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The hallways of Destiny High were extremely crowded, full of noisy students rummaging through their old, steel lockers, looking for lost homework and books, others just standing around in the middle of the halls talking. Lital was constantly being pushed and shoved through the sea of students as she attempted to make it to class on time before the bell rang.

No one really paid much attention to the brainy girl as she silently made her way without causing trouble. She could feel the stares of the classmates boring into her pale skin, whispers being spoken between the girls, spreading like a virus.


It was because they could put someone down enough to make themselves feel good. A disease that everyone caught, even if they tried not to. Even the gentlest of people could turn ugly.

Yet all it is, is a lie.

Lital quietly entered the Geometry room, taking a seat in the front. She let out a sigh of relief; no one was there yet, which was good for her. The torment wouldn't start till later. Since she was already prepared for class to begin, she pulled out a book, Around the World in 80 Days, and started to read.

As time went by, students began to drift into the classroom. Their chatter and giggles pounded in Lital's ears, but she refused to look up; she refused to look at her tormentors. It wasn't till a certain boy entered that Lital couldn't help but glance up at and let her cheeks burn.


His bright, cheerful laughter rang loudly in the cramped classroom. It always did. Along with Princess Kairi's bone thin arm wrapped securely around Sora's strong arm. Lital's heart caught in her throat and she couldn't breathe. It was like her air had been forced from her lungs just by his radiating presence. But of course, he didn't know that. Or maybe, he did know, but didn't notice because of all the other girls that had fallen head over heels in love with the him. Or the fact that the rumor Kairi was his girlfriend was keeping him from thinking such thoughts.

How depressing.

Lital could only stare at the pages of her book. She couldn't concentrate enough to actually read them, causing her to just shut the cover and place it back into her brown book bag. As she leaned over, she saw a set of feet facing her direction. Slowly, she looked up into the sea foam green eyes of Riku, Sora's best friend. His face looked calm and body relaxed.

"Hey," he said.

Lital paused for a moment before replying with a simple, "Hello." Before Kairi came to the island, Lital used to always play with Sora and Riku. Selphie was her self-proclaimed best friend. The three of them were always seen together, swimming, running, playing all the time. It was a month after Kairi came that Lital's friendship with the rest of the children started to diminish.

It went from Sora/Riku/Lital to Sora/Riku/Lital/Kairi and eventually ended up as Sora/Riku/Kairi. And it stayed like that. Lital was no longer required to fit into their lives and was left to defend for herself at school and in town.

She was not needed.

Riku gazed at Lital silently, who easily returned the gesture. He was about to say something, but the bell signaling for class to start interrupted him before the words could escape his lips. "Alright class, settle down and take your seats. We have a lot of work to get done today." Their teacher said from behind her desk. Riku staggered slightly before heading to his seat. The chatter turned into soft murmurs which died down to silence.

Lital faced back front and stared at the board, ready for any problem and every question, thoughts of former friends already forgotten.

The journey home was not as rough as any other. The hallways were still packed with students who lingered around talking about what they were going to do that weekend, or who was going out with who, and such as. The brainy, silent girl merely stared blankly into her locker, her hand lightly hanging on the door. In her mind, she tossed her schedule around, going over which homework was for which class, what she needed to pick up for dinner that night, and what chores had not yet been finished.

Taking her history book from her bag, she placed it softly into the dark cell and shut the door, wishfully hoping that no one would try to break into it. Shifting the strap connected to the brown fake leather sack, Lital took her leave from the building used for learning, two whole days of not having to worry about the looks and giggles. Stepping through the solid metal doorways into the brisk spring air, a peaceful feeling on her skin, seeping deep into her pores.

School could wait for just a little bit, food was needed to be bought.

Two plastic bags full of groceries hug from the girl's hands as she walked steadily through the central plaza of Destiny Islands. A wind had begun to pick up, blowing Lital's hair back and across her face, her light blond strands being tangled together. She shook her head to try and move it from her sight, only to have it blown back. The girl heavily sighed as she continued to trudge home.

Her journey was not long, taking about 10 minutes. Arriving home at exactly 4:15 was always expected and always done. Entering her home, Lital silently slipped off her shoes and scooted into the kitchen, placing her bags onto the small counter. Her house was not that grand, just substantial enough for what was necessary. But in a way, its just like the saying goes:

Home is where theheart is.

Lital emptied her items and put them in their proper places; the milk and apples in the fridge, the frozen peas and chocolate ice cream in the freezer, bananas and potatoes on the counter, and the rice and macaroni in the pantry. She wasn't sure when she started doing it, but every Friday, she made her way to the store to buy something, anything at all really, whether it was useful or not. It was almost a time to relive stress, a time that said 'Congratulations, you made it to the weekend!'

A sigh came from her lips as Lital finally set her course for her room. Opening the wooden, creaking, door, painted a dark, hazy brown, she uncharacteristically flung herself upon her bed, sinking in the soft, colorless blankets. Her body laid there for what seemed like an eternity before another door opened and closed and a loud "I'm home!" echoed throughout the house.

Lital said nothing, as always, but merely stood from her bed to her white vanity. She had never thought of herself as a vain person who struggled with their looks, but as one who wishes what beauty they had would be noticed without the application of various make-up. The reflection of her mismatched eyes taunted her very soul, a reason why the other students laughed? A cerulean right eye followed by the chocolate brown left. Her opinion thought it was simple and fitted her fine. The opinion of others was not close at all, seemingly unfit for mankind.

Still dressed in her school uniform, Lital tied back her mid-back length hair and went to go greet her very tired Father, fresh off from work.

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