No Longer the Zeppo 3

By Shannon K

A/N: This is a sequel to No Longer the Zeppo and No Longer the Zeppo 2, BTVS/Kindred the Embraced crossover stories. It might be best if you read the first two stories to understand where I am going with this one. I am setting this story about three years, approximately, after No Longer the Zeppo 2 which was set three years after the closing of the Hellmouth.

Xander is my primary focus in this story once again. I am not a true Buffy-hater; I just like the character of Xander more. I also enjoy the characters of Dawn and Tara (which was another under utilized character in the show). All three characters are fun to write and have more possibilities than the characters of Buffy and Willow. Characters not from BTVS refer to Xander as Alex, as a way to show that he has changed, and is no longer the goof-ball that the Sunnydale people still associate him as being; however Dawn and Tara will occasionally slip and call him Xander because of the familiarity between them. I plan on trying to make this a darker story while staying true to the spirit of the characters. Hopefully this will work out. If you find any thing that is horrifyingly wrong (especially when I describe San Francisco – even though I just went there on vacation – woo-hoo, my first trip by myself and to the West Coast!), please let me know or just chalk it up to my bizarre imagination. I always appreciate comments and constructive criticisms, so feel free to hit the review button or send me a private message. I tend to reply in as timely of a manner as I can manage and I hope you know how much I appreciate the time you took to do so.

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS and Kindred the Embraced. Their respective characters belong to richer, luckier people. If I did, I wouldn't be working for the public school system. However, any characters that you don't readily recognize are mine to use and abuse.

Warnings: Potty language, violence, blood, brief sexuality, and mild gore

Anyhow, on with the story…


Alex, Emily, and Alexia were sitting there on the couch, watching, for possibly the thousandth time, Finding Nemo, Alexia's favorite movie. It was only 7:30 at night and even though tomorrow was a school day, the adults said that she could watch the movie until her bedtime, 8:00 pm sharp.

Alexia was currently sitting on Emily's lap as she watched the movie while having her hair long brown hair combed out from having her hair washed earlier. She sat there transfixed by the movie, watching Nemo trying to escape from the dentist's nutty niece.

"Fish in hair! Fish in hair," Alexia crowed, repeating the movie's dialogue, bouncing up and down excitedly.

"Lexi, would you please sit still?" Emily asked, exasperated, trying to untangle the girl's hair with a wide-toothed comb but was being thwarted by a wriggling five year old.

Alex, once known as Xander in his youth, sat there, not watching the movie for it had lost its charm after seeing it a hundred times before. Instead, he sat there, contented to watch his daughter, marveling how lucky he was to have such a precious thing like her.

He also watched his partner (she was far beyond the girlfriend stage, but they weren't legally married, and mate was so bestial, therefore partner was the best he could come up with), Emily. He had brought an unexpected child, from a previous relationship, into their relationship and while many people would run far away, she had welcomed the girl and embraced the idea that she could be a mother to someone. For all intents and purposes (and legality), Emily was Alexia's mother in every way possible but through genetics. Alexia even referred to her as her mom.

Over all, despite the peculiarities that their family held, they formed a tight-knit unit, intensely loyal and highly protective of each other.

So as of right now, they sat there, watching the movie, enjoying each other's company, if not the movie.

In the middle of the scene where Nemo was busy trying to save himself and the tuna from the fishermen, the phone rang.

Alex reached blindly down by his side to grab the phone that he had earlier tossed onto the floor. He looked at the caller id display but did not recognize the number.

"Yeah?" he asked, not really caring how rude he sounded. He knew it wasn't his mother or anybody he knew in San Francisco, so he really didn't care if he pissed them off.

"Xander?" a crying voice asked.

"Yes?" he asked, sitting up straighter. Nobody called him Xander anymore – except for a certain few.

"It's Dawn. I need your help," the young woman sobbed. "Buffy and Willow are dead."

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