"Joe, I can't believe you turned down a date with 'My parents are out out of town McBride!'" Brian cried.

"It's no big deal Brian." 16 year old Joe said.

"Joe, you turn down a girl that actually wanted to be with you!"

"Brian, is sex all you think about?" Joe asked disgusted.

"Yes! Especially when it's free!"

Joe shook his head. "How you can still get dates it amazes me." Joe said.

"How you haven't been beat up yet amazes me." Brian said.

They walked out of school and saw Helen.

"Hey, Helen!" Joe said.

Helen got up and walked over to them eating chips. "Heard you turned down the little slut Joe" Helen said.

"She's not a slut!" Joe said.

"Yes she is." Brian said. "That's what makes her fun!"

They were walking home when Joe noticed Sandy Wilcox was following him again.

"Hey Brian is Sandy following us?" Joe asked.

"Don't start this again!" Brian whined. "She is not following you"

"Joe, she lives a block away from you" Helen said.

"You going to the prom?" Joe asked.

"You'll never guess who asked me" Helen teased.

"Who?" Brian wondered. He loved Helen but he couldn't picture anyone asking her.

"Mike Sterling."

"The captain of the football team?" Joe didn't like the way this sounded.

"Yep. Are all of us going together?" She asked.

"Yeah. We could save some gas" Brian said.

"I have to shop for my dress! I'm so happy!" Helen said.

"Listen, Helen I just don't want you to get your hopes up." Joe said.

"Joe, you don't need to worry about me. You need to worry about everyone talking about you and Kathy McBride"

"She's right Joe." Brian said.

So do you guys like it? Sorry I messed up on some of the names but I wanted to do a story of what they were like in highschool. I'm trying to write them as close to the show; Enjoy!