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Chapter 1: The Wandering Eye

This story is an experiment of mine, see how well I can write dark fics. Yes, there is a lemon in the first chapter and there will be more in the following ones. Mainly, I thought this story up while I was finishing my last one, thinking to myself, what kind of story would it be if Sasuke took Sakura with him instead of leaving her behind. Hope you enjoy, would love to receive reviews on your opinions. Next Chapter: Lust, never Love. Enjoy!

She could feel his gaze on her back, as she knelt down to pick up her son's rattle, which he had purposely dropped. She didn't turn around; she never turned around. It would always irritate him, and she enjoyed it.

"Mother, father is looking at you again."

"I know my son. But I am playing with you and your brother. It would be rude to ignore you."

"His eyes are red again! I can't wait till I can get red eyes."

"Being your father's son, you won't have to wait to long."

"You really think so."

"I know so."

Just then, the infant in her arms started to cry.

"I think brother is hungry. Can I feed him this time?"

"You think you are ready?"

"I want to at least try. But you'll be there, just in case I mess up, right?"

"I will always be by your side, my son."

Sakura called for a maid to bring a bottle for her youngest boy.

"Ryu, you sit here and I'll place Miko in your arms."


As Ryu held the bottle to let Miko drink, he looked up at his mother.

"Mother, where did our names come from?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, how did you come up with Ryu and Miko?"
"I didn't, your father did."


He looked over at his father, who was sitting at the far end of the grand hall.

Sakura didn't follow her son's gaze; she knew Sasuke was still staring at them, but mostly her.

"He is still staring at you mother."

'He likes to keep a close watch on his property.'

"He must really like me then."

"Mother! You're funny. Of course he likes you. He loves you! You're his wife!"
'No Ryu. I am not his wife. I am only the mother of his children.'

She couldn't bring herself to tell her son the truth. He was only three; he wouldn't be able to understand his father and mother's relationship. A relationship built on possession, not love.

It had been five years since Sasuke had left Konoha to join Orochimaru, with Sakura at his side. It had only been three years since she had given birth to their first son at the age of fourteen.

Their relationship was not what she had always wished for. She loved her children, Ryu, 3, and Miko, 5 months, and she loved the fact that they were their children; but she wished they were conceived out of love, not lust. They were not married; she wouldn't even call them a couple. He was the master and she was his mistress. She would lie in his bed every night because he told her too.

Over the years, she had become cold. She would not look at him the same way she use to, back when they were young. She would ignore him when they were not in bed. She knew that would only make him angrier, make him want her more. She had very little control left in her life now, so she would take what she got.

He had desired a medical ninja by his side, so had ordered her to begin training four years ago. She was considered one of the best medical nin in the Sound village, second rate only to her sensei, Kabuto. She also developed unparallel strength and was thought irreplaceable by every Sound shinobi. Sasuke would never let her leave his side. Her skills were far too great to ever be without.

As Miko finished his bottle and slowly drifted off to sleep, Sakura took him from her eldest son.

"Ryu, stay here. I'm going to take Miko back to his room so he can sleep."

"Alright mother."

'Such a proper boy.'

She was very proud of her oldest son. He was only three, but he already had exceptional skills. His father would praise him everyday.

'He is determined to not be his own father towards his sons.'

As she placed Miko down in his crib, she felt Sasuke's charka behind her.

"He looks so peaceful when he sleeps, doesn't he, Sakura-chan?"

"Always, Sasuke-sama."

"I really wish you would stop using sama towards me."

"It's respectful to address your lordship as such."

She never turned to look at him while they left the babies' room.

As they turned down the hall that lead to where Ryu was playing, Sasuke pushed Sakura against a wall.

"You haven't looked at me all day. Is something the matter with my Sakura-chan?"

"Nothing is wrong, Sasuke-sama."

She couldn't avoid looking into his eyes as he moved towards her, inch by inch.

He started to kiss her neck and she couldn't help but lean in.

"You eyes might deny me, but not your body, never."

She closed her eyes as he continued to kiss her neck, she loved the warmth. He was right, he was always right. She might detest what she was to him, but she could never deny him. Just then, she heard her son calling her from the grand hall.

