"Ok, right here we flip to you singing in English and here we'll flip to me in Japanese," Kiba said. They were working out their song. For the last contest, they had to both sing the same song together. Any song and they had to work out how to sing it. So far, so good.

"Got it," Naruto said nibbling on his pencil, "So you think we can make it?"

"Of course, your singing is great," Kiba said smiling. Naruto blushed and mumbled, "Thanks." Kiba sighed and leaned back. "Question is, do you think you can do your best?"

"Hell yea!" Naruto shouted, "I've got nothing to drag me down!"

"Worked it out with Ryan?" Kiba asked.

"Yea, dad is--" Naruto's eyes widened with Kiba's.

"He's your dad?" Kiba asked.

"Shhh! Yes, that's why he dumped me. He told me yesterday," Naruto explained covering Kiba's mouth.

"Wow, your going to have a fun week at home aren't you?" Kiba said with a chuckle.

"Yup, and then I meet my band. That's if we make it," Naruto said.

"That's right, if we win, we'll have to compete against each other," Kiba said quietly.

"There's no one else I'd rather compete against. This way, no matter what, neither of us will get too competitive," Naruto said smiling, "We're too good of friends for that." Kiba smiled back.

"Come on, let's practice," Kiba said standing. He gave Naruto a hand and Naruto took it.


"Naruto and Kiba, the stage is yours'," the announcer called. Kiba walked on stage wearing an open black gakuran (Japanese School Boy clothes) and a white shirt. Naruto followed out after him wearing a light blue button up shirt and a navy tie along with gray slacks. They had borrowed each other's school clothes.

"We will be singing a mixed version of the Japanese song Hikari and its English translation, Simple and Clean," Naruto said into the mic. The judges nodded. Kiba cued the music and they sang.


"That was awesome, you did great Naruto. I messed up slightly in the last chorus," Kiba said when they got off stage.

"No, you did great. I was the one who messed up the English solo I had," Naruto said smiling.

"Those two think they beat us," said the brunette from earlier, Tami.

"If they do, they'll be in for a rude awakening," said the tall girl, Christy.

"And what's that?" Kiba asked.

"You'll have to compete against each other," Tami said, "One will lose to the other. Theirs no friendship that could survive that type of competition."

"And even if we lose, we've backed ourselves up," Christy said, "We'll be in new bands too along with some of the other contestants, like Jared. You haven't seen the last of us."

"Man, and just when I thought I would never see those disgustingly oversized boobs ever again," Naruto said with a smirk. Tami's jaw dropped.

"Fag," Christy said.

"Hag," Kiba shot back.

"Oi, look at the gay couple teaming up on us Tami," Christy said.

"I'm not gay," Kiba said, blushing.

"Sure your not honey, I bet that you'll be fucking Naruto here by the end of the contest," Tami said. Naruto blushed at this.

"If that does happen, at least I'll be getting some," Naruto shot back. The girls huffed and left to the limo. Kiba smiled and gave Naruto a high five.


"And the winners are," David opened the envelope. Naruto squeezed his hands tightly and Kiba ground his fangs sharper. "Kiba and Naruto! Congratulations! Stay tuned America because next week we'll show how their week at home went and band rehearsal! Thank you and Good night!" Naruto was squealing and Kiba was doing a happy dance.

"Ok, here's your plane tickets guys," David said, handing them envelopes, "I'll be heading to Japan with Naruto and Matt will be going to Texas with Kiba. See you tomorrow bright and early for the flights home." He left.

"Bye Kiba," Naruto said giving him a hug, "See you soon?" Kiba smiled.



"Naruto! You're home!" Iruka cried. Naruto smiled as he pulled in his suitcase "So, who's the new boyfriend?" Ryan then walked through the door. "Oh, is this him?"

"Actually, yes and no," Naruto said, "This is, um, my biological father." Naruto ducked and closed his eyes.


"Iruka, calm down! We didn't know until later he was my dad," Naruto said quickly.

"It's true," Ryan said. Iruka sat down.

"So you found your father," Iruka said, "So I guess you want to go live with him now?"

"Actually," Naruto looked to Ryan, "He was wondering if he could move here."

"What? Really?" Iruka asked. Ryan nodded looking at the ground. "Of course he could. I hope we have room."

"Why wouldn't there be room?" Naruto asked.

"Iruka! Where can I place my books?" Someone called from upstairs. Naruto tweaked his eyebrows before running upstairs.

"Wait, Naruto!" Iruka said. Naruto turned into Iruka's room to come face to face with his usually masked teacher, Kakashi. 'Wow,' Naruto thought, such a perfect mouth. He just starred.

