Who I am

Chapter 1: I'll go away, if it makes you happy.

Dean sat in the driver's seat, quiet and lost in his thoughts as he drove down the darkened road. He wanted so badly to get as far away as possible from reality. He'd been driving for three excruciating days. Literally. The minute he found out about his father's death he grabbed Sam and took him straight to where the Impala lay, and took off immediately. True. He had wanted at least some sort of revenge. But what he had really wanted was to just get away. No. He wanted to runaway. He felt like he was a fugitive to just about everything. Next to him was Sam. Ever sense they left the Hospital, Sam kept telling him that revenge wasn't the way to go and what they really needed to do was go back and bury their father. He had denied every part of it because that's only part of what he felt. He also knew that Sam had wanted revenge too, but just didn't have the nerve to admit it. Now Sam was asleep, and Dean was stuck trying to find a place to rest.

"Damn it!" Murmured Dean. Where the hell am I going to find a damn place to rest!

"…D-Dean…is that you?" asked an Awakening Sam.

"Go back to sleep Sam." Said Dean.

"No. I've already slept way too much…" "Uh, Why are we still on the road?" asked Sam, looking out the window.

"Gee I don't know. Why do you think we're still on the road Sam?" asked a pissed Dean.

"…Dean?" "What's wrong?" asked Sam.

"Nothing." Replied Dean.

" Are you-"

"Sam…I said nothing is wrong…" Dean said sternly, as he increased the volume of the radio.

"…Um, Dean… I-I think we need to talk." Said Sam.

Suddenly the car stopped and the radio was off. Sam immediately turned towards Dean, and saw that he had taken out the keys to the car.

" Dean! Are you crazy! We're in the middle of the road!" Exclaimed Sam.

" So? Who cares? Now. How about we step out of the car and talk about whatever it was that you wanted to talk about," said Dean.

"Dean what-"

"You heard me Sam, step out, and we can talk about it." Said Dean.

"No Dean!" "What the hell is your problem!" shouted an angered Sam.

"SAM! Just get out of the damn car!" bellowed Dean.

"Well, if it makes you happy!" snarled Sam, as he slammed the door shut.

Dean opened his door and made his ways towards Sam, who was also heading towards him. Once they met in front of the car, Sam shoved Dean backwards.

"Why the hell are you acting this way Dean!" "I WANT TO KNOW-" Just as Sam was about to finish his sentence, out of nowhere; Dean cuffed him across the face.

"Shut-up! SHUT-UP SAM!" shouted Dean.

"NO! Ever sense we left the hospital you've been acting strange, and I want to know why! Right now Dean! I want to know right now!" yelled Sam.

"You really want to know Sam? You really want to know!" "Well in case you haven't noticed, OUR FAMILY IS DEAD SAM!" "DEAD!" Shouted Dean.

" I know Dean. But why are you doing this? Why are you running away?" asked Sam.

"I think you know why Sam." Said Dean, as he turned to face the other side of the road.

"No, I don't know Dean!" " You know Dean, there's times like these when I just don't get you. And believe it or not there's times when I wish you weren't even my brother!" shouted Sam.

Suddenly Dean whipped around and started striking Sam in the face multiple times.

"D-Dean…p-please stop." Whimpered Sam, while being hurled onto the car.

Once Dean realized what he was doing, he stopped immediately.

"Sam! I-I…I d-didn't mean…I'm s-so sorry." Dean said as he looked at his brother's beaten, bloody face.

As Sam got up, he started to moan.

"H-here let me help you." Said Dean reaching to help Sam.

"NO!" "Don't touch me!" Sam said, as he jerked away from Dean's outstretched hands.

"Sam…" Murmured Dean.

"No! No Sam!" "I don't know what's happened to you! You've changed!" Shouted Sam.

"Sam just listen to me!" shouted Dean.

"NO! I won't listen to you! You know what else Dean! I just figured out something else! That I never even liked this family! That's probably why I went to College anyways! It was to get away from you!" "And you know what! I think I'll leave you now too!" Screamed Sam.

"Alright Sam, if you want to go. Go." "…Go on Sam. It's not like anybody's stopping you." Said Dean.

"Fine!" Yelled Sam.

"FINE!" Shouted Dean, as he made his way back to the car, and Drove off leaving Sam behind.