This story is based off of an actual dream I had. I wrote a short story for it and decided to make it into a fanfic with the ToS characters. The main pairing in this story is going to be... Kratos and Anna! A Kranna! Yay! And it's an AU! Double yay!

I'll also go ahead and explain how this story is going to be set up. The italics are the dreams that Kratos and Anna are having in THEIR point of view. The day that follows is also from their point of view. For example, chapter one starts with Anna's dream and Anna's day and if you pay attention to each chapter, you might catch the little interaction that the two don't realize they're having. (insert evil laughter here.)

I'll also explain the ages. Keep in mind, this is an AU story, so I seriously messed with the ages. Lloyd, Sheena, Anna, and Regal are all 18 and Colette is 17 at the beginning of the story. All of them are Seniors at their high school. Genis and Mithos are freakin' geniuses, who are Seniors when they're only 14 years old. Presea is pretty smart too, and she's 15 and a Junior. Alicia is a Freshman and is 14 years old. That leaves Zelos, Kratos, Yuan, Martel, and Raine as 19 years old and Freshman in College.

Also, Kratos and Lloyd are BROTHERS. I realize this goes against all ToS religion as we know it, but that's the only way I could get it to work in my story. They are brothers without a father (because he died), so Lloyd looks up to Kratos as his brother and somewhat of a father figure. That's how their relationship started out at the beginning of the game, right? So, I think it's okay to use this for their story. And if it makes you feel better, you can say that Kratos is Kratos Junior.

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CHAPTER 1: Sunday Night/Monday

I look around. I'm on the outside of Colette Brunel's house, standing by my car. I close the door and go inside the house, which has taken on the semblance of a mansion. Colette immediately runs up to me and greets me with a hug. She then proceeds to introduce me to al of her single guy friends at her party. Many of them I know or recognize, but several of the guys I'm meeting for the first time.

There is one guy, standing with a group of males around a video game console, that stands out to me, like white among the black background of life. He is tall and muscular, but not bodybuilder buff. He is wearing a dark blue polo shirt with white stripes and casual denim jeans. He's at ease with all of the people around him, whom he towers over. His hair is a messy auburn, falling into his eyes. Colette calls to him and he turns his head, making me aware of his rich mahogany brown eyes. The three of us walk towards each other.

"Anna, I'd like you to meet Kratos. Kratos, this is one of my best friends, Anna." Colette says with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you." I offer a bright smile.

"And you as well." Kratos replies in his deep baritone voice and with an incline of his head. "You're new around here, aren't you?"

"That I am." I reply sheepishly. "Is it that obvious?"

"Not at all." he chuckles.

I'm somewhat surprised to find out how we talk very easily. Of course, I do the most talking.

"Hey, guys! Let's go to the barn!" Colette calls to her guests. "There's more room up there!"

The party moves up to her barn, where we work on bringing in her horses and then proceed to use the pasture for ourselves. We play the human knot games, winding up in several awkward positions for everyone. As the twilight falls on the land, we all retreat back into the mansion-like house and watch a movie as Colette's family works on getting the bonfire and such set up outside. Watching the movie, Kratos and I cuddle together somewhat and slip off into a doze, storing our energy for the rest of the night. When we wake, he gets up and goes to the fridge, pulling out a Coke.


My eyes open. I lay in my bed for a few moments after I turn off the blaring alarm. I close my eyes and sigh, my lips curling into a smile. I savor the feeling of complete happiness that had occompanied the dream. After a few moments, I steel myself to look at the alarm clock. IT's 7:30 in the morning.

"Crap!" I exclaim, springing out of bed, hurrying to prepare for school. "I hate Mondays!"


After school, I wait outside for Colette to give her the sad news. It's December the 10th of 2007. Tomorrow is Colette's 18th birthday. I sigh. She had been a really good friend to me since I moved here, to this small town in North Carolina, at the end of summer. She had been bright and open to me from the beginning and had helped me to adjust here. She had even helped me to get connections- er, friends- around the school.

Colette's golden hair shines in the cold winter sun. "Anna! There you are!"

"Hey, Colette. How was your day?" I grin at her.

"Ah, same old, same old, y'know?" Colette giggles. "Were you waiting for me?"

"Yeah, actually. I have some bad news for you." I sigh and apologetically say, "I can't make it to the best friends celebratory dinner tomorrow. I've got to work."

"Oh, don't worry about it." Colette waves it off.

"How would you like to grab a cookie from the bakery and go to PetsMart to look at the dogs they have for adoption?" I grin winningly at her.

"You had me at 'cookie!'" Colette laughs. "Let's go!"

We get into my cherry red Dodge Stratus and I pull out of the student parking lot. As I stop at the corner of the lot, a dark blue Toyota Tacoma drives by and I see Lloyd, Colette's boyfriend, waving out of the passenger window. We laugh and wave back at him, our eyes hidden behind sunglasses. Lloyd is the jock king at our school, you name it, he plays it. Colette could be considered the prep queen, but she's too nice to be labelled a prep. She is very involved in the community and is the head of the cheerleaders.

As I pull out of the lot, Colette spies her present and eagerly picks it up to examine it.

"You can open it now or wait." I offer.

"I'll wait. Don't you dare forget it on Friday, now!" Colette attempts to be intimidating and fails miserably.

I laugh and assure her, "I won't!"


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