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CHAPTER 6: Friday Night


Colette's birthday bash is scheduled to start at 8:00 and run until midnight. I glance up at the clock on the wall, tearing my eyes from the really good historical fiction movie I'm watching on TLC and see that it's 7:00. Better start getting ready.

By the time I finish my preparations and have triple-checked to make sure I have everything I need, it's 7:45. One last time, I give a satisfied glance to the mirror and my reflection,

Colette and Sheena helped me select this outfit at the mall when we went on Wednesday. The shirt is white and short-sleeved on the top with a graphic design on it that mostly figured on love, with words, roses, stars, hearts, and a vague angel fading in and out in red and gold. On the back, there's a small heart with wings between my shoulders and a pair of red sleeves make it a long-sleeved shirt. Denim blue jeans with red stitches and glitter are on my legs and a pair of red and white athletic shoes finish the outfit. I took time during the movie to paint my fingernails red with small stars along the edges. I'm also wearing my ruby rings and some gold hoops are seen from my ears. My hair, since it's so long, is down with my bangs pulled back into a ponytail. I'm also wearing a little bit of makeup- some pink eyeshadow, a little foundation and blush, and some lip gloss.

With a satisfied smirk to myself, I gather my things and head over to Colette's, waiting until the last moment to spray my customary body mist on myself. Confidence and self assurance oozing from me, I set off to Colette's door, ready for anything.



Guys are ready for anything in about five to ten minutes. This is a rule and everyone knows it to be true. So, with that in my mind, I have to prepare quickly to make it to Colette's party on time. I've already got Lloyd yelling at me to hurry up, so I look around my cluttered room.

I discover a white muscle shirt and quickly throw it on. and quickly follow it with a long sleeved white shirt and a blue short-sleeved shirt on top of that. Layers are the key tonight because it's supposed to be cold. I also manage to uncover a pair of denim blue jeans from under a pile of clothes at the foot of my bed and a pair of white and blue athletic shoes are unearthed from my closet. Since I'm finished dressing, I quickly brush my messy hair and brush my teeth, followed by washing my face. I spray on some of my cologne and grab my leather jacket and Colette's present, sailing out the door with Lloyd annoying me about hurrying up.

We find ourselves at Colette's soon enough. Lloyd's out of the truck like a shot and I take a moment to glance around. The party's already started, with bonfires roaring into the approaching night. I make my way to the front door and let myself in, spotting Colette and Lloyd right away.

"Kratos! Hey!" Colette hugs me.

With an affectionate grin at the girl, I hug her back. She might be ditzy sometimes, but she's really a good person. "Hey, Colette, happy birthday. Where do you want your present?"

"Kratos, you didn't have to get me anything!" Colette said, astonished and humble at the same time. "The presents go over there."

She motions to a table that's already laden with gifts. I nod. "Okay, thanks."

"Help yourself to the food and drinks, Kratos, and have fun!" Colette chirps after me.

I wave a hand over my shoulder to show my acknowledgement. Placing the soft pink present on the table, I quickly grab a coke and glance around. I spot Yuan, Martel, and several other friends and go over to them. I indiscreetly join them. Since no one's noticed me, I say, "Hey, guys." I smirk at their reactions.

Mithos, Martel's blonde headed and blue eyed younger brother, nearly jumps out of his skin beside of Genis, his best friend, as well as Lloyd's, with his flyaway white hair and sapphire eyes. Raine, Genis' older sister with short white hair and her own ocean blue eyes, merely sips her drink from beside Yuan. Regal, one of my close friends, stands with his sky blue hair smoothed somewhat and sky blue eyes twinkling, a smirk around his mouth. Beside him is his girlfriend, Alicia, with her pink hair put into two little pigtails and her young blue eyes startled. There was a five year age difference between them, but the two were meant to be together. Alicia's older sister, Presea, has her pink hair in two plaits beside of Genis and her calculating blue eyes merely gave me a vaguely amused glance, She and Genis were going out.

"It's about time you got here." Yuan gives me a noogie. I break his hold and put him in a headlock. He tries feebly to get out, knowing that we're just messing around with each other.

