knew why, but they were going to find out. They both knew about their parents throwing a party, but what now?

As they got out of the limo and walking inside, everyone was there and shouted "WELCOME HOME" As they looked around and saw their families and friends it was a little to much for either of them and they both started to cry. Frank, Katie, Roland and Camille ran over to them and engulfed them into their arms and Frank whispered "are you two alright?" That's when Joey said "damn it's good to be alive, and where's the food?" That caused everyone to burst out laughing.

The party was huge and there was so much food. Katie and Camille out did themselves and as Frank and Roland were outside cooking the hamburgers and steaks, inside they were talking, playing games or listening to music. Then Roland yelled "come and get it, foods on the table." Everyone went outside and as they started to eat, everyone looked around and they saw their friends, and families and it was one hell of a great celebration.

After they were done eating, Mokie went and got the karaoke machine and as everyone sang a song, laughter rang through out the night. While they were having fun, Seto and Joey went for a walk. As they walked neither of them said a word, but both of them were thinking how damn lucky they were to be alive. They ended up inside near the staircase and Seto held out his hand and they climbed the stairs to his room. Once inside they stood there and started kissing and one thing led to another and they both ended up naked on the bed. Seto then started touching Joey and as he got him excited he proceeded to stimulate Joey till he came and as he did he shouted Seto's name. Then Seto said "we can stop now if you want." Joey the smiled at him and did preformed the same thing to Seto. Then they made love to each other and as they laid there catching their breaths, Seto whispered " Joey I love you very much."

Before Joey could tell Seto how much he loved him there was a knock at the door and there stood Roland. He knew what they had done and he just smiled and said "please come downstairs." Both of them thought that they were going to get yelled at, but they were in for more surprises. When they got downstairs, there stood their parents and as Katie and Camille smiled at them, neither of them knew what was going on. As they walked into the den and Roland closed the door they expected the worse.

Frank then said "if you two are going to be having sex, all we ask is that you both practice safe sex and use condoms. Joey nearly fell over when he heard his father say that. By the expression on his sons face, Frank burst out laughing as he said "Joseph didn't you think that I would know what you two were doing? Son I'm not that senile yet." Katie started laugh and she said "Frank to them we are." Joey and Seto then started laughing and Joey went to his parents and he said "listen, I'm glad that you and dad love each other, but please don't say that you make love. It kind of creeps me out." Roland started laughing so hard that he had to sit down and he looked at Camille and said "they think we're to old to have sex, well let me tell you two that this woman can still turn me on."

Camille smiled and kissed her husband and Seto said "but you're both getting up there in years." Camille went over to him and she whispered "but your father can still get me hot and bothered, so I guess we're not that old yet." When Seto heard her say that, well he kissed her and started laughing. Joey went over to Seto and they held each other and kissed right there in front of their parents. This was one really great and very informative evening and still it wasn't over.

Camille and Katie carried out this huge cake an as they began slicing it Mokie stood up and said "we are celebrating life and today we all learned just how much life means to each of us an I think that we need to stop taking life for granted and live it to the fullest." Then he walked over to Serenity and kissed her. That caused all of them to burst out laughing.

Seto and Joey did finally get married and they spent the rest of their lives showing the other just how much they loved each other. Mokuba and Serenity got engaged three years later and Yami and Yugi, Bakura and Ryou and Marik and Malik all did finally get married too.


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