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Chapter 22: La Isla de Quatro Almas- The Path

"Land Ahoy!" Samuel called out.

It was barely twilight. The light of the rising sun outlined the island. Inuyasha wearily walked out of the cabin, his hair a huge mess. Kagome put on her under garments and a robe. She joined her husband at the bow, the cold spray of the ship's wake making her shiver. Inuyasha put his arm around her.

"After we leave this island, our lives will change forever."

Inuyasha whispered in her ear, his right ear twitching from the same spray that was misting Kagome. Though Kagome found it cute, she developed a lump in her throat from what he had just said. She saw the tall peak that was on the map. It was high and steep. The island looked pretty big in itself. Kagome then held onto Inuyasha, giving off the scent of fear.

"Everything will be fine, luv. I promise" then he bent down to whisper in her ear, "I promise I will protect you."

Originally, Inuyasha was going to leave the girls on the ship, but he knew that Kagome would not let him. They looked around. There were no towns, no docks. This island was desolate and uninhabited from the looks of it. Kagome tuned and laid her head against his shoulder.

"I'll trust you as always…" She whispered.

The tone in her voice sent electricity up his spine. He held her tighter.

"Com'on you two!" Miroku yelled, we have to get to land, I'd like to get as far as we can before nightfall."

Inuyasha growled, "Hey! You sound like the captain! I'm the only captain on this ship!"

Miroku rolled his eyes as he picked up a bag to load it onto on of the row boats. Inuyasha glared at his direction.

"Com'on, He's right," She said as she took his hand and began to walk back toward the Captain's quarters.

Inuyasha walked a few steps behind, but he stayed outside to watch the men. After about 10 minutes, Kagome came out of the cabin and the crew stopped and their jaws dropped.

"I couldn't very well get any of my expensive dresses dirty, now can I?"

She smiled as she strutted out in a pair of black trousers, belt and cover bun, and a loose, white shirt, her hair pulled back.

"Are those…m…my clothes?"

Inuyasha shuddered, in a good way, seeing his lovely wife dressed as a buccaneer. She walked up to him and winked, then walked to the boat. Inuyasha almost fell to his knees. His tongue has almost hanging out.

"Com'on lover boy we…Holy…"

Miroku paused as he spotted Sango, dressed in his clothes. She gave a sassy smile and joined Kagome. Kagome looked as the crew stared at them.

"You can close your mouths now."

Everybody blushed and continued to work. Miroku gave a sly smile and reached around Sango, lowering his hand,

"You look quite Sex…"

She slapped his hand,

"Don't you even, hentai."

"I find your accent so cute!"

"You have one too!"

"Yah, but…not as strong…and cute…"

He tried to make a move on her, but she was one step ahead of him.


She growled. He cleared his throat and continued to work. Kagome and Sango looked at eachother and shook their heads. Shippou jumped inside the row boat.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Paul asked while eyeing him.

"Kagome and the Captain said I can come!"

Inuyasha threw a bag in and said,

"That's right. He might come in handy to scout, get into small spaces,"

Then he got a evil smile,

"…and he'd be great live bait if any Jaguars would come into camp."

Shippou got scared with tears in his eyes as he whined,


He cried. Inuyasha turned got caught her scent behind him. She was seriously mad - pissed would be more the proper word. Nervously he turned around And gave a stern, "Oh yah?" Look, but then he gave a took of terror as began to get a good, hair-blowing, yelling from his wife. Sango and Miroku stood back, both with fear on their faces.

"She's scary when she's mad!"

Miroku observed.

Sango sighed and nodded.

They arrived on shore to the sounds of monkeys and Macaws, meaning this ship was near the Yucatan Peninsula. They had stayed a bit north before. The Pirates cove was just 250 miles south east of New Orleans. Inuyasha helped the girls out of the boat. Kagome unrolled the map.

"About a mile west is the beginning of the trail, where the bones point."

Sango shivered,

"Great! I've read the books, we'll see bodies of pirates and disgusting stuff, not to mention booby traps!"

Inuyasha gleamed a tooth full grin as her and said,

"Yep! It'll be fun."

He snickered. Sango sighed and looked to Kagome.

"Maybe we should stay on the ship."

Kagome was shaky and evidently scared, but she got out of her mouth,

"Come on, Sango-chan…where's…your sense of adventure?"

Inuyasha smiled as he picked up a pack,

"That's my girl!"

Kagome gave him a doubtful look,

"Heh…that's me…adventurous."

Inuyasha passed her by, flicking her on the nose lightly,

"Kagome, you are the bravest person I know. Only the bravest person…Or the utter most fool would ever stand up to me. You drove me nuts! You are brave and adventurous! Show me that women I first met!"

Kagome's face lightened,

"You know, you're right!"

He smiled,

"Of course I am."