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Chapter 1

It was a dark, cold, stormy night. A young she-kat was running. She was running away from a murderer that had just killed her family. She didn't care when she was running, she just had to get away.

As the young she-kat neared the salvage yard, she decided to hide in there. She was starting to get dizzy as she looked for a place to hide. Within a matter of seconds she collapsed in front of the garage.

The next morning

Two tom kats woke up and got dressed in their light blue work overalls. They both went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"Morning Chance." The ginger tom kat said.

"Morning Jake." The yellow tom kat named Chance said.

A few minutes later Jake opened the garage door only to find a young she-kat unconscious. He ran over to her and checked to see if she was breathing.

"Chance get out here!" Jake yelled.

"Coming." Chance yelled back as he went to go see what Jake needed him for. "Holy kats! Where did that kid come from?"

"I don't know." Jake replied. "I just found her here when I opened the garage, she seems to be running a fever. Let's get her inside."

"Yeah we put her in the spare room."

"Yeah." Jake said as he picked up the young she-kat. He carried her inside and up the stairs to the spare bedroom. When Jake got to the spare bedroom he put her on the bed and covered her up. She started to tremble a little.

"I wonder what she was doing outside the garage?" Chance wondered.

"Well we'll ask her when she wakes up." Jake said. "For now we'll let her rest."

They both then left to let the she-kat rest.

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