"To being residents!" George lifted his glass of bourbon up in the air. Izzie held her glass up with the goofiest smile on her face. They had been celebrating the fact that they were now surgical residents at Seattle Grace Hospital for hours and hours, and that was pretty obvious by their very drunk state.

George and Izzie were the only two interns not to go to Joe's to celebrate they figured it was going to be so jam packed in there that they should drink at home. Plus this is what George and Izzie liked to do, they liked to spend their free time together no one else just them. They felt like they could be more open that way, they could talk about anything and everything because they knew everything about each other some stuff that others didn't. Some one looking in from the outside might think that the two were in love, but that was far from true. No they were even closer then that, they were best friends.

"I think we have already toasted to that like 20 times." Izzie said bringing her glass to her mouth and taking a big swig.

"Who cares tonight we get to toast to it as many times as possible because we no longer have bosses, we are the bosses now." George said as he finished off his drink. Izzie stopped taking her swig and started shaking her head at that.

"Not true, not true there are still the attendings and the chief not to mention anyone in years ahead of us. We are no where near not having bosses, we just happen to be the bosses of the interns now." she exclaimed and took another sip of her drink.

"Well you knew what I meant, we have more freedom now. We can actually have some time off now." George explained as he poured more bourbon into his glass. "I mean we can go on dates now." he took a swig out of his drink.

"Oh yeah? Who are you going to go on all these dates with now? Your imaginary girlfriend?" Izzie started laughing at her self. She always poked fun at George and his relationship issues and to her it never ever got old to say that he has an imagery girlfriend.

"No I don't know. Somebody, anybody." George said as he put his drink down on the kitchen floor they were sitting on.

"Wow you got some standards I can see you walking down the street now "Somebody date me anybody!"." Izzie joked. "You'll beating the ladies off with a stick. We love that lonely and horny thing." again Izzie couldn't help but laugh at herself. George loved the fact that she found herself hilarious that it made him crack up all the time.

"You wait and see I'm going to be dating like crazy soon." He said as she kept laughing at herself.

"Well I hope you make time for you best buddy in the whole world." she said as she tried to catch her breath.

"I will." he said giving her a little smile. There was something about that smile that caught Izzie off guard. It was a cute smile. And with his hair all messed up from him running his hands through it while they sat there he actually looked down right gorgeous. Izzie couldn't believe she actually was attracted to George. George O'Malley. Her best friend. It was to crazy of a thought but as he sat next to her on the kitchen floor sipping his drink all Izzie could think about is how much she wanted to kiss him.

"So what about you? Any boyfriends I'm going to have to fight to get some time with you?" George asked sitting his drink down again.

"No, no guys to speak of right now. You are the only guy in my life." she said as she picked up her drink and took a swig of it. George looked at her and smiled at the fact that he was the only guy in her life. For some reason that made him extremely happy. He had seen Izzie date a couple of guys while they have been friends and they weren't the best of guys. So now that he was the only guy she had made his heart leap a little. And sitting with her now he suddenly started noticing the cute little way her face scrunched up as she drank her bourbon and how she always kind of sighed after the drink had gone all the way down her throat. He also noticed how soft her lips looked as she drank some more. He didn't know if it was the bourbon or what but he desperately wanted to see how soft her lips really were.

It took Izzie a minute or so to realize that George had been looking at her for a while.

"What do I have something on my face or something?" Izzie started wiping her face franticly trying to find what he was staring at.

"No, no it not that," George reached out his hand and grabbed hers to stop it. Izzie looked down at their hands. His hand were so nice and firm she never noticed that before. "It's just, I'm glad that I'm the only guy in your life." he said. Izzie looked back up at him his eyes were so piercing but kind. They were the kind of eyes that if you weren't careful you could get lost in them.

All of a sudden George's other hand was gently touching her face. Izzie let her eyes flutter close at the feel of his hand. George didn't understand why he was feeling like this right now but he couldn't help but ach for Izzie, to feel her, smell her, kiss her. Izzie gave a small moan after a while. She could feel herself him more and more. George slowly started to move his face closer to hers. He was afraid that if he moved to quickly he would freak her out and she would slap him or something. But when his face was only inches away from hers Izzie was sick of waiting for him to finally kiss her so she move forward a little and kissed him.

It was a small peck at first, it was over before either of them new what had happened. They both opened their eyes and looked at each other and if something over took their bodies they both lunged for each other and started franticly kissing each other. Izzie's hands found George's hair and George had wrapped his arms around her. Their tongues were in a wrestling match and soon George's hand found the hem of Izzie's shirt and his hands ran up her back. George broke their lip lock and started kissing his way down her cheek to her neck. Izzie moaned as he attacked her neck.

"Mmmmm… god…. Lets go…up stairs…" Izzie moaned out as George made his way back up to her lips.

Soon they were standing not breaking their lips away from each other. Izzie started walking backwards and she hit the kitchen table. They both giggled a little but continued kissing each other. Soon they to the door of the kitchen where George stopped them and he pinned Izzie to the frame of the door kissing her neck again. He couldn't believe how amazing this felt, he had never felt like this about anyone but he reminded himself that he only this way because of the bourbon but right now he didn't care. When he finally got back to Izzie's lips Izzie pushed him back against the opposite door frame and started attacking his neck. This made George moan loudly and then Izzie starting biting and kissing his ear. George started them on their way back upstairs.

And after a couple of minutes and a few stops to kiss really deeply they finally found their way upstairs and at Izzie's door. Now George had Izzie up against the door kissing her as he franticly searched for the door handle. He found the handle after a minute or so and they stumbled into Izzie's room. After that it was like a blur soon their clothes where off and they fell onto her bed. Then they spent a while kissing each other is all different kinds of places they grabbing at each other and rolling over every few minutes then after a while George was back on top of Izzie looking down at her as he slowly entered her for the first time. Izzie's eyes fluttered shut as he started moving George bent down and started kissing her neck again. Izzie's hands were in his hair and on his neck. He kept a steady pace at first trying to savor the moment but as Izzie kept moaning his name it made him move faster and faster soon they started moving in a crazy rhythm that only they understood. George's lips found Izzie's again and she bit his bottom lip as she was sent over the edge. George followed soon after. He looked down at her and smiled and she looked up at him smiling they both we're breathing heavily but George leaned down and kissed her again and it triggered something in them that started the whole thing over again.

But remember they're just friends.