"Mother! Mother! Where are you mother?"

Breaking away from her, Sasuke looked down the hall towards his son and smiled.

"Go to him."

Without responding, she turned and headed towards her son's voice.

"Here I am. Sorry if I worried you."

"It is alright. I saw father head towards Miko's room, so I assumed he went to talk to you."

'Such a bright boy!'

"Well, now I'm all yours! What do you want to do?"

His eyes lit up as he ran towards his toy box and began to dig through the many 'ninja' toys his father had gotten him.

After she had tucked Ryu in and made sure Miko was still asleep, Sakura headed towards his chamber.

Sasuke had become the Otokage after Orochimaru died before he could transfer himself into Sasuke's body. He had a lavish bedroom, almost twice the size of Sakura's old house. A grand king size bed was in the middle, her clothes already placed on her side. A maid was waiting to dress her as she neared the bed.

"Sasuke-sama has requested you wear this tonight." The maid said as she blushed. She held up a see-through corset with equally see-through matching panties. She let the maid dress her without protest. She couldn't remember the last time she had dressed herself. Being Sasuke's mistress added too many benefits to Sakura's life. When the maid finished, she bowed and left the room.

Sakura walked towards the triple mirror in the northwestern corner and looked at herself. She was beautiful. She loved the way the corset complimented her curves. Having two sons had enlarged her breasts. Her hair was pulled into a bun with two chopsticks holding it in place. Several strands of hair fell in front of her face.

Sasuke watched her from a dark corner in the room; masking his charka so not to alert her of his presents. He loved to watch her when she thought no one was looking. That was the only time when rarely, she would pleasure herself. His longing for her body grew too great and he stepped out of the darkness.

"Sasuke-sama, I didn't realize you were already here."


Before she realized it, he had pinned her against the wall. His eyes traced her body, followed soon after by his hands. He had been longing for her to be in his bed since she had left it this morning. He started placing kisses on her neck.

She moaned and reached her hands up and pulled on his head, to deepen his warm touch. She wished for him to be on top of her, only to come true seconds later and they fell onto the bed, Sasuke on top of her.

He pulled out a knife and cut the corset off. He discarded it and the panties like they were nothing and went to kissing her body. She moaned as his tongue began licking her nipple and his hand massaging the other.

"Sasuke… kun."

He smirked at this.

"So, I'm Sasuke-sama out there, but Sasuke-kun in here?"

She only moaned in response as he gentle bit on her nipple. He continued to kiss lower and lower as he reached the soft spot in-between her legs. When his lips touched the skin, a loud moan escaped from her lips.

He started licking her and occasionally entered his tongue into her. She arched her body into him, wanting more than what he was giving.

"You are so needy in bed. Aren't you, Sakura-chan?"

"Oh! Sasuke-kun!" She hissed as he inserted a finger in her.

He entered two more fingers before starting to pulse them in and out of her. He held her down as he picked up speed. He could tell she was reaching climax and quickly withdrew his fingers. He met saddened eyes as he licked his fingers clean of her cum. He quickly undressed and positioned himself at her opening.

"Scream for me, my Sakura-chan."

He thrust into her hard and fast. She screamed as he filled her.

"I told you to scream my name!"

He pulled back out before quickly slamming back in. Again, she screamed, but not his name.

"You'll do as you're told!"

He pulled out again for the third time, but slamming into her again and again. He won't let up until she screamed his name. When all he received where random screams, he picked up the pace and plunged deeper and deeper into her. She arched her back into him, wanting more and more. Finally, after an incredible deep thrust, she screamed his name.

"Oh! Sasuke-kun!"

"That's better. Now scream it again and again."

"Sasuke-kun. Oh god! Sasuke-kun. Yes! More! More!" She screamed as he continued to slam himself into her. She could feel her climax coming, and knew he must be close as well.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun… I'm going too… I'm going too…"

He grunted as he felt her cum as he followed, seconds later.

She screamed his name louder than before as she felt his cum enter her. She loved the feeling of orgasms and more importantly, she loved that he was the one doing it to her.

He collapsed to that side of her, forcible pulling her on top of him. She was his, and tonight and every night before and every night after, he would show her and everyone else, that this was true.