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Destiny Islands, a chain of islands inhabited by the young and old alike. But here, hero's were born, raised, and saved the worlds from mass destruction. How could someone not be proud of such people? Hate and love do work in mysterious ways. To hate one whom another likes, while one my like who hates another. A complexity that shall never be understood by mankind.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi, were just children, plain ordinary children that went to school and hung out with their friends. Nothing was really special about them in each other's eyes. Though, there came a day when darkness spread over this peaceful place, dragging down lives and hearts. The creatures from this terrible darkness, Heartless, swarmed over them like ants, devouring hearts and any other living creature standing in their path.

That awful day, a light came to drown out the darkness. A savior was born and hope shined brightly through the eyes of the damned. A weapon, a sword, a keyblade, given to the small boy of 14, rose above the threat and risked his life to get rid of the oncoming doom. Sora had never dreamed of such power that he received after obtaining the weapon. He had always used a small, wooden, toy sword that was only for play. His look on life suddenly changed.

Riku was the boy's best friend. They were always together, and always fighting. But at the age of 15, Riku had, in a sense, changed. He became rougher and more competitive. He still loved his friends, with all of his heart, and looked out for them like an older brother would for his younger siblings. On the day of the destruction, he made the choice to let the darkness in. It feed upon his heart greedily, his body becoming nothing more than a vessel for obliteration.

Kairi had somehow ended up on the islands at a young age with no memory of before. This information had intrigued her friends greatly. Unknown to her, the blood of a Princess of Heart flowed through her veins. She had always been special to the two boys, no matter what they said. Her importance to them and the worlds surrounding was still unclear. On that one day, her heart was lost and a journey was set.

These three children had never been separated from each other a day in their lives. The anxiety felt was horrible. To be taken from a friend and lost is something that no one wants to experience. Yet, they were able to find a will and a way to work past the impossible.

One fell to darkness, one looked for the missing, and one laid lifeless at the foot of a witch. And thus the story began of a hero who wanted nothing more than to be with his friends. The odds were always against him, and any normal person would have cracked under the pressure. But when one has a strong will, well then, the odds never looked better.

As the islands were consumed, the boy was sent to a town created from those whose worlds had also been destroyed. There he finally discovered what he had been called to do. A man named Leon dragged him back into safety after being ambushed by Heartless and a fight of his own with the boy.

At a world know as 'Disney Castle', the king of the world had left without a trace, save for a single note, telling his subjects that he is out trying to find the Door to Light. Immediately, a duck and a dog, the kings most trusted advisers, took their ship and headed off to find the one known as the 'Keyblade Master,' as was instructed of them in the letter. Upon their arrival at the new world, it took time before they eventually found the one they were looking for. The king had instructed that once they found the keyblade's chosen one, they were to stick with him at all times, no matter what. Soon enough, their own friendship had formed.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy traveled from world to world, sealing keyholes and fighting off heartless. To keep peace was one of their motives. At times, the trio would meet up with Riku, who came and went as he pleased. He would never stick around for long. His intentions seemed to be shrouded in mystery from time to time.

Battle after battle, Sora fought with all of his strength. He couldn't lose, not yet. Kairi was still missing and Riku had turned to Darkness. The two friends came to a time when they battled it out, Sora being the ultimate victor. The silver-haired boy ran away, his spirt and pride damaged, to rub salt in his wounds. He only fell deeper into the dark abyss.

The younger boy managed to find Kairi, who would not wake up unless her heart was returned to her body. He sacrificed his own heart for hers, something only true love came accomplish. The girl awoke to find her friend disappearing, something she could not stop. She ran, and his heartless followed her.

He came back to her with a smile, overfilled with joy. He was with her once again. But he couldn't stay, not then. His long voyage was not yet over. Traveling to the End of the World, he found Ansem, the man who had caused such many people so much pain. With luck, the small boy defeated him.

"Kingdom Hearts, is light!"

The king who the two subjects had been desperately searching for was found, only to be sealed away behind the giant door. Riku was also to be sealed with him. Together, they closed the door, watching as it vanished.

Kairi was sent back to Destiny Islands, as again she watched him fade away. He wasn't going to be coming back for a long time...

Sora traveled on with his companions, Donald and Goofy. Mile after mile, they ran, looking for the next clue for the where-bouts of a king and silver haired teenager. One night, a cloaked man came and spoke to Sora in riddles.

