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On with the story...

"AIY!" Lonisha halted and grasped her head tight.

"Loni!" Tork turned back and grasped her shaking shoulders, "What's wrong?!"

"M-my head! It hurts!" her breath shook as she forced the words out.

"Damnit!" He grabbed her and leapt out of the way of Karratoc, who had launched himself at the unsuspecting duo,

"Stupid Kids!" he cursed as he turned to meet an extremely hard kick from Tork. Wincing slightly, Karratoc grabbed Tork and threw him up on one of the roofs, "BRIM!! Heads Up!"

Tork landed with a hard thump and began sliding down the other side of the shackled rooftop.

"Ah!" he felt a sharp pain shoot up his tail then up his spine to his head. Looking behind him, he saw the young she-kat; Brim with her clawed foot clasping his tail.

"N-not so fast" she smirked as she bent down and grasped his tail, pulling him back up.

"Ah-haow!" he called out once again. Finding it hard to move, he managed to swing his leg around and connected with her legs, knocking her down. She yelped and fell backwards, sliding along the roof. Torkan leapt to his feet and ran to the side where the alleyway was.

"Lonisha!" he called as he looked over the edge, bot no-one was there, "Oh no..."

"Oh yes!" The she-kat called as she leapt on top of Torkan's back, nearly sending him over the edge of the roof. Torkan swung unsteadily on his feet before trying the reach back and grab her. She was far too quick though. With one swift movement, she landed her feet on the rooftop and sent Torkan flying along it. Tork landed once again with a hard thump.

"Damnit.." He winced as he got up again and turned to face the she-kat, "What the hell do you want!"

"T-that's none of you business, kid!" she ran towards him launching herself. Torkan ducked to the side as she landed, both circling each other.

"It is so my damn business! You want to kid-nap us for ransom? Is that it?" Tork flexed his now aching shoulder,

"Nope, n-not even close" she stated as she continued to size him up, "We want you dead!"

"Why?" Torkan growled,

The she-kat tapped one finger on her nose, "Now that's a secret...". Torkan growled again as he launched himself as her, landing a good punch before she rolled him off. Brim held her now bleeding nose,

"What about my sister!?"

"S-she's far to valuable t-to kill, you on the other hand are expend-!" she fell back again as Tork landed another good punch, "Stop p-punching me!!"

"Not a chance" Torkan smirked as he swung again, this time catching the she-kat under the chin and sending her off the rooftop. He rubbed his hand tenderly as he noticed he'd split the skin on the knuckles, "Darnit.." he mumbled as he turned to run along the roof top, back to where they were first spotted. He was sure that's where Loni was taken, and he was right. He halted and his eyes widened at the scene before him. The larger Kat was holding Lonisha as some sort of disgusting looking blob made it's way slowly towards her. Looking behind the blob, Torkan saw the other male kat, he was glowing mysteriously.

He started off in a flat out sprint towards the large kat. Launching himself towards the unsuspecting goon, straight off the roof. Torkan managed to hook both his arms around the thick kats neck and cling on.

"What the Hell!?" Karratoc spluttered as he gasped for air.

Lonisha tryed to look behind to see what was happening. She screamed as she felt the blob touch her with a gooey arm. But that's where it stopped. Torkan can't remember what exactly happened.

A bright beam of light emitted from Lonisha's forehead, blinding all but her.

"LONISHA!!" Torkan screamed as he was thrown back against the hard, brick wall of the alley.

Karratoc landing but a few feet away from him. Torkan shook his head and looked back towards his sister, gasping.

A large blue mass had appeared before Lonisha, and was taking form. The blob seemed to be backing away and the other kat, Doen was straining to control it. The blue light grew and morphed until it took on the form of a large, Lion-like creature with huge feathered wings and horns. The creature roared ferociously and stood protectively in front of Lonisha, before it ran towards the blob, obliterating it with one swipe of it's massive paw.

A faint call echoed down the alleyway, "Lonisha!! Torkan!!" Tork vaguely recognised it,

Zidane, followed by Steiner, Vivi, Beatrix and a number of castle guards came running down the narrow alley. The large beast took one look at the on comers and then looked to the shocked Lonisha. It growled quietly before disappearing in a cloud of mist. Lonisha stood there for a moment, completely shocked before she fainted into darkness.

"Loni!" Tork strained to raise himself from the ground. He winced as he stumbled over to his fallen sister, falling to his knees beside her. He lifted her head gently and placed in on his lap. Tentive fingers brushed away the stray strands of blonde as he checked her over.

"Ah!" he winced again as his hand hit something sharp behind her bangs, "What the!" Pulling them back he gasped as he saw a small, silver horn like structure in the centre of her forehead.

"Tork!" Zidane ran over to his son as the soldiers took the three kats into custody, "Are you alright?"

"Yeh, I think so..." Tork answered quietly, "Dad, what's this?" he pointed to the horn. Zidane was dumb-stuck,

"How in...??" he gently placed a finger on the horn, "Come on, let's get you two back..." he trailed off as he lifted the unconscious Loni from the ground and her brothers embrace.

"But! Dad!?" Tork protested, not yet satisfied with that answer,

"Come now, Prince Torkan" Steiner walked over and gently lifted the injured boy,

"I Can Walk!" Tork snapped as he struggled free from Steiner's grasp, stumbling slightly before straightening up and jogging off to catch up to his father and his sister. Steiner simply sighed and shook his head,

"Hurry up men, get these scoundrels back to the dungeons!" he ordered as the soldiers began to move the kats out of the alley and back to the castle, "It's been a long day... those poor kids.."


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