Title: Unrequited Love

Author: Tara Kitaide

genre: romance/angst/humor

Pairing: Ichigo/Renji

Disclaimer: Wouldn't it be so cool to own bleach? Unfortunately, I don't. If I did, there'd be hot yaoi smut every chapter.

Warning: Yaoi, language, fantasy violence

Rating: M for posible future yaoi scenes

Dedication: To Rachel S. If it wasn't for her constant annoyance I probably never would have picked this up again. Thanks Sakura-chan.


Orange carrot top hair.

Beautiful piercing brown eyes.

The sent of strawberries.

The warmth of two bodies pressed up against each other in a deep embrace…



I want to be with you…


Renji trudged on reluctantly towards his 'dear friend', Ichigo's house. He watched in frustration as people stopped to stared at him or whisper, most likely something crude, about his appearance. Now that Renji thought about it, his cloths were awfully different from everyone else's and he was sure no one around here had bright red hair and tattoos on their face...

Well, he couldn't do anything about that. That's just the way he was but his cloths now those were a different story. He couldn't help but grimace when he looked down at his yellow shirt and the face of Chappy the rabbit was staring up at him with it's beady little eyes.

Fucking Rukia... He thought angrily to himself. Next time I see that midget, I'm gonna--

"Oi, Renji!"

Renji's thoughts were interrupted by that same annoying voice he'd come to know so well over his time in the human world. Renji turned around, only to be confronted by none other than Ichigo Kurosaki. The boy slung his book bag over his shoulder and scowled at Renji. Renji didn't take it into offense though. He had come to learn that scowling was apart of Ichigo's everyday routine, as much as Renji hated it. The boy was also still in his school uniform so he must have just been released.

"Hmm? Oh, Kurosaki. It's just you." Renji said as his eyes half closed in boredom.

"Whada ya' mean 'just me'?!" Ichigo snapped at the red head.

"Just that! If you have a problem with it, deal with it!" Renji barked back.

They glared at each other for several minutes until their glares were interrupted by the sound of another slightly less annoying voice, followed with their heads being bashed together, rather roughly.

"Idiots! What are you doing, making so much noise?!"


"D-Damn it!! What the hell was that for?!" Ichigo snapped as he got up from the hard concrete with Renji, rubbing his head. "It's been two weeks and you two idiots still can't get along with each other! Geez!" Rukia said, throwing her arms around dramatically and turning her back to them.

"Oh, yeah? Well try having this guy living with you twenty-four-seven!" Ichigo said, pointing his index finger in Renji's chest, annoying the red head. "Stop that!!" Renji shoved Ichigo's hand away and noticed as more people joined the crowd of curious onlookers.

It was true. Kisuke Urahara, that no good worthless shop owner, had one day suddenly vanished. Whisked away because of some "work" related incident leaving only a note on the shop door for the others. Renji, having stayed residence at his shop then, had nowhere to go, leaving them with quite a predicament. Eventually after countless argues and debates, it was decided that Renji would stay with Ichigo and Rukia would take up temporary residence at Orihime's home.

"And what the hell are you saying? I'm annoying?" Renji growled in the boy's face.

"That's exactly what I'm saying! You're alway--" Ichigo's sentence was cut off by the loud beeping alarm of Rukia's cell phone. Everyone went silent as Rukia reached in her the pocket of her shirt. She flipped the phone open then turned to Ichigo and Renji, her face now serious as her eyes narrowed. "A hollow." She said. "And it's moving fast. We have to hurry." They took off, following Rukia to the location of the hollow, waiting till it was safe to leave their bodies.


"Shit! That thing is huge!"

Ichigo, Renji, and Rukia looked upon the giant hollow that stood before them. It was massive, with large swaying arms and a crooked smile. There were only dark holes for its eyes that matched the hole in its chest. It opened its mouth and let out its foul disgusting breath before flicking its fingers, allowing them to become knives.

"Watch it you two. This a large hollow. Not one to be taken lightly." Rukia shouted calmly.

"We figured that." Ichigo mumbled as he reached into his pocket.

He took out the soul candy containing Kon and popped it in his mouth. Suddenly, his soul was forced out, causing his body to tumble a little.

"Hey, Ichigo! What's with bringing me out here on such short notice!?" Kon bickered. "Shut it Kon and move or else you'll be hollow food." It was only at this time Kon noticed the giant looming hallow high above him. "W-Wa-Wahh!! Ichigo!! You should have told me there was a hollow!!" Kon snapped, scrambling to his feet.

"Renji! Hurry up and change already!" Ichigo snapped at the red head upon noticing he was still in his gigai. "Right. Sure." Renji started to leave his body when suddenly, he felt himself jerk and he couldn't move.


Renji tugged and tugged at his body. "Damn it..." He muttered. He tugged a few more times before deciding he was officially stuck. "I-I can't get lose!" Renji shouted to Ichigo.

"Wah?" Ichigo shouted back, not being able to hear him over the hollow's loud, ear piecing roar. Ichigo covered his ears quickly. "Augh! Just shut up already!!" He screamed furiously to the hallow.

That seemed to only anger it for the hallow slashed at Ichigo with its deadly claws. Ichigo jumped out of the way of the hallow's grasp but only to be scratched by one of its claws and knock it away with Zangetsu.

Renji, who still was having issues of his own, watched horrifically as chunks and pieces of concrete and roof flew in his direction. "Damn it!!" He shouted trying to avoid them as best he could. But it was too late. A fragment hit his side and head. Another large piece knocked the rest of his soul out entirely and rendered him unconscious.

It was awhile before the clouds of dust cleared and everything could be seen again. Ichigo, not noticing what had happened to his fallen comrade, jumped at the hallow, splitting its head and having it desolve before his very eyes. "Phew! That was a little too easy!" Ichigo snorted. "Don't you think, Renji?" He got no reply. "Renji?" He turned when again there was no answer. "Renji!" He shouted as he ran to the sight of his friend laying in such disarray.

"Ichigo!" Rukia shouted as she too ran over to Renji. "What happened?" She asked.

"I don't know! I wasn't watching him!" Ichigo explained. Rukia put her fingers to Renji's neck and two more on his wrist. "His heart rate is normal." She confirmed. "We should probably take him to see Unohana-Taichou though." She offered.

Ichigo nodded and in a flash, they and their body's were gone.


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