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-Orochimaru captured Naruto when he was little and put him through the same transformation as Isaribi, this is how his life would be different.



A.N: If you haven't seen the episodes with Isaribi, I suggest you watch them on you tub.

They are surprisingly good for filler episodes (episodes 169-173)


A three year old blond boy runs into an ally, followed closely by an angry mob of villagers.

Soon the boy runs into a dead end and desperately turns around to come face to face with the feat and fists of the mob.

'Why me?' cried the boy in his mind

He doesn't know what he did wrong to make the villagers hate him so, all he did was walk around the town.

After an hour of beating the boy to a bloody pulp the mob dispersed, their anger finally spent, leaving the boy broken in a very large pool of his own blood.

However he was still conscious and he slowly began to crawl away.

Already most of the cuts have healed and the broken bonds are starting to mend when suddenly he notices two men standing above him.

"Amazing regeneration powers… he could be useful in perfecting my technique without having to use so up so many test subjects."

Turning to the other man he continues talking

"I could perfect the process on him and then try it out on the girl to test its effects on a normal human."

"Kukuku, I see your point. You may take the boy."

"Thank you Orochimaru-sama." with that the man bent down and grabbed Naruto and flung his now unconscious body over his shoulder.

Looking towards Orochimaru he asks, "Is there anything else you need her sir?"

"Now, let's get out of this shit hole, kukuku"


The next year went by in a haze for Naruto

It took six months for the man to get his technique down on how to perform the experiment, through a painful method of trial and error.

Naruto would have died on the first experiment if it wasn't for the Kyuubi's regeneration abilities.

But thanks to the fox, Naruto was able to heal after every mistake the man made

The last six months saw Naruto floating painfully in a tank of liquid with tubes connected to him as his body was slowly made to transform.

It was some time during this stage that Naruto discovered that he was the container for the Kyuubi.

Surprisingly he took the news well, it helped that the constant pain numbed his mind somewhat and the Kyuubi was tired from healing Naruto almost non-stop.

Also sometime during the last six months Naruto vaguely noticed another person floating in a similar tank, hooked up to the same machines he was connected to, also being transformed.

The man (A.N. I don't know his name) stood in fount of the two tank and was looking at the occupants when he herd footsteps approach behind him.

Turning around he saw that it was Orochimaru and his student Anko.

Looking at Anko the man had to hold in his laughter.

She has a look of shock, disgust, and fear spread accost her face, even as she tried to hide these emotions behind a mask.

"How are the subjects today?" asked Orochimaru

"They are ready to come out of the tanks today, sir. Subject #1 took longer than Subject #2 to complete the process because his healing abilities got in the way. But despite this setback, the change was successfully made."

(A.N: Subject #1 is Naruto and Subject #2 is Isaribi)

Looking back at the tanks the man smiled

"In fact, they are ready to come out now. Would you care to assist, Sir?"

"Kukuku, I'd love to. Anko go stand in that corner and observe what happens. I want you to notice everything."

Turning to the tanks the two men removed both occupants and put them on waiting examination tables.

Turning to the man, Orochimaru said, "It would appear that they aren't able to fully change back into normal, and there were other, unintentional, changes.

Naruto's right arm, right leg, forearm of the left arm, forehead, part of the right side of his chest, his neck, the souls of his feet, and a line under his left eye were covered in dark green scales.

Isaribi also had these same spots covered with the scales except they were on the opposite side of her body from where Naruto had his (like the way she is in the anime).

Also Naruto's sun-kissed blond hair turned a dark green-black color and his hair was less spiky. Now he has only 6 spikes of hair (three to each side) and they are all angled down with two of them acting like sideburns.

Isaribi's hair also changed form her original brown color to the same dark green-black color as Naruto.

Looking nervous and beginning to sweat, the man said, "I'm sorry Orochimaru-sama, I will have this problem fixed for the final version."

"Kukuku, see that you do."


There you have it, Naruto is just like Isaribi now (except for the Kyuubi)

I am planning on giving Isaribi a family name. I was thinking something like Meko Isaribi.

I don't know it Meko is an actual Japanese word but the name won't leave my mind.

Tell me what you think.