I release him with a triumphant smirk and say, "So, what's everyone up to?"



I finally reach Colette's front door after fighting the already raging partiers. I get inside and notice the table with a mountain of gifts. I quickly add mine and glance around for Colette. There was no need to.

Colette tackles me in a hug from behind. "You made it! I've been keeping an eye out for you. I have some more friends to introduce you to. Zelos and Sheena are on their way." She leads me towards a large group in a circle in the middle of the living room.

I laugh, not bothering to resist. Colette had many friends and I was still settling in here, so it wasn't like it was a big deal. She chirps to the group, "Hey, everyone, I have someone here for you to meet."

I notice Genis, Mithos, Alicia, and Presea, some of our fellow schoolmates.

"Oh, hey, how're you doing?" Genis gives me a friendly grin.

"Great, thanks."

Colette goes around the circle and suddenly my eyes land on him. The man in my dreams. The same one that had been plaguing me, torturing me, His messy auburn hair, his warm mahogany eyes, his tall, sexy body, his aristocratic nose. Kratos.



As Colette introduces everyone to the girl, I glance around, wondering who else was here. When it came to my turn, I let my eyes settle on her and suddenly I'm startled by the intensity of kindness in the warm brown eyes that confront me. But those brown eyes weren't just any brown eyes. I knew them, from a land within my dreams.

It was her, the girl I'd been dreaming of for the past five nights. Her thick brown hair, her eyes, her curvy body, the eternal smirk around her red lips. Anna.


"... and Anna, this is Kratos, Lloyd's brother. Kratos, this is Anna. She moved here a few months ago." Colette introduces the two.

"Really? That would explain why I've never seen you before." Kratos says to Anna in his rich, deep voice.

Anna smirks. "And yet, somehow, I already know you."

"Colette! C'mere!" Lloyd calls over the large, rambunctious crowd. Everyone's heads except Kratos' and Anna's turn to see Lloyd with a pinata and a stick in his hand.

Mithos gives an evil smirk, "Oh, this ought to be really interesting."

"A pinata!?" Colette squeaks. "But..."

"Don't worry, Colette, we've made sure you won't accidentally hit anyone." Raine assures the clumsy senior.

"Well... if you say so." Colette finds herself pulled away by the group. Anna and Kratos are left behind.

"Would you like to watch this from a safe point of view?" Kratos chuckles.

"Sure. I'm gonna grab a drink first, though." Anna answers. "And maybe some popcorn..."

Kratos laughs and leans over the counter to grab a drink. "Cherry Coke, right?"

"Thanks." Anna accepts it and the two sit on a couch a safe distance away from Colette and the stick- er, pinata. "Don't you find this even the least bit strange? We've never met before and yet, we have."

"Well, of course, but, really, I'm relieved." Kratos says, watching Lloyd blind Colette.

"Relieved? Why?" Anna sips her drink, cautiously watching Colette swing at the pinata.

"Because you're real."

Anna tears her eyes from Colette missing the pinata and nearly knocking a certain red-headed Zelos unconscious. Kratos can tell that she's giving him her full attention and wants his as well. He turns his mahogany eyes on her and explains, "When I woke up this morning, I had to tell myself that there wasn't any way for you to exist outside of my dreams. You're just too wonderful to exist in the real world: I'd have to go on dreaming about you. But, now, I don't have to dream about holding you, talking with you, kissing you. Because you're real. You're right here, in front of me, breathing, alive."

Kratos stops abruptly, out of words to say, and waits for her reaction.

Anna smiles at him. "You're definitely the guy I've been dreaming about. I feel the same way."

The two hear Colette give the pinata a satisfying thwack! and spill candy onto the ground. They disregard the candy and stare into each other's eyes. Without warning, Kratos embraces here, cradling her in his arms. She rests her head against his chest and listens to his heart beat as her hands rest on his back.

After a few moments, though, they pull apart and talk as if picking up from their dreams. They converse for a little whilte, then come to a unanimous decision to go outside and dance.

As Kratos pulls up Anna, the two hear a sugary sweet voice say, "Oh, hey, Kratos!"

