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Summary: Tenth Doctor and Twins. What if, instead of the Ninth Doctor it'd been the Tenth who'd been there for the joys of Jack's pregnancy? And what if Jack was indeed expecting twins? Inspired by the First Five Line Challenge, I can't believe how much it's gotten me to write!

The line in italics is christn7's.

He stared.

They stared back.

Completely identical, down to the stray hairs atop their downy heads.

He whipped out his specs for a more thorough examination.

Same result.

Which meant he had to resort to his last, and most effective, method.

It didn't taste the same as the other but, just to be sure, he licked it again.

After all, experimentation was necessary in order to reach the best possible conclusion.


"What?" he questioned innocently.

"Did you just lick my babies?!"

"Well, that's one story you won't be tellin' the kids."