Quick introduction as I forgot to put it at the beginning of my first chapter…

This fic actually starts with my one shot fic Love is An Elevator, although slightly rewritten. It's the continuation of that fic. So the first chapter is going to be really familiar to some, although I still suggest reading it as it's rewritten and I feel better than the original.

As for this fic…it's kind of like the movie A Lot Like Love. Mainly that at the start they're separated and keep running into each other so it jumps years at a time. But unlike that movie this fic goes further than that.

And I already have the first nearly 50 chapters of this written so I'll try to get an update in a night until this is all caught up.

PS. This fic posted here is dedicated to Savvy…as she's been wanting to know for ages when I was going to post this here.

PPS. I don't own Grey's.