Last Chapter
Jor-el pulled himself out of his son and lay next to him and wiped the hair out of his sons face
Clark's head shot up and winced in pain and he felt his neck tense as the memory fled, As he tried frantically to see his love the images still flooded his mind. 'So this is what that bastard of a father wanted me to know' Clark hissed in his mind and pushed the memories as far away as he could and finally looked at his boyfriend who was looking back at him smiling

"Nervous?" Oliver asked looking at Clark

"Kind of" Clark lied, giving himself in on another lie that could ruin everything

"It's ok, I'll do it" Oliver said and push Clark over on his back placing Clarks legs on his shoulders and his arousal at his entrance,

"This will hurt a little ok" Oliver said and brushed his fingers on Clark's jaw line, Clark only nodded as Oliver slid inside his body but didn't move, Clark looked at Oliver in a 'start already' look and Oliver started sliding in and out of Clark at a small pace making Clark moan with the thrust's Oliver was making.

"Daddy Get off of me" Kal-el screamed at his father as soon as his father laid near him, Jor-el lashed his hand out slapping his son hard on the face causing him to fall of the bed.

"Now shut up kid, I'm trying to sleep" Jor-el said before drifting off to sleep,

'Why daddy, Why' Kal-el thought while crying and holding his face where his father hit him and went up to the door, As many times Kal-el tried to open the door it wouldn't budge 'Why wont they teach us this stuff in school' Kal-el thought but soon fled as he heard familiar footsteps of his mother, Kal-el could vaguely hear his mom call his name but he yelled anyways, Kal-el saw the door slid open and his mom appear crying, She grabbed Kal-el and pulled him from the room and locking the door behind her, Carrying him to the bathroom she set him in the tub and started washing him to get his father's nasty germs off, Not once did she speak until she was drying him off.

"Kal-el, my sweetie you going away for awhile, Your getting far away from your bastard father and this planet" His mom said and got him dressed not speaking once again, As both of them crept out of the house they made their way to the loading dock where Kal-el's ship was waiting, When they got there His father was standing right next to the ship observing it, "What do you want" His mom yelled running and throwing his father away from the metal.

"Keeping my son here" Jor-el said not moving from where he was.

"Your son, that makes anyone laugh, You rape your only son and you expect to keep him, You must be joking" His mom said and placed him inside the ship closing the cover and setting the coordinates to earth

"What the hell do you think you're doing Bitch interfering with my life, He's mine I can do what I want" Jor-el yelled and ran up to his wife and slapped her.

"You're just a bastard, And my child will Have nothing to do with you" His mom screamed and pushed the button and watched as her only son flew away to earth

"You Bitch, This will teach any Kryptonian not to mess with me" Jor-el yelled as his face grew redder and redder until he exploded, Kal

Oliver continued to thrust into Clark who was now gasping to get breath from the pleasure, Oliver managed to grab Clark's undisturbed member and stroked it with the rhythm of his thrusts, Oliver knew he hit the right spot inside Clark once the moan was louder than the rest, Clark saw Oliver smirk to himself.

"What was that about?" Clark gasped out,

"Nothing, it's just that I've Tamed the Krypto man" Oliver breathed out hoarsely and started thrusting and pumping faster.

"Well if you keep up, it might not be the only time too" Clark said and let out a laugh, He knew Oliver was close because so was he, And Clark hadn't been wrong so far,

"Cla-" Was all Oliver could get out as he climaxed deep inside Clark causing the entrance to tighten which caused Clark to fly off the edge But Oliver continued thrusting inside Clark until he knew he emptied himself in Clark and laid next to Clark and rested his head on Clarks chest.

"Ollie, does this mean were a couple" Clark said and looked at Oliver.

"You can't be serious can you?" Oliver said.

"Well yeah, But" Clark said disappointedly.

"Can't you take a joke?" Oliver said and kissed Clark on the cheek and started nibbling on Clarks nipple,

"Well with us no" Clark said, as he was about to say more a voice interrupted him.

"Clark!" Lana screamed as both Clark and Oliver tried to get under the covers.