"Um Iruka, I think I accidentally turned your son gay," Kakashi called downstairs. Iruka ran up the steps and shook Naruto.

"Don't worry, he already was. But from now on, wear your mask unless you and me are alone together," Iruka said.

"Kakashi-sensei, you have a pretty mouth. Why are you here?" Naruto asked.

"I live here," Kakashi said.

"That's why you said 'If we have room.' You have a boyfriend!" Naruto said, "Why wasn't I told?"

"Well, you were away. I planned on telling you when you got back," Iruka said, "Your dad can have the guest room."

"Thanks 'Ruka," Naruto said, "Hey dad! Grab your stuff. I'll help you settle in!"


"So Naruto, where you off too?" David asked, holding up the camera.

"Going to the mall to catch up with my friends," Naruto answered in English, "They speak Japanese so you might want to get subtitles or something."

"Yea, this won't go on till two days after we return," David said.

"Daisuke!!!!" Naruto yelled. He ran up to his poor friend and glomped him into the ground. David and Ryan laughed.

"Hey Naruto," Daisuke said. He stood up and saw Ryan, "Naruto? Do you have a twin?" Naruto laughed.


"Dad? Are you ok in there?" Naruto asked from the bathroom door, "You've been in there for awhile." The door opened and Ryan walked out with a towel on his hair. "Ryan?"

"Actually, my real name was Kyuubi. I am part Japanese," Kyuubi explained taking off the towel. Bright red hair fell out over his head. "You like? Now people can tell the difference." Naruto's mouth was wide open.

"Why didn't you look like that when we were dating?" Naruto asked. He notice the robe. "Don't tell me."

"Yea, the carpet matches the drapes," Kyuubi said with a laugh. Naruto groaned. "Hey, I'm single! When we're on the tour I want to pick up some hotties!" Naruto gave him a look. "Guy hotties of course." Naruto groaned again.


"Naruto? Are you getting enough sleep?" Kyuubi asked.

"Yea, why do you ask?" Naruto said with a yawn.

"You slept the whole flight," They were on their way back, the week up.

"Oh, Iruka and Kakashi squeak a lot," Naruto said quietly, "And moan….. and shout." Kyuubi grinned.

"Kakashi seems the type. If he wasn't taken, I'd take him," Kyuubi said. Naruto smacked him. "Hey! You were thinking the same!" Naruto blushed.


"Naruto, these are your band mates," David said, "Neji Hyuuga, the guitarist," the white eyed boy looked up and silently waved, "Hinata Hyuuga, Neji's cousin and the bass player," the girl shyly smiled and looked away, "Rock Lee, the drummer," the guy with huge eyebrows took a good guy pose and gave him a thumbs up. Naruto returned it. "Sakura Haruno, keyboard player," the pink haired girl glared at him, "and your manger, Tenten." The bubbly girl run up and hugged him.

"Oh my god, your so adorable Naruto-kun. Come on band, let's get to know him!"

"Why? He's going to be like the last singer we had," Sakura spat, "Cute and adorable on stage but a complete snob off stage who constantly flirts with any girl in sight." Naruto looked down sadly.

"Naruto," Kyuubi called, he walked up to him.

"May I ask who you are? His obnoxious friend I bet," Sakura hissed, "What's so important, did you spot a hot chick or something?"

"I'm his father and why the hell would I be looking for chicks?" Kyuubi said. He turned to Naruto, "What I was going to say is that this hot guy asked me to have some coffee. Itachi was his name. He says he has a younger brother. Would you like to meet him later?"

"Dad! I already like someone. Don't try to set me up on a blind date!" Naruto shouted.

"Ok, see you later then," Kyuubi ran outside.

"Parents," Naruto said rolling his eyes.

"That gets rid of half your problems with him Sakura," Neji said. Naruto titled his head.

"So you guys better start practicing together," Tenten said jumping on a couch.

"Oh ok," Naruto said.

'Here's where he'll be, 'these are the songs I wrote, let's get stuff together for it!'' Sakura thought.

"So what have you guys written?" Naruto asked, "Better to have good music to get people into the song."

"Well, we've written a couple songs and lyrics. Want to see them?" Neji asked. Naruto nodded. Sakura stood back amazed as he looked them over.

"Hey, can we try this song? I like the lyrics but there might be some different words that would sound better like here," he pointed, "Instead of Galaxy, I think universe sounds better. Let's try and we'll vote on which one ok?" Everyone nodded. He's a kind, nice leader. No pretending to get trust.

'Why does he have to be gay?' Sakura thought with a sigh. 'Oh well, Lee is pretty good himself.'