A/N: This is the last chapter in this series of journal entries. The boys will soon reach a new place in life and in their relationship, so I wated to make that one a totally new series. I hope you enjoyed this!
P.S. Sorry it took so long to write and update. Real life got in the way.

May 15, 2007

We have a problem on our hands. Yes, I know we have all been too busy to write in this thing, and I know that it shouldn't be at work, but there really was no choice. I can't exactly tell you face to face or over the phone, so you will have to read it.

Boys, we have been found out. It's not as bad as what it could have been, but now we are going to have to tread on water. It was Catherine who figured it all out, and I am proud of her for how she figured it out. But boys, be careful. Don't do anything that could give away to anyone else, especially not Sara or Ecklie. Cath has agreed not to say anything to anyone, and I want Nicky to tell Warrick, just in case Catherine slips and tells him herself.

It really was brilliant how she found us out. I thought she had followed us, but nope. She watched us. She would watch how we interacted with each other, and she would see us coming in to work together. There was no way she would believe that we car-pooled because Nicky's apartment is clear cross town from my townhouse.

On a better note, we are getting closer to catching the Miniature Killer. I have been making my own miniatures, and it is interesting. Not only does it give me something productive to do with my hands, but I can get into the mind of the killer a bit. This person has to be meticulous and very patient. It's hard to get everything perfect and can get aggravating.

I really think we are on to something there. What really aggravated me was seeing Lady Heather last week. She is a great friend, but to see her like that nearly made me lose it. I don't understand how someone could hire another to kill them, and to think that Heather would do something like that just confused me. I know she was hurt when Zoƫ died, but to kill herself just seemed a bit drastic. At least I was able to get her grand-daughter to her, so maybe she will have a chance at being in the little girls' life.

There is also something else I was thinking about. It might seem a bit un-Grissomish, but I have always wanted a child of my own. I know you two love kids, and I think that maybe, just maybe we should think about adopting. We'll have to think long and hard on that one. If we do adopt, it would mean a new chapter in our lives; a chapter I think we are all ready for.

Goodbye my boys.