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Hush, Potter...

Severus Snape was stalking down the hallways of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, making his usual rounds as he searched for students that were out of bounds and out of bed when they were not supposed to be. He had covered the first floor and was just reaching the second floor landing when he heard something that he knew meant trouble.

"What in the name of Merlin...?" Severus asked in more of a grumble to himself. His dark eyes narrowed as he looked around. He waited to see if the sound he had heard would occur again, and surely enough, there was a muffled scream coming from an empty classroom not ten feet away from the Potions teacher. "Hm," he hummed and silently swept forward and into the room.

Once inside the room, he froze in shock, eyes no longer narrowed but wide in disbelief. His mouth fell open slightly, and he could not seem to move momentarily. What he saw before him was something that he never thought he would see in Hogwarts. He knew, that as a Death Eater, he saw many things most people would go crazy after witnessing, but mere children were not supposed to do something like this, and that's what the students were to Severus, mere children.

But, it should not have been too surprising because it was a sixth year Slytherin, one that had been raised by Death Eaters, had probably seen what sorts of things the Death Eaters did. The Slytherin may have been ordered by their parents or even the Dark Lord himself to commit this act. Severus could not believe that one of his students from his own house would ever step so low as to rape someone. And who was that someone? It was none other than Harry Potter.

Harry was crying out with each violent thrust. His body ached in ways he never knew it could, and that was saying something since he had been injured many times and in many different ways over the years. He did not know the name of the Slytherin that was attacking him, but he did know it was Slytherin because he could see the patch on the front of the student's robe, a snake against a green background. Of course it would be a Slytherin.

"No...! Stop it! S-s-st-stop, please," Harry begged and tried to escape, pushing the Slytherin away, but it was all futile. "It hurts," he cried loudly. He was shivering uncontrollably, and his eyes were clenched shut tight. His glasses laid discarded and broken on the floor beside them.

"No way, Potter," the Slytherin smirked as he pumped into the Golden Boy, "you deserve this, for what you have done. You sent my father to Azkaban, my mother was lucky to not have to go there as well! This is my revenge, my father's revenge, my mother's revenge, and the Dark Lord was right behind us! He said that if I did this, I would be accepted as a Death Eater quicker!" He talked as he tangled his hands in Harry's dark locks of hair. He forced the Gryffindor to look up at him, to see the manic grin on the Slytherin's face.

Harry tried to yank his head from the other boy's grip, but it was no use. He met those cold eyes and attempted a glare of his own. That glare did not do much good, however, because he was hurting. Instead, he grimaced and cried and flinched with every touch from the Slytherin. Harry suddenly let out a loud scream as the Slytherin finally hit his climax.

Severus seemed to snap out of his shock at the scream that had issued from Harry. His eyes flaring angrily, he stomped closer to the pair. He would not condone Death Eater activities to occur inside Hogwarts if he could help it. The children were supposed to be safe at Hogwarts. Even Potter was to be promised that safety, though trouble still found a way to get to him time and again.

"What is going on here?" Severus thundered as he loomed over the two students. He watched as the Slytherin pulled away from Harry, letting the Gryffindor collapse to a pile of robes and bruised and battered skin on the floor. "Well?"

"Oh, nothing, Professor," the Slytherin smirked in a way to say that he had just accomplished something great for his Lord, all while pulling his cloak tighter around him, "just teaching Potter here a little lesson."

Harry let out a choked sob from the floor, unwilling to look up. "I hate you.. I hate you," he said softly, sniffling and trying to curl into as small of a ball as he could.

"Good," the Slytherin student grunted, "because I hate you too." He idly kicked Harry in the side before turning to the Potions Master. He looked quite pleased with himself, a victorious smirk on his face.

Severus's eyes hardened further and instead of returning that gloating smile to the Slytherin student, he scowled at the boy. "Ten points from Slytherin," he hissed dangerously, noticing the absent shrug the Slytherin student gave, "now, you, go to my office and wait on my return. We will discuss your punishment after I take Mr. Potter to the Hospital Wing."

Looking like he had been promised wealth and power, the Slytherin sixth year meandered out of the room at a leisurely pace. He figured that, for the sake of the position as a teacher, Severus had to take at least a few points from Slytherin, but the boy thought he would be in no more trouble. Severus had always favored his Slytherins.

Harry heard what Severus had said as well, and he wanted to die. Why couldn't one of the other professors have saved him instead? Then that Slytherin would surely pay, but it sounded to Harry like Severus was still looking out for his little Snakes.

Severus, on the other hand, was so much farther from letting that Slytherin slide by for what he had done. The boy was to be expelled within the next day, if Severus could help it. Before that, however, he had to get Harry to the Hospital Wing and make sure the Gryffindor was all right. So, once the Slytherin boy was out of ear shot, Severus knelt down. "Mr. Potter, get up. Come on, up you go," he said as softly as he could muster.

Harry shook his head stubbornly. Then, he looked up at Severus with desperate eyes. "Am.. Am I only worth ten points, Professor?" he asked meekly, his throat sore from screaming. He sounded somewhat hoarse as well.

Severus sighed and forced himself to calm down. It would not do to snap at the boy after such an experience. He kept his voice as soft and gentle as possible, his heart swelling at how Harry had spoken. "No, Potter, you are worth more than that, much more," he muttered, being careful of not touching Harry. He was afraid he may scare him.

"Then.. th-then, why," Harry let his question trail off as he coughed roughly a few times.

