Such a Shame…

Such a Shame…

One-sided BoogiepopxImaginator

I'm sorry, but this sucks. I promised someone I would write it, though, so here it is. Happens during the Imaginator saga. (Duh.)

One-sided from the Imaginator. Because Boogiepop, well… he… ya know. Imaginator's POV.

It's supposed to be romance, but it's not romantic at all. Basically, it says the word 'love'. Ehe.

But cut me some slack, this isn't MasamixManticore or MasakixAya, it's pretty much a crack pairing! Not so big on those… but, hey. And remember, it's the Imaginator we're talkin' about here… So, yeah, here comes suck ala mode.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Boogiepop novels.

It's such a shame, Boogiepop… There are so many things in this world that just put it to shame…

I am an enemy of mankind, Boogiepop, one you must rid the world of. You cannot look past this; you cannot look past my purpose at me. I was created as an idea to remake the world, to standardize all human thoughts. You do not welcome this change to the world, and I must be stopped. You cannot think otherwise.

You are automatic, Boogiepop, you have no romance, both you and I know this well, as you admitted it to me that morning on the roof. Such a shame… You are a flat, cold being, Boogiepop, it's simply amazing that I fell for you.

"Love is like snow that falls in April, unexpected yet not unforeseen… out of season, it chills you to the core." Boogiepop, you may never know how that quote conveyed my feelings for you, you prosaic creature.

I know there is no hope for my feelings to be returned. You cannot see past your duty as the defender of the world.

You cannot see past the fact that we are enemies. You cannot laugh, you cannot cry. You truly do lack romance… How, Boogiepop, how? How did I fall in love with you?

You have no qualms about destroying me. I know this, I accept the fact, I understand it… but…

I am just another enemy of mankind to be destroyed, nothing special to you at all. You do not think of me in any other case… Dare I say it, Boogiepop… this fact hurts me…

Boogiepop, I will disregard my feelings, I will ignore the snow that has fallen in April and go about my business, to standardize all human thoughts.

Ultimately, it is I that cannot look past my function…

It's such a shame.

The suckfest is over, done, finito. Hey, I tried, right…? I hope it wasn't too badly OoC!