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"Naruto! You're going to be late for school!" Iruka called up the stairs. Naruto opened the door.

"I'll be down soon!" He called. He closed the door and cleared his throat. He turned on the recorder, took a deep breath and sang in prefect English. He finished and placed his tape in the envelope. He grabbed his orange messenger bag and ran downstairs.

"What's that Naruto?" Iruka asked as he handed Naruto some toast.

"An audition tape for that show, 'Undiscovered Stars' in America. I'm not going to make it but if I show Daisuke the letter I get he'll give me 50 yen," Naruto said opening the door.

"Ok, see you later tonight," Iruka said, "Love you-"

"Mean it," Naruto finished. He walked outside and placed his envelope in the mail box. He walked down the street to his bus stop and got on. The bus drove off to his school in Tokyo, Japan.


The manager ejected another horrible tape and pulled out the last one. Out of a million tapes only fourteen were good. He needed at least fifteen for the show. From there they would eliminate one each week until two were left. Then they would be assigned to two different bands. For a year they would tour and whoever gained the most profits would get a record label. He pressed play.

A soft angelic voice sang through the speakers in perfect English. He rechecked the envelope. 'He's from Japan alright. Well, I guess we have number fifteen.' "Hey Matt! Come listen to this." The director walked in. "What do you want David?" His eyes widened.

"Mattie! Get in here!" Matt yelled. The producer ran in. His eyes widened too and a big smile spread across his face. "Jackpot," they said together.


"Kiba! Get you're ass down here! You've got a letter!" Hana yelled. Kiba ran down the stairs tripping on the last step over one of their ten dogs. Akamaru landed on his back. He groaned and stood up. Hana giggled as she handed him the letter. Kiba opened it quickly and unfolded the paper.

"Dear Kiba Inuzuka," he read out loud, "You're sixteen year old voice is very pure and aggressive. We would love for you to come on our show, 'Undiscovered Stars'. Inside are plane tickets for you to fly to New York where our team will pick you up and bring you to your meeting with the company. We look forward to meeting you."

Kiba rubbed his eyes and threw the paper on the ground before grabbing some milk. Hana stared at him. "Kiba!" She yelled, "You made it onto the show?"

"Huh? What show?" Kiba asked milk dribbling down his face.

"Undiscovered Stars!"

"What!?" He screamed, "I never tried out!" Hana blushed.

"I recorded you when you were singing and dancing in your room," she said.

"Oh my god! Mom! Hana entered me into a contest!"

"Did you win?" His mom asked from the other room.

"Yea and he's got a plane ticket to New York," Hana answered.

"Great. Have fun son," she said.

"I can't believe I'm going to be on T.V," Kiba said collapsing on the table.

"At least it's a short ride. New York is only a two hour flight away," she pulled out the tickets, "Wait, you fly to Salt Lake City to meet up with a fellow Japanese on the flight to New York. Uzumaki Naruto." Kiba sighed and proceeded to slam his head into the table.


"So this is the letter?" Daisuke asked his blond friend. Naruto nodded. Daisuke sighed and pulled out the fifty yen. "Any idea what it means?"

"Nope, but there were plane tickets. Probably wanted to interview my dejection or something," Naruto answered taking the yen.

"Naruto, I never knew you took interest in reading English outside my class," Naruto whirled around to come face to face with Kakashi. "So tell me, what does it say?" The English teacher asked.

"Oh, um," Naruto glared at the paper trying to make out a word, "Deer Uzumaki Naruto, we at, 'Undone Stairs' are hippy to enforce you that you have been exempted to our shot." Kakashi chuckled and took up the paper.

"Dear Uzumaki Naruto," he read in perfect English, "We at 'Undiscovered Stars' are happy to inform you that you have been excepted to our show. You're angelic voice and flawless English along with unique race will be perfect for our show. Enclose are tickets to New York. We are very excited to meet you." Naruto's and Daisuke's jaws dropped. From what they understood, which was little, was Naruto won. "At Salt Lake City you will meet up with your fellow contestant Kiba Inuzuka and when you arrive in New York our team will greet you and escort to our company to meet. Safe travels."

Kakashi looked at Naruto. "You won. Have fun," Kakashi said handing him back the letter.


"Iruka! I won the contest!" Naruto screamed running through the door.

"What?! When do you leave?" Iruka asked.

"In a week, after school gets out," Naruto answered. Iruka gave him a big hug. They both stopped at the same time.

"We need to get you new clothes!" Iruka said.

"And I need to pack!" Naruto said. Iruka grabbed his keys and dragged Naruto to the car. They pulled out and hurried off to get Naruto ready for the trip of his life.


"I'm looking for an Uzumaki, last name Naruto," Kiba asked the counter lady.

"I'm sorry, no one by that name is on the list," she replied, "There is a Naruto Uzumaki though."

"That's him!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Hmmm, he's checked in already. Blond hair, blue eyes. He should be somewhere in the waiting seats," she told him. He nodded and turned around. Great. Everyone had blond hair but him. He shuffled through the blonds looking for blue eyes. "Hello. Are you Naruto?" he asked this surfer dude. He shook his head. "Are you Naruto?" The buff guy shook his head.

"Did you say Naruto?" A small, girl like voice asked behind him in Japanese. He turned around to see a boy about his height with a soft boyish face with three scars on each cheek. His big blue eyes reminded Kiba of the ocean and his spiky blond hair was as bright as the sun.

"Hai," Kiba answered. The boy stood up and bowed.

"I'm Naruto. You must be Inuzuka-san?" He asked. Kiba nodded.

"Don't you speak English?" Kiba asked. Naruto shook his head. "How did you get on the show then?"

"I memorized an English song. I never expected to get on," Naruto replied quietly.

"You know that you'll need to learn English," Kiba said.

"Wait. Really?" Naruto asked.

"Yea," Kiba said looking at the grounded. Naruto's face pouted. Man. Who could not help something so sad? "I'll teach you I guess." Naruto smiled and hugged him. Kiba's heart stopped and his breath hitched as he felt the abnormally warm body press against him. Naruto pulled back and picked up his bags. They headed on the plan with Kiba chanting in his head, 'I am not gay. I am not gay. I am not gay. I am not gay."