Kratos and Anna turn to see a girl with aqua green hair curled around her face and a slather of gold eyeshadow around her green eyes. She wore a gold sweater and white pants with white boots.

Kratos glumly replies, "Hey, Pronyma."

"Aw, Krats, why don't you sound happier to see me?" Pronyma accuses Anna, "Is this girl bothering you?"

"No, she's not. Anna, this is Pronyma." Kratos mutters under his breath to Anna, "My stalker ex."

Anna nods her comprehension as she says to Pronyma, "It's nice to meet you."

"And you. Actually, Krats, if you don't mind, could I talk to her for a moment?" Pronyma gives a sultry smile to the two.

Kratos glances at Anna, uncomfortable with the idea of leaving her alone with his psycho ex. She shrugs and nods, mouthing, "I'm a big girl."

Kratos nods back and says, "Then I'm just going to get some chips."

The instant that Kratos is out of earshot, Pronyma shows her true colors. She snarls to Anna, "Listen, you pathetic groupie, you're hanging onto my man here. You stay away from him or else."

Anna's face morphs into one of disgust. "I'm sorry, I don't think he's yours anymore. I think you need to-"

Pronyma loomed over Anna, "Maybe you didn't hear me, beyotch. Open your ears and listen when I talk. I said-"

"I heard what you said, beyotch. Your head needs to unearth itself from your as and listen to me. Kratos will pick who he likes and loves. You just aren't the right material for him. So, I suggest getting the hel outta Dodge and leave. Now." Anna snaps, her dangerous temper flaring.

"Anna! What's going on?" Colette asked, Lloyd in tow. "You're cursing. Why are you so mad?"

"This stalker beyotch is telling me to stay the hel away from Kratos because he's hers. Like hel I'm gonna stand for that!" Anna rages at Pronyma, who's taken on the facade of a sweet girl once again.

"Oh, Colette, just listen to her. She knows that Kratos and I used to go out. She's just jealous that he's still got feelings for me." Pronyma gives a sad look to Anna, whose glare was rival to Kratos' at the moment.

"Shut the hel up, Pronyma. Why are you here? No one here invited you and I sure as hel know that Kratos wouldn't invite you." Lloyd says with disgust in his voice.

"I thought I had a long standing invitation, so I thought I'd come visit everyone." Pronyma coolly replies.

"I don't think so. Pronyma, your so called 'longstanding invitation' is revoked. I don't want to see you around here ever again. And if I ever catch word that you're after Kratos, you will regret it." Colette suddenly said with a chilly tone in her usually kind voice. "Security! Take this girl outside of my property and make sure she doesn't try to come back."

Regal, with his muscleature, stand with Yuan and Zelos, both fairly muscled themselves, and the three of them lift Pronyma with an evil look on their faces. They carry her above their heads, chanting, "Security coming thought with a party-crasher! Make way!"

Pronyma screams and curses everyone within her hearing range.

Anna calms herself down and gives Colette an apologetic glance. Colette shakes her head with a grin. "It's fine. None of us like her, anyways. Just be happy with Kratos, okay?"

Anna blushes as Colette walks away with Lloyd on her arm, a smile on both of their faces.

Kratos immediately takes her place. "I'm sorry! I had no idea that she-"

Anna shakes her head. "It wasn't a problem. Why don't we go dance now?"

Kratos stares, then bursts into laughter. "Remind me to never get you mad."


The party finishes and everyone leaves, going to their cars. Just like in the dream, Kratos places his jacket around Anna's shoulders, even though it was pretty cold. She gives him a greateful smile as they make their way to their cars. Once they reach them, they laugh, discovering that they had parked right beside each other.

Anna leans against her car. "... Kratos?"

He leans beside her. "Yes?"

With a small blush on her cheeks, Anna admits, "I'm so glad you're not just a dream."

Kratos smiles at her, then pulls her to him as he leans against the car. He wraps his arm around her waist and lifts her chin up with his other hand. With a smile at her, he leans in and brushes his lips against hers. She smiles into his lips and kisses him.

As they kiss, they suddenly find that the world isn't as cold as they thought it was.


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