"Ahead lies something you need, but to claim it, you must give up something dear."

This statement interested him deeply, and without much thought, he ran ahead, finding a castle in the middle of nowhere.

Upon entering, his memories shifted, and bit by bit, he forgot, remembering something that was never there. A girl named Namine soon appeared, filling in the spot of Kairi. She was, after all, her Nobody. It made perfect sense, did it not? Sora became obsessed with finding her. The more he thought about her, the more he wanted to see her. He drove his friends away because of his obsession. His mind had become clouded by lies, so thick, he couldn't see the truth.

Unknown to him, Riku had entered the castle as well, in the basements. His trip upward to the above floors, was a trip that showed he could control the darkness residing in his heart. A man named DiZ disguised himself as Ansem, so that the teen could fight the troubling pain.

Marluxia, the Lord of Castle Oblivion, finally showed himself to the distressed boy. They fought to the bitter end, Sora finishing off the final blow. The man returned to darkness and Namine put Sora to sleep, so that his memories my be put back the way they were, even though it meant forgetting Castle Oblivion and Namine. He did it though, so that he would remember the truth.

Riku found Sora, fast asleep in his pod. Namine offered to make it that the darkness had never been there, but he refused. The boy knew that he had to face the dark power on his own. Forgetting about it would only make it's grip on him worse. He encountered and defeated Ansem, winning his battle over the Darkness. As he left, the man DiZ followed him. They came to a forked pathway, splitting into three different roads.

DiZ gave Riku the options of two of the three roads. The road to light?– or the road to darkness? But he chose neither, instead walked down the middle. The twilit road to nightfall? – No, the road to dawn.

A year soon passed by...

There was a boy named Roxas. He lived in a peaceful place called Twilight Town. One day, he began having strange dreams, all about one person, and the people connected to him. They made no sense to him at all. As soon as they started, his life ended. He was no longer who he thought he was, but just the half of his former self. The man 'Ansem', and DiZ, forced him to reconnect with Sora, who had been sleeping in a pod for a very long time.

Axel tired to stop him, his best friend, but he was to late.

Sora awoke in an unknown place. It was a large white room that looked endless, with his two friends standing before him. After their small reunion, they went outside to figure out where they might be, only to find out that the King was looking for them.

Heading off towards the Train Station, our heros learned that the name of this quiet place was Twilight Town. Upon arriving, the trio met up with King Mickey, who did not give them much information, only telling them to get on the train and that it would take them where they needed to be.

They soon arrived in a place in the middle of nowhere. A rather large animal stood in the way of the door, mumbling about Heartless. Sora took slight interest in him, but Donald and Goofy recognized him almost instantly as Pete, a man that had been banished by the King. With little trouble, they were able to run him off, heading into the castle themselves.

But Heartless were everywhere!

At the top, the three met Yen Sid, the King's teacher. With some help from him, Sora was able to have clothes that fit him and a gummi ship that could take him from world to world.

And thus, a new adventure began.

Their first stop was at Hollow Bastion, which seemed to have been remodeled since the last time they were there. Sora was reunited with Yuffie, Merlin, Cid, Aerith, and Leon, only to discover a new problem, and new villain; Organization XIII.

They mocked him with confusing words, leaving him in a hazy daze. But at that moment, a new road was opened up, enabling the boy to fully set out on his exciting trip.

As time went by, more worlds were discovered, and new friends were made. But also, members of the Organization were defeated, drifting back into darkness from which they came. Their loss only made them fight harder. And it brought out their goal.

"Keep gathering more hearts."

For the Organization to complete Kingdom Hearts, Sora must defeat Heartless with his Keyblade. The boy tired to resist, but it couldn't be helped. To not use the Keyblade would be suicide.

Eventually it came down to just Sora, Riku, and the leader of the Organization, Xemnas. They all fought long and hard, battle after battle, neither wanting to give in. But with one final blow, Xemnas was done for, and the duo's journey was finally over.

They were finally reunited with Kairi, the girl who had been waiting for the boys to return for more than a year.

"We're back!"

"You're home."

And peace had finally been restored to the universe. No one needed to live in fear anymore. Well, not as much anyway.


Lital sighed as she closed her book, gathering up the rest of her items that laid at her desk, ignoring the other students that were also moving on toward their next class.. It was difficult going to a school where the famous ,Sora, did. No matter where she went on the island, they would never stop talking about the Legendary Keyblade Master.

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