"Hush," Severus urged the Gryffindor gently, "hush... I had to take away some points, but I did not want to take too many, seeing as the boy will be expelled by this time tomorrow. I am a Slytherin myself," he smirked, "so why not feed the boy some false hope?"

Harry moaned, his body collapsing back onto the floor in rebellion. "It.. hurts," he near-whispered, trying to hide his face in his arms, "Professor.. it hurts," he groaned and hugged his arms around himself, eyes clenched shut, "Oh, I hate him... I hate him...! Why is it always me?!" he screamed in a hoarse voice that cracked a few times.

Severus did not say a word. Harry was distressed and trying to talk to Harry at the moment would not be possible, the Boy-Who-Lived wouldn't listen anyway. He watched as Harry screamed and cried and cursed and beat his fist against the hard floor until he was sure the boy had broken his wrist. Harry was starting to go too far, so Severus finally stepped in.

"Potter," Severus said softly, "you're hurting yourself... Calm down." He moved forward and cautiously set a hand on the boy's shoulder. It was roughly shaken back off when Harry jerked and pushed himself as far away from the Potions Master as he could. "Potter," he said again, trying to get the boy to look at him.

"No! Leave me alone," Harry snapped, eyes staring unseeingly at the floor. He gritted his teeth and pushed himself to his feet, but then he stumbled back until he fell against the wall and slid back to the floor. He was shaking, and tears were racing down his cheeks. Harry tried to get to his feet again, succeeding for a few seconds before taking another tumble to the ground, where his head slapped against the floor, a harsh thud resounding in the room.

"Potter, stop!" Severus exclaimed sternly, "What in Merlin's name are you trying to do? Kill yourself?" he asked in a rhetorical question. He moved to lay his hand on the boy's shoulder once again, but his hand was slapped away violently.

"I'm going to.. go find that Sl-Slytherin, an-and, kick his ass," Harry grumbled angrily. His head was throbbing in pain, and he could feel a monster headache coming on, but he ignored the pain. It was not as if pain was something he was not used to. It seemed like he had a permanent bed in the Hospital Wing. The year had been going good so far, all things considered, then what happens? He's attacked by none other than a Slytherin.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Severus said with a small smirk, "language, Mr. Potter. Shall I take points off?" He was just kidding, trying to get Harry to calm down. Apparently, his plan was not working too well, however.

Harry glared at his Professor. "Just leave me alone, Snape," he demanded hoarsely.

Severus sneered at Harry. "Manners, Potter, manners. I am your Professor. Now, listen to me," he said, sounding annoyed. When Harry continued to struggle to stand up, Severus sighed in exasperation and grabbed the boy's arm, pulling the both of them up to a standing position. "What are you trying to accomplish, Potter?" he asked.

"I told you," Harry snapped, "I'm.. I'm going to make that s-slimy Snake p-pay for.. for what he did. Now, let go of me!" He yanked and pulled, his efforts futile. "Just please let me go," he groaned weakly, his shaking knees giving way and buckling beneath him.

Severus's breath caught in his throat, and his other arm reached out to grab Harry around the waist, effectively pulling the boy to him in an awkward hug. "Hush," he murmured and slowly sunk down to his knees, wrapping both arms around the Gryffindor, who had begun to struggle. "Hush," he repeated quietly.

Harry struggled to escape. He wanted to run down the hallways and to Severus's office to where that Slytherin boy probably say smirking. He wanted to take the Snake's wand away and snap it in half, beat him to a pulp, and then throw him to the animals in the Forbidden Forest. He wanted to get out of those safe, warm arms. He.. he didn't really know what he wanted anymore. So, he cried. He buried his face in the folds of Severus's cloak and cried.

Severus sighed and stroked the boy's back absently. "That's it... Let it out and hush... Calm down," he kept muttering the same things over and over again, his body relaxing to the feel of holding Harry. He rocked slightly and ran his fingers through the boy's dark locks of hair in order to comfort him.

"It's not fair," Harry sobbed, "it's not fair..." He kept rambling on as the tears continued to fall. To tell the truth, he really did not even know why he was crying. He told himself that it was because of that Slytherin raping him, but it could have been that everything always seemed to happen to him. It could have been the way Severus was acting, the way his Potions teacher was trying to comfort him. Harry did not really know, but all the same, he cried. He cried until he wore himself out. When he was sure he had cried all of his tears and that there were no more to shed, he slid into unconsciousness with a small sigh, clinging desperately to Severus.

Once Severus heard Harry's sobs stop, he continued to whisper softly until the boy's breathing evened out, signaling that he was no longer awake. Carefully, he bundled the Gryffindor into his arms and headed to the Hospital Wing. He swept into the ward and called for Madam Pomfrey in an urgent but quiet tone.

The matron hurried to Severus's side. "Yes, Severus? Oh, what happened?" she asked in worry as she motioned for the Professor to lay Harry down on one of the Infirmary beds. She did not like to see Harry in the Hospital Wing so often, and seeing Harry being brought in at close to midnight by Severus, of all people, did not bode well. She gasped when she heard what Severus had to say and immediately set about checking Harry and healing him. At one point, Madam Pomfrey had to go retrieve a potion from her stocks, leaving Severus to watch Harry momentarily.

While Madam Pomfrey was gone, he leaned over and carefully placed a soft kiss on the boy's brow. "Don't worry, Potter, you'll be fine," he whispered before straightening back up. When Madam Pomfrey returned, he nodded to her once then departed, sweeping silently from the room. He headed towards his office, where a Slytherin sat waiting to be expelled...

(( To be continued... ))

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