Clark looked around the crystal palace, finding no signs of anyone Clark went to the main head of the crystal memory and pulled out a crystal

"Son, your training has finally ended, you can go home be with your family even the one you care most about, Oliver" Jor-el's voice boomed

"There's so much more though" Clark said

"Yes but Kel-el you need this more than ever" Jor-el said and a light flashed on Clark

"What is it" Clark said and the light went away

"A memory, know that if you must hate someone for it hate me, and don't ever come back here" Jor-el said and a light flashed and Clark was in his barn, Clark looked around and couldn't believe it everything had changed, the barn was a different color red and his stuff was all gone, Clark heard a crash

"Clark" Martha screamed and ran to Clark and embraced him in her arms

"Mom, it's so good to see you" Clark returned the hug

"Where have you been honey" Martha asked and let go of Clark

"With Jor-el" Clark said and immediately he saw Martha's face twist up in anger

"What did he want" Martha said trying not to be rash

"I went to train" Clark paused "I went to train so he could stay out of our life's"

"Honey, you didn't need to go...especially all of a sudden ...oh I forgot someone's in your room waiting for you, they've been coming back everyday" Martha said

"Who is it" Clark said and his heart started to race

"Someone I know you'll like" Oliver Martha started walking towards the entrance of the barn

"That could be only one person" Clark thought out loud, Clark started following his mom into the house and grabbed some toast, Martha turned to him

"Clark, you look like you haven't eaten in days" Martha said and put more food near him

"Well when your eating artificial food from Krypton you tend not to gain any pounds" Clark said

"Oh... well you eat right up" Martha said as Clark shoveled food into his mouth and swallowed it

"By the way who's in my room" Clark asked

"Some one who has been waiting for awhile to see you" Martha said and grabbed her keys "Well I have to go so ill see you later" Martha walked out of the house leaving Clark in the Kitchen wondering who the person was that was in his room

'Who could it be?' Clark thought and made his way up the stairs to his room, Clark opened up the door and a guy, tall blond hair was standing near the window looking out but heard the door and turned around

"Kent your back" Oliver said and walked up to Clark

"Yeah I just got back, Umm my mom said you've been coming back everyday since I left" Clark said while stepping back

"I needed to talk to you" Oliver said noticing Clark move back he stepped forward again

"Is it about Lois, the league, 33.1"

"Lois I broke up with her long ago and for the league we took care of 33.1"

"Oh...Looks like my absence hasn't effected you guy's performance to stop Lex Luther

"Not one bit but there is something we need to talk about" Oliver said and grabbed Clark by the waist

"Oliver what are you-" Clark was cut off by Oliver's lips, Clark didn't attempt to move until he ran out of breath and pulled back

"Ollie, you don't know how long I've been dreaming of this moment since I left" Clark said staring into Oliver's eyes

"I think I might have an idea" Oliver said and kissed Clark again

Kal-el ran through the house on Krypton while his mom was away at work and his father was in his study

"Kal-El come here right this minute" His father yelled, This shouldn't be a good visit because he never was allowed into his father's study, Kal-el got to his fathers study and waved his hand over the touch screen and the door opened and he went in, as soon as he went in the door closed and locked itself, The room was elegant and there was even a bed inside,

"Yes father" Kal-el said and went to his father's desk, Jor-el got up and picked Kal-el up and put him on the bed

"Im going to teach you something ok" Jor-el said and began to take Kal-el's shirt off and threw it to the side

Clark felt Oliver pull back and look at him

"Are you ok, you don't look it" Oliver said and Clark looked around, he was still in his room right where he was just a second ago

I Hope you liked it and its hinting at what Jor-el did well in my version.