Sorry this took so long...and I won't ramble as it's been two months since an update. This takes place 2 years after the last one.

Meredith stared at the portable phone in her hands. It was just a quick call, she had made it before. Not in years, but it wasn't like this was her first time calling the number. She should just dial the number and get it over with. The phone wasn't going to bite her, it wasn't going to attack her. It would be fine. Although she was starting to wonder why she had even thought of this idea in the first place. It was definitely not a good idea, and something made her wonder if she was tempting fate or something.

Maybe she shouldn't call. Calling a man she hadn't talked to in two years to ask him to be her date to a wedding was silly. And stupid.

She wouldn't call.

"You still haven't called, have you?" Cristina, who was home from school for the summer, asked.

"Ummm…." Meredith began, fidgeting under her best friend's watchful eye. "I've decided…I think…I'm not calling him."

"What?" Cristina asked. "I've had to hear about him every day for nine years, you're calling him."

"I can't," Meredith sighed. "It's crazy and I can't. I haven't seen him in two years and it's crazy. I can't…no, calling him is stupid and it's crazy. I don't even know why I thought, no. He probably, he doesn't want me to call. And he won't want to come. It's…I'm not calling him."

"Fine, be sad and miserable at the wedding" Cristina shrugged. "It's a wedding, you're not supposed to be happy."

"Cristina!" Meredith groaned. "You're supposed to convince me to call."

"Okay, call," Cristina said, sounding perplexed.

"But I can't," Meredith replied. "What if he says no? What if he has a girlfriend?"

"Meredith, seriously?" Cristina sighed, taking a seat beside her. "Fine, I'll do that Izzie thing whatever. From what you've said, repeatedly I might add, this Derek guy is a complete cheese ball that believes in fate and happy endings. It makes me want to McVomit but if it works for you, whatever."

"Derek's not a cheese ball," Meredith giggled.

"Fate, Mer, the man believes in fate," Cristina argued.

"Okay, maybe he is," Meredith laughed. "So I should call him, right? Calling him isn't bad, stupid and well desperate?"

"Oh it's desperate," Cristina laughed. "But yes, you should call him. Mainly because I'll be miserable enough at the wedding, I don't need you whining all night."

Cristina got up then, leaving Meredith alone, staring once again at the phone in her hands. Cristina was right, Derek believed in fate and true love and all that other crap. He'd want her to call, he wouldn't say no. Calling the man she loved wasn't stupid or crazy. Even if it had been two years since she had seen him. It was Derek. And with him…none of that normal stuff mattered that much, nothing seemed odd or strange or….it was just them.

Biting her lip she quickly dialed the number that had always stuck in her head.

"Hello?" Derek responded on the other end.

"D..Derek?" Meredith asked.

"Mer," he said. Meredith could hear the smile in his voice. "I can't say I was expecting to hear from you."

"Well yeah…" Meredith cleared her throat. "You told me to call, so I called. And well umm…"

"Mer, I'm thrilled to hear from you," Derek sighed, dropping onto his couch. "So thank you for calling. Unexpected but wonderful."

"So…. how's umm…life?" Meredith asked.

"Life is mediocre," Derek sighed. "I miss you."

"I miss you too," Meredith whispered.

"How's life with you?" Derek asked.

"Life is…" Meredith started, sighing loudly. "It's a mess. I hate med school, it's hard and I don't sleep as much as I want. And it's hard. And you…you, I can't even be with other guys because they aren't you. My mom ...she's….life is…messy."

"Mer…" Derek said, his voice gentle. "You can…I can be there, I can transfer and maybe…"

"No, Derek, you can't," Meredith stated. Derek could see her quickly shaking her head. "That's not why I called."

"Why did you call?" Derek asked. "I mean, besides the fact you can't live without hearing my voice."

Meredith giggled softly. "There's a wedding, and you don't have to come. But my friend, Izzie, she's getting married. So there's a wedding and you can say no, don't feel you have to say yes because it's fate, just…you don't have to. At all, but I was wondering…doyouwanttocomewithme?"

"Meredith Grey, did you just ask me on a date?" Derek laughed.

"You don't have to laugh about it," Meredith snapped. "But…umm…you know, other guys and you, I can't. So I thought…you know what? This is stupid, you don't have time and this was stupid. Pretend I didn't call, or didn't ask or something. Just…"

"Mer, when is it?" Derek asked cutting her off.

"Next month, on the 15th," Meredith answered.

"I'll be there," Derek told her, smiling. "I would love to be there.'

"But you have work, brains to cut open, lives to save. Work," Meredith tried to argue.

"Other people can save lives, I can take off time to go see you," Derek simply shrugged.

"Oh…okay," Meredith replied.

"Feeling like life just got a little less messy?" he asked her.

"Life is…yeah," Meredith said, giggling slightly, causing a smile to light up Derek's features.

"Listen, I have to go but I will call you soon to work out the details, okay?" he said.

"Okay," she nodded.

"Mer," Derek sighed into the phone. "I love you."

"I love you too," she giggled.

And then they both hung up, smiles on their faces as they started their days apart. Apart was hell, pure hell. But the moments, the tiny moments that felt stolen away, the moments that made them both need to believe in fate, made the hell worth it. A simple phone call after two years of no communication made all the rest of the mess seem like nothing.

The bliss was worth it.

Tell me why, I can't be there where you are, there's something missing in my heart.

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