Inevitable -A BellaxEdward FF

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Chapter 1: New Girl

Bella's POV

My first day at Forks High. Oh great. After yesterday's exciting home welcoming from Charlie,

and then crying myself to sleep last night, I can only imagine how today is going to go. Of

course, I know I'll be the "New Girl". Everyone will be talking about me. I hate that. I know I

should just suck it up and make the best of it, but I just can't seem to. I miss Pheonix already. I

can already tell that the days of wearing shorts and tank tops are depressingly over. I push myself

out of bed a little too quickly and almost fall over. Luckily, my hand grabs the edge of the bed

before I can. I sigh to myself. Well, I think, at least some things never change.

I shake out my waist lenth brown hair, deciding to wear it down today. After I shower, that is. I

walk to my closet and hastily pick out a brown v-neck sweater and a pair of blue jeans which I'd

never worn before. My mom had bought me new, warmer clothes because of Fork's frigid

temperatures. Well, frigid to me atleast. I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower.

Fortunately, I did nothing to end my life. That is,until I started down the stairs. It is there, that I

tripped and fell over the last fours steps. Igathered myself up easily, used to my clumsiness, and

made my way to the kitchen. I grabbed a granola bar, ate it in 3 bites, and gulped down a glass of


After breakfast, I made my way to my car. It was one of the few things that I was already attached

to. I loved it. I put it in gear and went out in search of Fork's High. I had more than enough time

before school started to look for it. I had left early, in case I got lost. It was said to be "right off

the highway". Lucky for me, it was. I found it right away. I pulled into the parking lot, got out,

and went in search of the office. I couldn't find it anywhere. I wanted to ask for help but I wasn't

sure where to go. As I was walking, I felt as if I was being watched. I looked around

self-consciously and then froze.

There was only one other car in the parking lot. It was a silver volvo. I suddenly felt weird. I

wondered why anyone would be at school this early. I stared at the car for a moment before

noticing that the car wasn't empty. I could vaguely make out the shape of someone, but I was too

cautious to go to the car. I began walking around again, feeling completely idiotic. I sighed and

figured that I had no choice but to go ask the person in the silver volvo for help. I took a deep

breath and slowly made my way to the car. Once there, I tapped softly on the tinted windows,

worried that there was some type of stalker in the car or something. But what I saw, well who

I saw, was not at all what I expected.

The most gorgeous boy I had ever seen was rolling down the window with an annoyed look on

his face. He looked to be about 17. He had bronze colored hair. It looked windblown as if he had

driven his car too fast with the windows down. His eyes were a beautiful honey gold color with

little specks of blacks deep in them. His lips were a soft pink color. I stared at them, having a

sudden urge to kiss him. I was finally pulled from my gaze when I heard at soft noise. My

eyes flashed to his. They were narrowed. I noticed his hand was tight on the steering wheel, his

knuckles white. I swallowed and blushed. Apparently, I was annoying him so much that he was

becoming angry. I began to realize that I had disturbed him and now I was just gaping at him. No

wonder he was mad. His hand squeezed the steering wheel tighter. I briefly wondered how much

tighter he'd have to squeezed before it came off in his hand. But that thought quickly flew out of

my mind as his glared at me. Finally I decided to say something. I was tired of looking like an

idiot. But before I could speak, he did.

"Yes?" he said through clenched teeth.

I will admit, I was a little frightened. I mean, what did I do to make him so mad? I just needed

directions to the office building. My blush deepened. As it did, his jaw clenched and his hand

tightened even more on the steering wheel.

"Um. Uh- Hi... I'm Isabella Swan-well, Bella actually. Not that y-you care or anything. I'm new h-here."

I cleared my throat. I felt little beads of sweat form on my forehead and I pushed some of my hair

behind my ear. I watched as he became more and more agitated. I could swear his eyes, golden

before, turned a shade darker. I swallowed axiously.

"I was jus-just wondering if you could p-point me in the direction of- of the Please?"

I don't know why the word 'please' came out in a whisper, but it did. His expression grew visibly

darker. He still glared at me, but there was a different emotion coming from his eyes now. I still

saw anger and annoyance. But there was also something there that seemed unsatisfied.

As if I held some unmet expectation.

He held my eyes for a few seconds. Then, through clenched teeth, he finally responded.

"Walk into Building A. It's the first door on the right."

"Um. Yes. First door on the right. Th-thank you."

He nodded so quickly I wasn't sure if I had even really seen it. The window rolled back up. I

quickly walked away towards the office. And, even though the window was rolled up, I could

somehow still feel his eyes on me as I walked. It was then that I realized that I didn't even know

his name.